I am seriously beginning to think that weather has a huge impact on my blood sugar.

Last week I was lowering all my pump settings and still having constant lows. I did two basal tests and my morning (not overnight) basal rate seemed fine. I was going to do a third, but never got around to it because I started waking up high every morning, and staying high throughout the entire day. Three or four days without a single reading in range, despite constant corrections, site changes, cartridge changes ... I ended up putting all my pump settings up, adn then up again, and may put them up a third time.

Now, there have been some changes in my work routine since BC teachers went on a full strike this week. And I also ate wheat right around the time I started going high constantly. So I thought maybe those were having an effect, and maybe they were.

But the other big change is that the weather, once again, went from fairly hot to almost cold. I was on the picket line this morning freezing and came home and turned on the heat and huddled under my blankets shivering until my apartment warmed up.

So I am really beginning to wonder about weather. And also about wheat, not that I'll be eating that again anytime soon. I suppose that if I can manage to wake up at a normal blood sugar tomorrow or over the weekend I could do a this basal test, since I have upped settings but not changed any individual rates. I woke up at 3:45 last night because I had to use the bathroom and was 13.4. Yet yesterday morning I was 3.6. So I'm not there yet.

The fact that I'm focusing on diabetes so much is good, it means my allergies are no longer ruling my life. They do still have a daily impact. I've stopped taking a daily antihistamine because I hate how tired they make me. But then, lately I began wondering if it's high blood sugar that completely knocks me out and makes me want to lie down on the spot and have a nap. I never used to react like that when I was younger, but I think it has a bigger impact on me now. Anyway, since stopping the antihistamine (continuing my other three allergy medications) I've found infusion sets get much itchier and the other day one seemed to stop working early. I've also been more itchy and sneezy in general. I recently got my health benefits through work so am going to look into whether they will cover allergy shots and whether I can work two doctor's appointments a week into my schedule.

I also still have food allergy issues I need to bring up with the allergist. The other week I had a smoothie with half a banana in it (I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to banana) and in addition to my mouth and throat being itchy my forehead broke out in hives. So I'm pretty sure I don't need a test for that one, but I'm still wondering about kiwi fruit (makes my mouth extremely tingly for 20 minutes after eating it) and avocado which makes my mouth burn intensely for 20 minutes after eating it. And because of those foods, I'm also wondering about latex, which also makes me wonder about infusion sets. On Saturday I also had an allergic reaction while eating lunch at a restaurant for an AGM I was attending. There was nothing in the food that should have caused a reaction, since I'd told the server I'm allergic to milk and potatoes. I've had "mystery" reactions to a particular granola bar and some other foods before, and the two things in my meal that were also in the granola bar are almonds and cranberries. So those may be things to ask about. Or, someone suggested that they cooked my chicken using butter, not realizing that milk = dairy, so that's a possibility and something I will keep in mind next time. I'm debating whether to make an allergy card for restaurants since there is so much I can't eat, and I can't sit and go through a list of ten ingredients and expect a server to remember it all. So for now I'm just mentioning my serious allergies and leaving out all the EoE triggers. So far every time I have eaten out I've screwed up and ordered something with wheat or soy in it (always sauce that I don't realize). Luckily neither of those are true allergies but both are probable EoE triggers, and so in the past two weeks my throat symptoms have worsened again, even though they had been improving.

In related news, my Lauren's Hope bracelet broke for the second time in six months. I'm debating whether to order a new chain from them (and maybe a new emblem as well) or whether to go back to Medic Alert. Tough call, since I like the Luaren's Hope bracelets better and the fact that the chains are interchangeable, but I like the Medic Alert emblem and text better. Ultimately I think it will come down to whichever is cheaper, which will probably be Lauren's Hope.

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Comment by Judith in Portland on June 19, 2014 at 7:09pm

Yes! You've described perfectly the Diabolical Whimsy of our common scourge. Sometime in my first spring-summer-to-fall after Dx, I began to feel like the barometer or maybe changes in humidity or maybe ?? was impacting my #s. Seven years later, I am sure of it.

But, like you, I have to also factor in other things like fibromyalgia and arthritis, for instance. And just this spring, new meds for new problems.

Diabolical, I say. We need to come up with something like the old Folk Dance, The Tarantella, designed to dance you into a trance and dance the poisons on out!

Comment by Judith in Portland on June 19, 2014 at 7:14pm

Ps: I lucked out on the bracelet dilemma. An old friend will whip me up a lovely beaded bracelet in any colors I choose to which I can attach my medic alert thingey. PM me your wrist measurement and a couple ideas for color combos and she would be delighted to make several for you---no charge....she can do basic earthy to sparkly dress up...


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