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At 4:00am on May 12, 2012, Marie B said…

hi reed, keep up the prayers. I'm going to my other quilts of valor group, the one that meets down the street at the fairgrounds. we had a good time at the chat and concert yesterday, it was a 20 yr old gal playing the guitar and singing. she has type1. Sparky and Linda and I were doing a lot of the chatting. had another low at 4 AM last night, didn't think I would as I was 170 at bedtime, but walking around the lake sometimes makes a delayed low. so I couldn't really go back to sleep, cold here.

At 8:15pm on May 11, 2012, Kathy said…

Hi Reed. I am o mad I forgot about the chat this afternoon. I must be losing it.
I made some wonderful guacamole because avocado were on sale. But I ate too many chips and paid the price with a bg o 270. Felt awful and now I took a correction and will have to set my alarm for 2 hours to be sure I'm not going hypo. It's hard to deal with these situations when you live alone.
Tonight I watched a show on PBS about Liberace. Boy did he like to spend money. Some of his costumes had real diamonds on the buttons.
Glad to hear good news about Russ. May it continue.
Send me some of Tom's lumberjack breakfast......

At 1:14pm on May 11, 2012, Linda G said…

Hi Reed! today's Mother's Day Luncheon done...what a blur! There was so much food left over that we were asked to take some home!
I'm so so tired, that I've decided to not go to the retreat tomorrow.
Besides....I've got a lot to do here!
Reed....I'm SO pleased to hear the good news about Russ! Must be a big drop in stress on Reed Ranch! Your birthday wish sounds like fun Reed....wish I were there to help you celebrate! It's lovely here today, it's 80 with a nice little breeze :) Hope it's the same for Mother's Day.
Are you going to the chat in the Main Room? Think I'll stop by for a bit, then go for a wee nap!

At 11:02am on May 11, 2012, Marie B said…

Reed, please try to make the chat & concert this afternoon, going for my walk now so I don't miss it!

At 9:53am on May 11, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. I am glad Russ came out better with the Dr. I will keep praying for all in the Gator house though.

Had coffee with our group this morning.

Tomorrow I am going to the Holy Name Society, We will pray the Rosary and then have mass and fellowship and talk about projects for summer at the parish. They are always looking for fresh bodies LOL

As I get more active in the parish I am getting to know more people.

Wake up was 73 this morning. I am taking more metformin though too and adjusting,


At 9:20am on May 11, 2012, Marie B said…

hello Reed, yes, wonderful to hear about Russ. I just visited my friend in the rehab yesterday and they have moved her to a very depressing room. I brought her some spice cookies and bread I'd made. I'd been there about an hour, and another delightful friend from the guild showed up, so it was great. maybe I'll see if we can coordinate so she gets more visitors. anyway, I am thinking I should go visit my mother, it's a 6 hour drive, but on the way back I would dearly love to attend the TuDiabetes meetup in Philly on June 10. besides Manny (always a BIG treat to get a hug from him!) I see EMILY is going to be there! I'd love to meet her. also I think Donna is organizing it, and we could perhaps get catlover and Joanne and maybe even jrtpup (lives in DE) and a bunch of other folks to come. I am stepping up the prayers for ED. I was listening to a show yesterday about the effects of prayer, and they said to pray for specific things. I am not sure when his unemployment runs out. every now and then I make myself sick and crazy about it. today is a beautiful day, my seedlings are happy, and I'm going to get my demonstration for the quilt show together, I'm doing a machine applique technique, and I need my samples ready to go. it's fun, and I got really good at it while making the "Word in your Hand" quilt last year. bg 210 but I needed to change my set, sometimes they go from good to bad rather quickly. oh I would LOVE to go to Bette's with you on Tuesday. I found the most perfect birthday card for you and I just sent it off.

At 9:18am on May 11, 2012, catlover said…

Hi Reed- Glad Russ doesn't need hip surgery. I had it 5 years ago and I am a little younger than Russ. The sun should be out today after several days of drizzle and rain. Can't believe the MRI will cost all that $$$$. I had 1 in Dec. and it only cost me $ 75.00. Ins. is a rip off and if you don't have it, it is worse. There have been a lot of mew members to welcome this week, and most of them are new D's. I guess the epidemic is really growing. Hope you have a good weekend. Cat

At 6:41am on May 11, 2012, Dick Hunt said…

Thank you - You also enjoy your day

At 12:42am on May 11, 2012, Cristian CriCri said…

Thank you so much

At 7:47pm on May 10, 2012, Bijoux said…

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I'm traveling right now a lot for work, and am a new pump user, and found the site while I was looking for more information about the full body scan problem. Looking forward to having a Board to use to exchange info and ideas.
thanks, Bijoux

At 4:46pm on May 10, 2012, Linda G said…

Whew! What a week (again!)...looking forward to the weekend (what else is new!), and a little bit of R&R on Mother's Day. Why is it that's I generally the one to make dinner here?? After a long day at school, 2 adults at home all day, and I have to be the one making dinner! Tonight I got pizza! Should be "great" on the blood sugar!! I shouldn't slack off from the report cards, but I can't avoid it this weekend! There's a big due at school tomorrow...Mother's Day Brunch. They go all out...same for the Father's Day Breakfast that's followed by canoeing on the nearby river...the Grand. This year is the first year that we French Specialist do not have to partake in tomorrow morning's early prep work to the Luncheon! (We have to do our own prep for our classes). All home rooms have at least 2 teachers in the someone from their room can go down to the kitchen and help with the prep crew.
There will be enough lunch to supply the staff for our lunch as well, which is nice. I'm also going to be shopping this weekend in preparation for the last French Club of the year at the school, next Wednesday....a picnic outside, with games, and prizes. This Saturday, as well, is a retreat in a nearby city. Charismatic and other prayer groups will attend. Always VERY uplifting....I'm going with 4 other ladies (car pooling)....will lift you, Russ and Tom in prayer, along with many others here.
I can't get over the cost of an MRI....unreal!!!! Praying for Russ ♥ poor man.

