Getting pulled over by police is never a good feeling. Today I saw something happen that I could not believe.

My grilfriend started a new job delivering newspappers today. Since my route is not far from her route we decided to work the two together to finish earlier. Everything was going great, papers were being delivered on time, her tempary decreased basal was set, and BG was in range, or so we thought. With four blocks left to do we each took two and picked a meet up spot.

As I make my way to where we are to meet up at I see her caar swaying down the street and a police car right behind her. Upon seeing how she was driving I knew something was wrong. Then the lights from the police car came on. She pulls over. The police comes over and talks to her and goes back to his car. Now I am behind the police car thinking what is happening, what is wrong with my girlfriend?

The police come back to her car and has her get out. Thinking she is drunk he does the field sobriety test. He has her walk a straight line one way and then come back the other way. Then he does two other test. At this point his partner notices me in my car behind them and ask me what was I there for. Then I explained who I was and why I was there. I also told the police that my girlfriend is diabetic and may be having a low BG which is why she was driving the way she was and why she can't walk stright and keep her balance. But the police that was doing the field sobriety test did not want to hear it. He was so sure that my girlfriend was drunk. I kept saying just check her BG and see, if it is too low she will need to get some help. Please just let us check her BG. He said only after she do a breathalyzer can she check her BG. So she did the breathalyzer and when it showed she was not drunk then he said well you are free to go (after keeping us there for 20 minutes).

He gave me a ticket for not having a city sticker on my car. But my car is registered in a city that I don't need a city sticker for, he just had to give me a ticket because he was wrong.

When my girlfiend checked her BG it was 50. I think the police should know what low BG looks like, I mean they work with the public all the time. They should check things out even if they think they are right. I mean if he did not want to beleive me if he looked at her car she has a MedicAlert sticker on the window, and she had her meter and test strips on the front seat. I understand the need to keep people who are drunk or under the influence of alchol or drugs off the streets but if there are signs and things that show that there may be a reason for a persons actions other than alchol and drugs. There could be other reasons why a person may appear to be drunk and they are not.To make things worse the police started calling us out of our names.

Do the police think everything a person do is connected to drinking? Do they believe they have the right to talk to people any way they want? What a start to our Sunday morning. Venting before 9 AM.

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Comment by frank on May 23, 2010 at 7:04am
as recognized as diabetes is one would think that it should be added to an id that would give police a clue that things may not be as they seem. so many pro & cons to everything these days there may be some good reasons not to have it on id.
Comment by boedica on May 23, 2010 at 8:09am
well, im glad she's ok. i am glad, too, that the officer pulled her over. he was a jerk, but he probably saved some the very least property damage.

lousy way to start the day:(
Comment by KimKat on May 23, 2010 at 9:31am
Hi John, I saw this on Missy's FB post today. Sorry this happened to you guys. Chicago cops are just a-holes. Plus you know what happens toward the end of the month -if they are down on their quota they will give out tickets to those who don't even deserve them. Yeah, they suck.

Does Missy keep glucose tabs or some sort of snack in her car? If not, she really should just in case - and defiantely pullover and stop if you feel weird. When I moved back to IL a few months ago, and redid my license, they asked if I took any medicines or had any kind of condition that would effect my driving since I am T2 an taking Met which does cause low sugar I said know. I think they put something special on your license if you say yes right? Not sure. Does Missy have some sort of card or something she can show them?

But yes, they would rather catch people doing something wrong like being drunk - it sort of kills that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing. First you are guity of being drunk until they can prove otherwise. I hope they at least apologized but they probably didn't.
Comment by Kathyann on May 23, 2010 at 11:07am
I think if it's on your DMV you may have trouble getting a driver's license. What that said I agree that cops in general are "a-holes". I had one stop me one night because I had an old car. When I didn't turn out to be a teenager on drugs he gave me a fix it ticket because the light bulb over my rear license plate was out. What to go!! Don't worry about speeders or car jackers, just worry about light bulbs over license plates. rah rah rah (sorry)
Comment by Doris D on May 23, 2010 at 2:02pm
All I've got to say here is that a few years back a friend with Type 1 was stopped by the police and put in jail for being drunk. He was lucky to not have gone into a really, really low bs while they had him locked up for hours til his wife got there to tell them what was what. You have to relize that most of the police (got a cousin who's a deputy for Shelby county. and didn't know what to do one time when I went low) officers don't have to deal with lows just drunks so................That being said now I think they need to get more info on Diabetes and other things that cause this in ppl. I don't think they get enough. My mom was a deputy for Madison Counry (here in TN) and she said they lightly touched on the subject when training her. She was so grateful that my licence had that I was a diabetic on them. She said "maybe" that would help.
Comment by paul thennes on May 23, 2010 at 2:07pm
Speaking as a former County deputy. The county I worked in was only concrened with Dui's speeding and drugs. Other than that little else matters here in my county she would have been arrested for driving while impaired. Her lic and insurance would be suspended for a year her would do 48 hrs in jail. Then be order to take defensive driving course plus pay $3500. in fines and court fees. If the impairment was caused by a medical problem like low blood sugar she wouldn't be allowed to drive unsupervised she would be ordered by the court to have a person with her anytime she was operating a motor vehicle or the judge could withhold her lic. for good.
Comment by Ann on May 23, 2010 at 2:18pm
I have seen my sister during a low. Not only frightening but, she slurred her speech, got agitated, loss control over her movements & ballance. Just all the symptons that something was seriously wrong. I called 911 & she was rushed to the hospital for further treatment & observation. Never expect anyone to understand. I would always call for an ambulance. We are the ones to be their advocate. Some people are so ignorant. I hope she is feeling better.
Comment by Doris D on May 23, 2010 at 2:23pm
Well said Paul! Lived that experiance. Got upset with it but those are the rules! Don't drive at all now b/c of that.
Comment by Jacq Allan on May 23, 2010 at 3:10pm
in the UK if you get pulled over for having a hyper or hypo behind the wheel then you can get done with dangerous driving. Thing is if you kill someone as a result of your blood sugar then whose responsibility is it? Personally I can but don't drive because that is ultimately my responsibility. I wouldn't get behind the wheel drunk so why would being hypo any different? Fair enough, if you can say, i'm diabetic or it's obvi then yeah emergency services need to be called and yeah police should be trained to recognise it. But i'm sorry as a T1 if someone who was in a hyper or was near to that or hypo got behind the wheel and accidentally killed one of mine, I would hunt them down and ...well....I see this as one of the biggest reasons for CGMS for all t1s
Comment by Jacq Allan on May 23, 2010 at 3:26pm
oh @ Doris, Good .. that way you won't kill anyone or yourself.


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