My life on meds with pain..oh, and DIABETES

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in early 2008. I did not believe this diagnosis at first and I sought out several "second opinions" before I believed it to be true. I am still dealing with this conclusion.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with LADA, a form of Type 1 diabetes, from which I have developed neuropathy in the backs of my calves. I have recently started having burning and stiffness in my hands, which is causing me a lot of anxiety and concern. I hate being in pain.

I was originally advised to take Cymbalta and Lyrica at the same time to combat these issues. I have been on an Insulin pump and injecting Novolog to control my blood sugars. The result of all of these medications was weight gain. Let me put it simply, I was not a happy mommy.

My new Internist has modified my medications and dosages. I have decreased my Cymbalta to 30 mg. per day. (I cannot go off completly as the withdrawal symptons of that medication were excrusciating). I have increased my Lyrica dosage as of this morning. I now take 100 mg. in the morning and 150 mg. before bed. I am in alot of Fibro pain.Not every day- but most days. I take Ultram for pain, but still have to resort to taking other stronger pain meds when I ache so much that I cannot take care of my home and children. I hope that the increased dosage helps, without increasing my weight again.

I must add that it turns out that my Thyroid was also losing production due to a hysterectomy 1 1/2 years ago. I still have one ovary as I did not want to be on full-on hormone therapy for the remainder of my life. I have been prescribed Tri-cyclene for the estrogene replacement and it seems to have helps raise my T3 & T4 production back into proper levels within the 2 months that I have been on it.

I wish I could go a day without any of this. I remember the days with no pain, tension in my body, and stress and all-day anxiety. I know I must take better care of myself and I am learning to deal with all of those issues. I often feel like an 80 year old in a 38 year old body. What can I do? Just educate myself and learn to cope, and control my pain.

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Comment by Rick on April 15, 2009 at 9:31am
I truly empathize with you. I have has the same diagnoses for almost 25 years. My endocrinologist (female) says that I have "female symptomology" i.e, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue

I take 60 mg of Cymbalta for depression-it has the good side effect of alleviating some of the neuropathy.

When the chronic pain was too much to take, my endo at the time put me on a narcotic- which I developed an addiction to. (watch House? ) After beating the addiction, I vowed never to take anything stronger than Tylenol.

Through the pain, I increased my aerobic exercise and used far east mind-body healing techniques, specifically Yoga and Qigong. All have been instrumental in allowing me to work and try and enjoy life.

I know it must be difficult to get through the day with the pain. I don't know how you caregivers, women with children, etc., are able to do it Hang in there- and don't be afraid to try alternative therapies.
Comment by Cynthia on September 29, 2010 at 12:46pm
I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in 1985, and then in 1999 after a car accident I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia...however within the last 5- 7 years my primarcy Care Dr. said I have Neuropathy.--which I believe is the Neuropathy and not fibromyalgia..
I have the gastroparesis, and the numbness and tingling in my arms, hands feet, back of my legs.
I had tried Reglan at one time..but didn't find that it helped...but maybe I need to take as many doses as you did and try the other medicine you mentioned.
Sounds like we have a lot in common--I was on a low dose pain patch for about two years...but I found it put me to sleep around 2:30pm it was hard to stay awake ---I am a returning student trying to finish up a degree in Public I went off the pain medications miraculously and am not taking anything for pain right now.
But I have to rest frequently and take a muscle relaxer at night to help me sleep sometimes.
My new delimma is that I am not falling asleep at night..
I am thinking about taking the Hormones that Marie Osmond mentions(its a drink)

