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Why Anger Plays A Critical Role In Diabetes Self-Care

This post appears on my personal d-blog, which can be found at, which you may wish to check out if you can.

The other day, a friend of mine, Chris Bishop (Type 1 Tidbits) wrote a very compelling blog post called "Diabetic Superheroes" (see here) which I think was… Continue

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Tell the FDA +/- 20% Is Not "Good Enough" ... Today!

Great minds must think alike! As I was posting this on my personal blog, Scott's Web Log" (, another diabetes blogger, in this case, Kelly Kunik wrote about this very same topic as I was going to publish this posting. Read her post… Continue

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Low Fat or Low Carb Diets -- New Genetics Tests May Help Answer Which is Most Effective for Weight Loss

Today's Wall Street Journal reports that Stanford University researchers have developed a genetic test can help people choose which type of diet might work best for them in terms of weight-loss success. There are, of course, some limitations to the study… Continue

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Redefining "Normal"

I have an admission to make: I really can't stand all the complete B.S. (I really wanted to use the real word bull$#!t, but I'll try to censor myself in the first sentence of today's diatribe) about PWD's living normal lives with this disease. It's not being honest, yet everyone who writes about it seems intent on perpetuating the myth that life with diabetes is somehow normal, or at least close to normal. Newsflash: It's definitely NOT normal.

What got me started on… Continue

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D-Wacky Packs To Paraody Diabusiness + No D-Blog Day

Over the years, I have featured some postings on my blog (Scott's Web Log, see here and here for a few samples) which featured one of my favorite childhood memories:… Continue

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Big Changes May Be In Store For The U.S. Insulin Market

This posting was originally from my blog, Scott's Web Log, and originally began with a press release I caught which I felt might be of interest to my readers, but as I began researching the subject further, it evolved into a broader discussion of the insulin market as we know it today.

Whether you realize it or not, the U.S. insulin market could soon see… Continue

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World Stem Cell Summit Videos & Presentations

As I've written about in some of my postings this past year (2009), I was fortunate to have been invited to not one, but two extraordinary events this year related to diabetes. Notably, in July, I was able to attend a diabetes social media summit hosted by Roche in Indianapolis, and then in November, I was asked to attend the Diabetes Research Institute's… Continue

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Tueday Tirade

I admit to nothing!!

The other day, my pal Scott Johnson wrote about his unfortunate recent DKA experience and I commented that there was no room for guilt (or the related self-blame) in his conversation, and I really meant it. The simple reality is that the patient cannot always be blamed for this stuff, and attempts to do so really work against effective self-care. But I'd be… Continue

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Medco CFO Sees Generic Insulin By 2013, Generic Analogues By 2015

This isn't meant to be a primer on the role of the Pharmacy Benefits Managers (or PBMs), but few people realize just how massive the role of the PBM really is in today's healthcare reform debate. These companies know the score when it comes to the drug costs, prescription and usage patterns and the outlook on where things are likely to be going.

The Role of the PBM in the U.S. Healthcare "System"

PBMs are probably one of the biggest… Continue

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FDA New Year's Resoultions

Happy New Year to all of my readers!

I've been quite busy with other parts of my life in recent weeks to do much blogging, and while I'm almost wrapped up with my annual review on diabetes research and the outlook for the coming year, I still had to share the following with everyone: an editorial on The Huffington Post.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, The Huffington Post is perhaps the ultimate blog. It's described as a news website and aggregated weblog… Continue

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Some Things People With Diabetes Need to Consider When Voting This Year

I've been absent from blogging for the past few weeks, mainly because I was feeling a bit burned out by all of it and needed a vacation from blogging. However, that doesn't mean I've tuned out, only that I chose not to write about anything. I have a few topics pending, one of which I am writing about today: the election and the topic of healthcare.

If you listen to policy wonks, the topic of healthcare has fallen down on the priorities for both Presidential candidates, as the economy… Continue

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Trials Show BGAT Delivered Online a Success! But Don't Celebrate Just Yet ...

Blood Glucose Awareness Training (also known as "BGAT") is, perhaps, one of the most important pieces of diabetes education that miraculously, an overwhelming majority of certified diabetes educators (CDEs) have never even heard of. It should be required education, but sadly, is not and in my personal experience, many CDEs have never even heard of the program.

Now I must admit, when I was diagnosed at age 7 back in 1976, there was no such thing as a "CDE" and truthfully, I have never… Continue

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Insulin In the News

It's not everyday that insulin is in the news. In fact, far more attention seems to hit the press over irrelevant diabetes studies and dumb PR dressed as "news" intended to position yet another new type 2 diabetes drug favorably for investors and regulators which occurs almost daily. Comparatively speaking, insulin seldom makes any sort of news, which is why today was quite unusual.

FDA Unveils List of 20 Drugs In Side-Effect… Continue

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More Exposure of Trouble at the FDA

No doubt, you have read about the brew ha ha over the type 2 diabetes medicine Byetta being linked to pancreatitis which lead to the death of a few (I believe around 6 cases at the last count, out of over a million prescriptions worldwide). In fact, last night at 5:00 PM, Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly and Company (who jointly market Byetta, known… Continue

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Reminder: FDA Needs Your Input on Islet Transplantation TODAY!!!

Back in June, I did a posting (see for that) which indicated that the FDA Needs Your Input on Islet Transplantation. The deadline is officially today, although anyone may comment anytime on guidance, if you wish your comments to be seriously considered, try to get something by today.

The main issue seems to… Continue

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Generic Insulin in 2008? Don't Bet On It.

Remember Insmed? Well, back in February, I posted a story I called "Meet Mike Coleman", which was coined from a Pharmlot story featuring a YouTube video entitled "Meet Mike, Your Generic Biologics Lobbyist".

Well, this morning's… Continue

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Are Amylin's Days Really Numbered?

This isn't exactly new news, but back in June, the Indianapolis Star reported that corporate raider Carl Icahn had acquired a $200 million stake in Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the San Diego-based biotechnology company perhaps best known for its stake in the blockbuster type 2 diabetes drug Byetta. Amylin is also responsible for the company's namesake drug sold under the brand-name Symlin, which is less a drug and more a biosynthtic analogue of the… Continue

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Novo Nordisk Will Pursue Autoimmunity Drugs

Back in November 2007, I featured a post in which I said that there were signs that pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company was reconsidering the company's type 1 diabetes strategy, particularly given their partnership with MacroGenics, Inc. to develop and commercialize teplizumab, which is a humanized anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody. In effect,… Continue

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Prescription Data Used To Assess Consumers' Health "Scores"

Yesterday, The Washington Post featured an article describing what the authors called "a powerful new tool for evaluating whether to cover individual consumers: a health 'credit report' which is drawn from databases containing prescription drug records on more than 200 million Americans." Pharmaceutical industry blog Pharmalot broke the… Continue

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Straight from the Bog?

Last night, I tuned into dLife (well, I didn't exactly do it myself, but TiVO changed the channel and began recording it for me and I turned the TV on and tuned in then). I realize that dLife is an advertiser-sponsored program, and like other diabetes-related media, dLife needs sponsors to pay its bills.

But… Continue

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