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At 5:31pm on April 20, 2012, Kathy said…

Hi Reed. Not much new here. I slept like a log.
Went downtown to do some banking and then to the Dollar Store
My friend Elaine just brought me over a lemon custard cupcake that her sister made for her birthday. The filling was just the right degree of tartness. Tomorrow we are going to the Thai restaurant for a b'day party. I will call ahead and see if they give a birthday person anything special. Most places do. Good for publicity.
Now they are talking about the Vikings football team leaving town, particularly if they don't get a new stadium. Way too much fuss if you ask me. Minn Twins won 2 out of four games against the Yankees this week, which was a big deal. I am going to try to go to a home game this summer. Hot dogs and a glass of pop cost $6 each. I suppose I could shove a bunch of carrot sticks and apple slices in my backpack.....

At 4:19pm on April 20, 2012, Patricia Bason said…

Hi Reed I had a fairly pain free daay today so that was good. Glad to hear Russ's blood pressure was good, it must be such a relief!! You can have all the rain you like as we've just got so, so much of it and there seems to be no let up in the near future!! brrr and it's cold too!! Hope the Pork chop casserole went down well in ;Reids Diner' sounds delicious!! We had hailstone this afternoon and low and behold the sun came out later and the early evenning was beutiful and quite warm! A very pleasant evening. best wishes Tricia x

At 3:22pm on April 20, 2012, Joanne said…

thought I'd send you some rain = )

At 3:21pm on April 20, 2012, Joanne said…

Hello Reed. So glad it's Friday. Working and being on my feet all day is painful with this Achilles tendinitis. Ding therapy for now. MRI said major inflammation so they are trying to reduce that. But with the exercises, ultrasound waves etc it hurts more now but he says it's because I had lost some range of motion in my ankle when trying to turn it laterally .... to the outside. That's where it really hurts.Trying to plant some seeds in our garden. we are supposed to get a lot of rain Sunday so I figured I'll get them in before the rain. Happy things are well on your end.My BS this AM was 92. Still blows my mind.Took a large amt of my nice clothes to a re-sale shop and donated a bunch to Goodwill. Finally went on a shopping spree. Didn't cost me much. Had gift cards I had kept since fall knowing I would need them now.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Take care. <3 <3 Joanne

More scraps?

At 3:18pm on April 20, 2012, Isaiah Parker said…

Thank you.
That is a wonderful gesture.

At 1:42pm on April 20, 2012, Marie B said…

Reed, let me know about your pork chop casserole. we are having shrimp tacos tonight. the shrimp are brushed with garlic butter and then grilled, and it goes in a corn tortilla with a little sour cream sauce and shrredded cabbage. 18 grams of carb per serving. thank you so much for your extra prayers and just for being here for me, I'm very thankful you are part of my life.

At 11:04am on April 20, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. I filled he dumpster now and they are going to pick it up on Monday

I do watch a couple of shows on EWTN but I listen more to Catholic Radio. I love Catholic Answers which answers questions on a call in show.

Yes there are many nice people at daily Mass. I likely will go a couple times a week. Both Priests come unless one of them has duties such as a funeral or something.

My BG was 118 this morning and little higher. I see the Dr on Monday and will get a new A1C to see how I am doing. I think I am loosing weight again and I dont know why.


At 10:22am on April 20, 2012, sweety1691 said…

thank you ..... :) my mind is filled with variety of questions n nw i think i knw frm where m gonnna gt al the answers..... :)

At 10:06am on April 20, 2012, Emily Coles said…

Those dang koala bears! Sorry Reed. They're beyond even MY powers! Those are members that join through the TuAnalyze team and that's the pic they use to recognize each other.

I have a dance competition one week from tomorrow. YIKES! It's a big one and of course I feel very excited but unprepared (as always). When we get this close to a competition my dance partner and I start working even harder and the effects of my diabetes (vs. her NOT diabetes) become more apparent to me than usual, which is stressful to me and makes me angry. I have to work a LOT harder than she does to have enough health and energy to do what we do, and I'm hyper aware right now that I'm in constant danger of a blood sugar that we make me unable to continue, even in the middle of the competition.

So I myself don't pray, per se, but I want to ask for an extra moment in YOUR prayers this week. I LOVE competing, but the health part of it is kind of terrifying.

Thanks Reed! xo

At 7:43am on April 20, 2012, Doris D said…

Hey reed. Look likeMarie had a 40 low. I see where she said she could hardly get herself out of bed. I don't get that way til I fall around 25 on my bg. I was 78 this morning. I'll take it. Well look at it this way u DID get some rain. LOL! It's been pretty dry here too. Not any rain to speak of (now we'll have a flood since I said that. LOL!) Glad Russ is doing well now. Not much happening around here either. We're getting ready for Savannah's 4th b-day tomorrow. WOW! i wanna be 4 again LOL!

At 4:01am on April 20, 2012, Marie B said…

I'm ok Reed, sorry I missed you yesterday. had a really bad low last night - 40 - could hardly get myself out of bed. no plans for anything fun or exotic here today.

