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At 10:21pm on April 27, 2012, Joanne said…

Hello Reed,
Sorry for being MIA. It's been a rough week. Work, PT for the ankle and yesterday my rt knee started aching at work. Stomach touchy, having trouble getting enough protein and now having some hair loss =( Have Samantha's 3rd Birthday on Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning having a garage sale. Drug n awful lot out of the attic and basement. Set up everything tonight. Sale starts at 8 AM. Just finished wrapping presents and going thru picture. They asked me for a lot of pictures of Brian as a baby /toddler. They are making collages of Brian and Toni so we can see what the baby might look like. I am exhausted, burning the candle at both ends to get everything done. Plus Kevin asked if I'd bring Taco salad to the party. Lol, do that in my spare time tomorrow (???) Glad to hear all is well at your place and you found a nice Dr.
I'm feeling frustrated with my ankle and now my knee again. Plus they are opposite legs. Cold here again and windy. Wish Spring would come back.
Please take good care of yourself. <3 <3 Joanne

At 9:12pm on April 27, 2012, Babaiyya said…
Thank you for the wishes..
At 4:29pm on April 27, 2012, Kathy said…

Reed, what's going on with your page? Now we are not friends but I have sent a request. I had not heard from you in 3 days and was getting worried but I think it was the site's fault. Go figure. Anyway I'm glad to see you sort of up and running.
It may snow tonight in parts of the state. Ask me if I care.
Last week when I went to the grocery store they had a large display of flowers on a rack outside. Near the bottom were some pots of tulips that had buds but not yet bloomed. I asked the clerk what color they were and he had no idea. They were only $3 so I got a pot. My curiosity was torturing me and I tried to gently pry open one bud with a toothpick to check the color, and thought it was yellow. Imagine my surprise when they opened:

At 2:21pm on April 27, 2012, catlover said…

Reed- I thought we already were friends, but just in case I accepted.

At 9:48am on April 27, 2012, Linda G said…

Hey Reed! Of course I accept your friendship....again ;)

At 8:56am on April 27, 2012, catlover said…

Hi Reed- Hope all is well with you at Seagate. My BG this AM was 112. Pretty good for me. Don't forget the webchat this afternoon with the Pharmacist. Do you have any questions for him ? I will think of a couple by then. Chilly here today, but not too bad. Hope you have a good weekend. Take care. Cat

At 7:51am on April 27, 2012, Marie B said…

hi Reed, not much sleep for me, unusual for me to wake up just 2 hours after going to bed. I was having nightmares, which means I'm going low, so I was testing my blood every two hours, don't know why I was having this problem. going to change my infusion set and start anew once more. then I have to figure out a good time to go visit my friend in a rehab. she thought she was going home after a hospital stay, but nooooo. a little depressing, but I'd want my friends to come and see me if I were in thaere.

At 7:09am on April 27, 2012, Linda G said…

Morning Reed....
It's been difficult trying to get on the computer for more than sending out birthday wishes and greetings! Much tension here. Our son and daughter always feel that we do more for one than the other. I feel caught between a rock and hard place! Our son and his wife are seriously house hunting....and daughter doing same for an apartment. It'll feel odd getting the house to just the 2 of us!! (eventually!)
Would love to run away to the mountains...or to the sea side....or to a deserted island....or to quaint little cottage on a lake off the beaten track....or back in time to when I was 3 years old! I'm home today with a migraine. Not a bad one, but I've had it for 3 days now, and taking meds for it takes the edge away...but affects other parts of your body adversely, in that going in to face my classes would not have the desired effect! It's such a relief to be at home...might go for a walk later if the sun isn't too bright (the intensity of light bothers me and makes the migraine worse).
Will soon be time to submit my 2nd term reports for proof reading....sigh! Have already started comments and grades for my English classes. I heard it from the voice on the radio, that the weekend should be nice! (don't know if that should be considered a reliable source though!) What are your plans for the weekend??
Take care Reed!
Many hugs.....linda

At 5:29am on April 27, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator, dont eat too much pizza now. That probably is not on the TOPS list.

I went to the Senior Group and the Lions meeting yesterday so I had a full day., The lunch was nice. I am trying though to find a Catholic Bible Study group I can get into now too as I do like the cerebral and want to learn more about the church and its teaching.

