Hello all,
I have been trying to eat as I should and exercise 5 to 6 times a week for a little over 60 days now. I have my low carb meals and two snacks planned out almost every week day. I have not lost a single pound but I have lost 1 inch around my too thick waist and my too skinny legs are gaining some muscle.
As a vegetarian and a type 1 D, I feel isolated at work. My team mates always ops for fast food if I suggest going out to lunch if I do not want what I bagged for lunch that day. One week the company bought pizza two days for us, gave out candy bars one day and muffins another day. I love muffins from Paradise Bakery so I ate one but I did turn down the pizza. The next week bagels which is a food that really only works for me if I am about to hike at least 4 miles on a moderate to strenuous hike but I have a tough time saying no to them and I still ate the bagel.
I think saying no to these foods is the easier part of it. I mean it is what we have to do since we are dxd and I was dxd at age 5 so there are quit a lot of times I have said no thank you to a certain something.
The harder part is that I feel so isolated on my team. Everyone except for my manager is very overweight. Two team mates are working on their weight but by a type 1's standards they are not eating that healthy. i try to eat non-processed whole food type meals.
I have to go alone to restaurants becuase they choose low price and convenience over the things I want in a meal. I feel very alone on my team. There are others on the floor who are healthy eaters so I guess I should reach out to them when I am having a hard time saying no to that bagel which will send my blood glucose high and stymie my efforts to have less body fat.
I know many of you have felt this way. Isolated because we are different. Just felt like blogging about it today.

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Comment by Jim on May 20, 2012 at 6:56am

Yeah...food days at work are obnoxious at best. Let me buy or make the most sugar laden food and bring it in for my overwieght co-workers to eat. That crap isn't good for anyone let alone a PWD. I know at my job these people are like drug dealers pushing their crap all day long. "Your not going to have any of my Iced Cinnamon Rolls. Me....No thanks why don't you go ahead and have my portion and let it go straight to your big belly" I just treat it as I live a healthy life style and I'm not eating the junk they bring in. As you mentioned for me it is just easier to avoid these foods, otherwise I'm chasing my BG all day. In restaurant situations I typically opt for the salad or some other low carb w option. Boring...but again easier than chasing my BG all afternoon.

Comment by shoshana27 on May 21, 2012 at 8:08am

hello sarah keech...i only eat half a bagel which is 45 carbs & bolus accordingly.not too often.

Comment by Mikeonline2821 on May 21, 2012 at 12:26pm

wow... well I hope you can keep up the resistance. I know that if they put it in front of me enough times I will eat it in small amounts eventually. I was DKA in Nov 2011 so my co-workers are the opposite with me. They all keep asking if "I CAN EAT THAT" when food is offered and I choose to eat something. I guess if they really understood it is not just "not good for you" but can actually hurt you they would lighten up. Or maybe they wouldn't.... some people just care what they are doing and others are a secondary thought. The good thing is a lot of fast food places are getting the healthy menus. Burger King has a really good salad I like to get when I am out and have no other choices quickly. As far as the bagel I feel your pain. I love those types of foods and to lose weight and get sugars under control I have REALLY limited things like that. Good luck and maybe a gentle reminder to them about your needs may help a little.

Comment by KCCO on May 23, 2012 at 12:18pm

That's true that a lot more fast food places are getting healthier menu options, but you do need to watch the calorie count on them. A certain "zalad" I was eating a lot had like, 800 calories in it!!
I ranted a few weeks ago about a new McDonald's commercial. Those new cherry berry chillers (or whatever they're called) have almost 100 grams of carbs. If I hadn't looked that up out of curiosity, I would have never guessed there were that many in it (I don't ever eat at McDonald's anyways so it wouldn't have really mattered). My work food weakness is the Dunkin' Donuts. Thankfully, we don't have them here a lot and when we do, I *mostly* manage to limit myself to ONE blueberry cake donut!

Good for you at choosing healthy! Don't be afraid to be different and be your own health advocate. You might feel alone now, but think how your coworkers will feel when they are home alone every day because of a debilitating disability brought on by their junk food habits. They'll be wishing they had been more like you!

Don't think of it as being "alone" or "isolated", think of it as setting a good example. Whether they follow it or not is up to them. I'd join you for a healthy lunch if I could!

Keep on keeping on!


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