This life as a TYpe I with complications It is certainly a life filled with physical pain...
My Dr. suggested Cymbalta...but my insurance wouldn't pay for it.
I started walking this past summer and doing the classical stretch. has helped me more than anything...Really helped me relax.
I know what you mean about feeling like an 80 year old in a much younger body..
My mother can do circles around me and she is 70 LOL
I also had a hysterectomy as well back in 2005...
I was on Lyrica...and hated it---it made my symptoms worse..
I will never take Lyrica again...
I eat very little and have gained weight...within the past year...
I have never really been overweight...I thougth you were suppose to llose weight with Gastroparesis?
What's wrong with that picture? :)
I am not a happy camper as well..
As a Type I we work so hard to be healthy, it's not fair when you gain weight and you are not overeating..
Anyone with Gastroparesis knows that you can't eat very much food about the size of your palm..
Okay but in the meantime...I am pressing on...and I know you are nice to meet you Rebecca.
Hope I didn't depress anyone more!
Comment by Rebecca on September 29, 2010 at 1:44pm
No more depression here. Been there - done that. I will say that I was put on a new Fibro drug over a year ago called Savella. It not only replaced my Cymbalta and Lyrica, it took away most of my Fibro pain and all of my neuropathy pain in my legs and hands. I swear by the stuff, although no one else has really heard of it yet. I do take Wellbutrin for depression, which seems to be a side effect of everything going on with my 40 year old body and mind.
I'd like to get to know you better, Cynthia. You are right, we do seem to have a lot in common.
Comment by Cynthia on September 29, 2010 at 2:00pm
Thank you for telling about Savella...I see my Diabetes Dr. on Oct 7th..I will tell him about it.
I just turned 50 July. Wished I was 40 again..LOL. 50 hit me hard....but oh well.
I think the complications have something to do with it.
I remind myself all the time of my miracle. I had---- medically documented miracle.
I was bit by a fiddle back spider July 1, 1990...and was sent home to die....
I had blood sugars of 600 and ketones of 900 we had just moved from San Diego back to OK...after 12 years in the military(USMC-seach & rescue)
Here I was in a small country town, and small country hospital....and there was nothing they could do for me.
My husband was(now ex) out of town --I had three little boys---
After coming home from the hospital I started going in and out of consciousness as my 9 year old son lay next to me holding my hand...after my son fell asleep,
I cried out to God to heal me...I said,
God you said you would never give us more than we can handle..and I can't bear the thought of dying...Who will raise my children? Please heal me Lord!"
The next thing I remember is parts of my body started to become limp almost like when they put you under anesthesia---I fell into the most relaxful sleep I had ever known..
The next morning when I woke up...I looked around and wondered if I had died and gone to heaven..but I quickly recognized my surroundings I reached for my glucometer...and tested my blood sugars..
There weren't 159 or 250 or 400 they were 80...Yes, "80"
I was able to get up slowly...and could limp or hop on my right leg..
I was biten on my upper right thigh..
I went and checked my ketones and they were completely gone..
I had a mriacle..
Even the Dr. who is over the Integris Baptist Medical Center Pancreas ward(OKC, OK)
said I had a miracle.
I am believing and asking God for another miracle with this pain...however, he wants to do through medicine, or a touch or however, I am all for it..
We will beat this pain...Thanks for the infor..Rebecca, I look forward to getting to know you more as well!
Praying for you and I, and others...
Comment by Cynthia on October 15, 2010 at 11:30am
I saw my Endocrinologist, and told him I would like to try Savella, however, he said he felt uncomfortable putting me on that, so he is sending me to a Rheumatologist.
Why doesn't he just let me try it?...,It's my body not his.
If I can't take the medicine my body will tell me soon enough.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1999 or 2000 by my primary care physician, Just prior to that diagnosis, I was in a bad car accident. A young man who was a very high risk driver hit me from behind.
Anyway I will see m y Primary Care physician(not the same one who diagnosed me) on the 20th..and hopefully he will prescribe it. However, I don't know if my insurance will cover it...with it being a new drug.
Any suggestions..Thanks :)
Comment by Rebecca on October 16, 2010 at 6:00am
I've been on it for over a year. I can say that it had NO negative side effects for me AT ALL. I am really trying to get the word out to epople about this drug because I know how well it worked for me. I was on the combo Cymbalta and Lyrica before and I know how that messed up combo works and how hard it is if you miss a dose or try to come off of it. It was just too much. I think Savella changed my life. Seriosly no neuropathy pain or tingling at all in my legs in at leats a year.

Do some research on it online. Fight your battle, but be prepared. Stand your ground with your doctors.

I wish you luck. I'm so glad that you were open minded enough ... and in enough pain, really, to listen to the advise of someone else who has suffered and came out on top of pain.

Take care, Rebecca
Comment by luc on November 18, 2014 at 8:24pm

My doctor asked me to try cymbalta due to some pain and some symptoms of depression. I am hesitant to take it. What are the withdrawal symptoms if you stop using it?


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