Yep, I'm still sick. Nothing new about that though. With having Valley Fever, that's the norm ... a long recovery time! Add in the Diabetes, and well, you've got a recipe for an extra LONG recovery time!

So, I'm still coughing, still a bit congested, still a bit weak, added a sore throat to the mix, for the last couple weeks, and then a few days ago I got laryingitis too! What fun!!! NOT! *sigh* Though, I think hubby likes that last part! LOL My voice had slowly faded since Christmas day, then yesterday I woke up without a voice at all! Today I could screach a little bit! LOL We'll see what tomorrow holds for me!

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Comment by Dee Meloche on December 30, 2008 at 7:18am
Do you live in California? My brother in law had a kidney transplant not related to diabetes.He lived in California because he couldn't find a job in his field in Ontario.His mother donated a kidney and had the transplant done.He was slowly getting better and then he got a sore on his foot that wouldn't heal.He thought maybe it was his workboots because they were just new.He found out he had Valley fever.The sad part about it is that because you use your immune system to fight it his immune system was compromised because of the rejection drugs he was taking.It was either the valley fever or the rejection of the kidney.
I hope you get better soon and that the new year will shower you in good health.Take care.
Comment by Melissa Padilla on December 30, 2008 at 7:48am
Hi Dee,

I was born in California, and lived there for almost 34 years. I moved back to Georgia in June '98. I was diagnosed with Valley Fever in Jan '94, while I was living in the San Joaquin Valley, in Coalinga, California. I had probably had it a year before I was diagnosed, as that is when I began to get sick (pneumonia- had it twice that year) and had a very difficult time recovering, it took about 4 months each time, as well as I was very fatigued, for (at the time) no apparent reason.

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother in law! That is just awful!!

Valley Fever is not a fun thing to deal with, and most people don't understand it. Especially back here in the South! They assume you are lazy, and a hypocondriac! Even when you try to explain, you often get the "WHATEVER!" look!

Thank you for the wishes, I appreciate it very much!

Happiest of New Years to you!
Comment by debb on December 30, 2008 at 8:26am
hi melissa,
sorry to hear that you have been so sick. it must have been a long tough road for you. i had never heard of valley fever until i read about it here. i wonder what causes it. guess i'll go find it on the net and read up on it. my mom had a bad back from a factory accident with a tow loader after i was born, and she spent years dealing with people who called her a hypochondriac. they figured that since she could walk she was all better. what they didn't understand was that she was never suppose to be able to walk again after that accident. it was her shear strength of will that got her walking again. but that didn't mean all the pain went away. she never took drugs for the pain either. except maybe right after the accident. what upset me the most was that my older sister, who knew better, but never got along with mom, was one of the one's who called her a hypochondriac. they last 5 years she had been struggling with her health and my sister convinced my dad that she was faking it. my mom started struggling with depression because of it. it took the doctor sitting down with my dad and explaining everything to him before he would see what was right in front of him. my sister still kept saying mom was faking it right up to her death this last october. that one is a hard one to forgive for me. even with diabetes we get people saying there isn't anything wrong with us because they can't "see" the problem. i have been called a drama queen because i have to stop and eat or take my medicine.
trust me i will never call you any of those things. or anyone else for that matter. at least not until i have the whole story. because lets face it, there are people out there that do make things up. that's what makes it so hard for those who don't.
i hope you have a better new year's. feel better.
debb............... screeching. write notes. with lots of x's and o's for the hubby.
Comment by Melissa Padilla on December 30, 2008 at 9:42am
Thanks Debb! Yes, it's been a long road, but, I'm used to it! Nothing I can do about it, so I've learned to live with it! Doesn't mean I like it, I just don't have a choice!

Valley Fever is caused by a spore ... the spore(s) are inhaled into the lungs, where they live for the rest of your life. They pick and choose when they want to wreak havock on your life! Some times I'm OK (when the spores lie dormant), then other times I am just constantly fatigued and sick (when the spores are active). The spores tend to be more active in the fall and winter time, just when sickensses such as colds, flu and pneumonia are most active. You can find out more here: Valley Fever Survivor

I have what is considered a mild to moderate case. It knocks me down sometimes, but not out completely. Some folks have a severe case of it, where it disseminates (goes into other parts of their body) where it can be deadly. Some people have a very mild case, where they don't really have any symptoms, or they are very mild, and it seems to go away. But, it doesn't. There is no cure. The spores are there forever, though, they may or may not become active.

Yes, I personally know people who are hypocondriacs!! But, like you, I find out about things first, before I make that determination! ;0)

Thank you for the wishes, Debb, I appreciate it! and LOL @ your p.s.!!

Happy New Year, to you and yours! Have a SAFE one!!


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