At 2:03pm on May 10, 2012, Kathy said…

Hi Reed - avoid the mailorder pharmacy if at all possible. Once they sent me someone else's antipsychotic medication. I thought, "what if this poor guy needs the meds to keep him level?" The customer service people were poorly trained and had no people sills, and I'd have to wait 45 minutes on the phone. I just prefer a nice neighborhood pharmacist who knows you by name and you can ask questions. The last one of that type got cancer in his sinus and had to have 1/3 of his face removed, including an eye. Horrible, but I guess he is still doing okay.
Fried clams? Not for me, but whatever turns your crank. We are celebrating Trevor's graduation from trade school with dinner on this Sat night. His parent are coming down from up north and we will go to a fancy restaurant. He and his dad are both meat and potatoes fellows, but I hope they have crabcakes. I washed another window today and it loos great. Then I started to tackle my upper cupboard and found an electric vegetable steamer that I think I only used twice - could probably get a dollar for it at a garage sale.

At 11:55am on May 10, 2012, Patricia Bason said…

Hi Reed hope things went well with Russ today. Does he need the hip replacement? or can they do something else for him? Yes it's still raining here and is forecast for tomorrow too. Parts of England and Scotland have been hit really bad and have floods but we haven't had rain here as heavy as they have. Just booked flights to go and collect Mum at then end of the month and bring her bak here to stay for a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to seeing her although I do speak to her everynight on the phone. My bg's not too bad at present and I am due my check up on 12th June.. Tricia x

At 8:42am on May 10, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. I went to morning mass this morning and said prayers for the Gator house. The old priest gave the homily about Father Damian in Hawaii. It was a nice homily about his life and helping the lepers. Today is his feast day. I guess the holy father just approved his sainthood recently.

I guess we all come to the point in life we have to walk the stations of the cross. I pray for a speedy recover for Russ. I agree with Marie you should get some help though. They kick you out of the hospital and rehab pretty quick and one needs more support. I know I did with Dad when he was alive. My BG on wakeup was 83 so it was fine. Sunny and bright today in Minneapolis. Going to do some yard work later.

Take good care.


At 7:05am on May 10, 2012, Marie B said…

hi Reed, if Russ has surgery, you may just have to get someone to come in and help out for a week or so. you will figure it out. sorry you didn't get the rain, we got a decent amount.

had a low last night, didn't overtreat, so I woke up with a 105. trying not to get depressed today, maybe I can do some sewing. also going to visit my friend in the nursing home, I'm sure she's really tired of being in there. I'm going to bring her some spice cookies, she's not eating much, and could use something good.

At 7:03am on May 10, 2012, Diabetical Diva said…

Thank you all so much ! I am excited to be a part of a community that supports each other. I look forward to sharing tips and advice on how to live a healthier life. Thank you for your warm welcomes. :)

At 7:40pm on May 9, 2012, Kathy said…

Hi my dear friend. Hope TOPS went well and that Russ got you delivered and back safely.
In the high 60's today, a few clouds in the sky. Everything green and lush. No one seems in a hurry to mow their lawns and things look rather scruffy. Doesn't bother me a bit. The iris (my favorite flower) are in bloom - several different varieties in my neighborhood. When I come across them I just have to stand and quietly take it all in - sort of mesmerizing.
Last night I was kept awake by severe cramps in the muscles of both hands. One would quiet down and then the other would start up. I take a potassium supplement and I think my blood levels might be off. I called the doc and will go to have a lab tomorrow. They will call with results. Hopefully it will be as simple as a dose adjustment. In the midwest, we call muscle spasms "charlie horse".
Then I find out that my insurance (still through my former employer, PTL) is changing on June 1 and we will no longer be using Express Scripts as pharmacy. Instead, something called OptumRX. If anybody in Reedsville has used them, I would like to know so I have some idea of how easy they are to work with. Maybe they will let me get my insulin locally rather than have it sit in a styrofoam box in the foyer of my building.....

At 2:45pm on May 9, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. I will keep Russ in my prayers. I hope you are doing good. Weather is sunny finally. Very wet though and it is now drying out.

My BG wake up was 71, a little low but good. At least on my normal meter LOL


At 12:07pm on May 9, 2012, Doris D said…

U know Russ is right though he dosen't have to stand while driving so I'll bet the pain is worse walking. I know my g-mother says so. Me? I've never (knock on wood) had trouble with my kness or legs or my hip so I don't know that much about it.
OMG computer freezes up. Mine done the same and it was driving me up a wall!!!! This one is running faster so I guess that better. It would take me up to 4 minutes to change pages there at the end. REALLY DROVE ME CRAZY!!!!! I sooooo feel for u and ur flustration at ur computer! Been there done that.

Me & K are doing well. WE got pt on Thrusday (won't be doing so well then lol)

At 9:56am on May 9, 2012, Robyn said…

Hi Reedd, I am doing ok. It has been very warm/hot here. I am watering every morning, all my new flowers/bushes and trees. Glad you are doing alright. Russ? I have to run some errands this morning but I am dragging....I have been for days. Just tired. Hope you have a good day and take care xo



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