At 2:12am on April 20, 2012, diana2000 said…

it is a good site, i like it because its free to chat to people with diabetes al over the world, i was looking up the irish site for diabetes and ya have to pay, its is a wonderful site for infomation and the people on it is very nice.

At 7:10pm on April 19, 2012, Kathy said…

Well, Reed, I guess my cleaning spurt has taken a hiatus. I hit the wall, but it's okay. Spent the afternoon at the Social Security office, filling out paperwork to see how long my disability will continue. Fortunately I have a young man helping me who is really sharp and knows what's going on.
Walked a lot today and now I'm all tuckered out. Wore my winter coat and had the heat on this evening. I am looking forward to a good sleep.

At 6:46pm on April 19, 2012, Jen said…

Thank you for the warm welcome!

At 5:06pm on April 19, 2012, Patricia Bason said…

Hi Reed hope things are good with you. Soory to hear you didn't get a good downpour of rain today as I know how much you need it. On the other hand we have loads of rain here and would be happy to share with you!! Nick's shoulder doing ok at present so fingers crossed. I didn't get to reduce the steroids even though the blood results were good because doc thinks we have to take into account how I have been these past few weeks and I have to admit it's not been too good so although I was disappointed not to reduce the dose, I agree with what he said and know that I wouln't do to well on a lower dose at pesent. Fingers crossed for next month!! Take good care, Tricia x

At 1:30pm on April 19, 2012, Linda G said…

Reed...the reason why the last person on the birthday list came up later is that when they removed one of the accounts that belonged to the one member (Angie/Angela), it opened a space for for another in the #20 position :)

At 1:12pm on April 19, 2012, Linda G said…

Hey Reed....sorry I didn't connect with you yesterday! SO SO busy....and again today. The school is prepping for our big 25th anniversary gala tomorrow evening. Still so much to do. It's a PD day for the kids tomorrow...but we staff have to be there at 9 t5o continue prepping for the celebration. Yesterday, aside from teaching, I was doing calligraphy on the display boards. There's something like 60 some odd boards!! As well it was one of my long day, so aside from French, I had my English classes. Then after classes, at 3:45, it's the French Club at school. More prep work. The French Club is a blur of activity in the span of an hour, with a film and a theme related snack (elaborate!). By the time I left the school it was 5:15. Got home...quick meal and off to RCIC. Back home at 8:30 and writing a report for a child who will be attending a school in Toronto, and is leaving today. Today more running around other than teaching. Tomorrow we're at the school from 9 to 1, then returning for the event at 4:30....not returning home 'till 9:30 pm!
Yup...was able to get to the birthdays early of them has 2 accounts, but the last person on the list at that early time WAS Liz....the other person, the one I "missed", got tagged on later! I should be going out to buy myself an outfit for tomorrow....but I'm so tired. I'll see how I feel later!
Are you still looking after your neighbour's cat? How is the smoke from the fires...still intense?
Take care,

At 11:41am on April 19, 2012, Doris D said…

Hey Reed!!!!The Dr says to start pt today at 9. Only problem with that was I slep til about 10 minutes til 9 it takes about 20 minutes to drive out to the pt office and they wanted me there at 15 minutes til 9 to fill out some paper work all in all I would up calling and canceling the app for me & K (yep we got it to where we could do our pt together) and reshceduling it for Monday.

Hey did u see that I got a new (used) car???? WE got it on Monday it needs a bit of work on it (nothing major) and off into the sunset we go. My husband can do the work on it. We got it for like $1000 and it looks like it might need about $300 of work done on it and then we'll have a car that comes from this centery. Our car that we were using (and am keeping) is a 95 modle so it's nice to see something new (though only a 2001 modle) come into our house hold. LOL!

The dr said I was healing up pretty good the stiches were removed on Monday now all I got to get done is the pt. My range of motion is going to be waaay lower but I already knew that since I had had to have my right shoulder havethe samething done 6 years ago. My rotator cup is 40% gone on my left side and 50% gone on my right side so oh well. I also had carpa tunnel surgery done on both my hands a few years ago and my grip really sucks too but that's life huh???

At 10:57am on April 19, 2012, Pauly said…

Thanks for the post from the Gator House Mr Gator. Yes just about done with my dumpster and the work. I went to mass this morning. I figured instead of doing the daily readings at home I may as well do it at mass LOL. Its very comforting though too and I am getting to know some people at the daily mass. My BG was 77 on wake up this morning, Actually I am going a little low and I think that wakes me up early in the night. We had a cemetery meeting last night and all went fine, Hope Russ is better.


At 9:55am on April 19, 2012, catlover said…

Hi Reed- Sorry Russ is still having some health problems. Hope you are feeling OK. My BG was 43 this AM. I must have taken too much insulin for a correction before bed last night. Kathy's lilacs are beautiful, we also have a large bush of them in our backyard. They smell heavenly !! Jim has started doing yard work around the property, we have 3/4 of an acre. He does the planting and weeding, but we have a service that comes to mow the grass. I just plant flowers in our flower-pots. But it is a little early to do that yet, we may still get a cold night or 2. Any plans for the weekend ? Hope you have fun whatever you do. Cat



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