Hope all are in good health now and things have settled down in the Gator house.

Your friend

At 3:12pm on April 26, 2012, Doris D said…

hEY rEED!!! sORRY i HAVEN'T ANSWERED U IN THE LAST 2 DAYS BUT MY COMPUTER IS BEING AN @SS AGAIN!!! iT'S REALLY TICKING ME OFF TODAY! sOOOOO SLOW THAT i COULD RUN A 10K B/F IT goes to the next page I send it too (and I don't run) See the caops came on while I was writting u back!!! SHEZ!!!!!!!!!! Anyway how's things with u???? the pt their having me do dosen't help my attitude either!!!! IT HURTS!!!!!

At 2:48pm on April 26, 2012, pae1122 said…

Thanks so much for the welcome.

At 8:04am on April 26, 2012, Marie B said…

here Reed, see if you can add anything to this

At 7:46am on April 26, 2012, Marie B said…

hi reed, wish I had something uplifting to report. bg 179. if you have time, please read the blog here by our admin Lorraine, powerfully good.

At 5:58pm on April 25, 2012, piia93 said…

Hi !! thank you so much for the good wishes! Im glad to be here ! And everybody here makes me feel so great !!! :) Im sure I will finde lot of support and make grat friends around here !! Im very happY!!
And sorry but Im from uruguay, so my english is not the best ever ! but Im trying !!!

KIISSES !! and THANK YOU again :)!

At 5:08am on April 25, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. I read that Russ is a little better. Thats good. We had rain last night so that is good for my grass seed. i had to repair the lawn from the dumpster as it caused a little damage to the lawn. I put my upside down tomato planter together and am ready now to grow some tomatoes. They are a fruit you know but they dont spike me too bad if I eat them in moderation. I have enough insulin on board to cover the rise LOL

My next project is to get the wall paper off the walls in the bathrooms and pick out paint.

Tomorrow I am going to lunch with the senior group at the Parish. They are pretty active so I will take some trips with them from time to time.


At 7:48pm on April 24, 2012, Kathy said…

Hey speedy - I had a glorious day today. The new foot doctor was from India and a very nice lady. Respectful and easy to talk to. She was very thorough. We talked about general care, exercise and shoes. She said to be sure to look inside my shoes each morning to be sure there are no foreign objects. I thought this seemed a bit silly - what, do I have a poltergeist who comes by when I'm sleeping and drops rocks in my shoes? But, an ounce of prevention.....
Then I went to the MegaMall and it was nice and quiet. Sears was having a huge sale and I got two winter sweaters for $3 each.
Came back and had a great workout at the Y and can feel that I will sleep well tonight.

At 7:35pm on April 24, 2012, Robyn said…

So, how was the new doctor? Hope you liked him. Sunny off and on today and we are suppose to get rain for a few days then sunny weekend. I am doing fine. Eye appt on Thurs. check-up and then schedule laser for the other eye...not looking forward to this again. what we have to right? Hope you had a good day. take care xo

At 2:36pm on April 24, 2012, Marie B said…

Reed, that's great about the doctor. I love my Indian doctor, I've been going to him as long as we've been in NJ (10 years).

At 2:22pm on April 24, 2012, Patricia Bason said…

Hi Reed hope things go ok with the new doctor. I'm sure you made the right decision to go with Dr Kudia. I am doing quite good at the moment and no lows today which made a nice change. Nicks shoulder is much better but he now has a ganglion on his wrist and has to have it drained tomorrow!! Never a dull moment here that's for sure. Tricia x

At 8:58am on April 24, 2012, catlover said…

HI Reed- Sunny, but cool this AM. Jim is at the polls, PA has its primary election today, and he is the Judge of Elections at our district. I voted absentee a few weeks ago, wasn't sure I could get there to vote. Good luck with your new doc appt. this afternoon, if you like him better than your "old" doc, then switch. If you don't like him as much, then go back to the "old" one. My BG was 56 this AM. I am sure it will go up. I joined the Choc. lovers Group, I really love dark choc. Jim got me some for my b-day last week. I only have eaten a little piece so far. I will make it last quite a while. Hope you have a nice day. Cat



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