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At 8:13pm on May 21, 2012, Joanne said…

Hello Reed, Hope you are doing better. How is your toe. Watch for infection !!! I know how difficult the knee pain can be. Mine is good right now. Feels a little sensitive when the weather is cool and damp. Had a busy weekend working in the garden. Planted 10 tomatoes 5 pepper plants with the broccoli, lettuce & spinach. Pete was home for the first time in 5 weeks. He made me smile. He came in Friday night and looked at me and said "WHO are you and what did you do with my MOM " ? LOL, he says I look really great =) Work has been really busy. Have my 2nd post op visit on Wednesday. Guess we'll see what the Doc has to say. Still have issues on & off with Nausea. Friday is Joe's birthday. Kevin, Jen & Samantha coming Thursday afternoon to surprise him. I guess I'll have to plan a cook out cuz I work that day. Brian is speaking at a symposium in San Diego this week on his research so he won't be here for Dad's BD. Hard to get everyone together. Pete came home this weekend cuz he can't next weekend. Hope your garden is doing ok since you got some rain. Also hope Russ is OK.You're always in my prayers. It's hard to get her alot between work, PT and garden work but I'll pop in when I can. Please take care <3 <3 Joanne

At 12:59pm on May 21, 2012, Doris D said…

Hate to hear that about Russ Reed. I wish there was something somebody could do for him but sounds like he's like my g-mother and set in his ways. There is really nothing u can do. Me and K are fine. I get to go to the dr tomorrow and find out about more PT then right after we leave that DR we get to go to our other dr and see what he has to say. Life huh??

At 10:59am on May 21, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. Beautiful weather today and I have been outside a good portion of the morning. I trimmed shrubs.

Tomorrow I will be doing the same thing at the Parish with the men at the Holy name society for about a hour and half. The group helps on projects around the parish. I figure I just cant sit, pray, and obey gotta do something too.

Hope Russ is better as are your knees. I will pray for Maries Ed too for his new job.


At 7:19am on May 21, 2012, Marie B said…

hi Reed, what an incredible show we had. I don't know the person who won the quilt, but the second place ( a table runner made with extra blocks from the quilt, just as beautiful) was won by my friend that I carpool with, NICE, I'll get to see it whenever I go over to her house. I was so tired yesterday, I didn't even stay for the lottery to get the flower arrangements. there was one with orchids, very similar to your picture. only the committee chairs were in the lottery, so there's a very good chance I could have won. I just had to go home, my head was splitting. nice it's raining today actually, I'm planning on taking a mental health day today. ed still in the running for the Boston job, please pray (I know you will). he found out the other one said no to him because of his age. they were all enthusiastic until they asked for dates of employment on his earliest jobs. anyway, it's very depressing. bg 136

At 1:22am on May 21, 2012, Doris D said…

I really don't know but be sure that Russ brings it up to his DR. I can almost imagin how it is there with both of u guys using the walker! LOL! Sorry to hear ur hurting. I hope it is time for u

At 2:37pm on May 20, 2012, Kathy said…

Hi Reed. The flower arrangement is beautiful. I love orchids. They will last a long time.
The marathon in Green Bay, Wisconsin was cancelled due to heat. Can you believe that? I think we will have a weird weather summer.
It was only 58 here today with mist and drizzle.
Good thing you looked RUss's bill over closely. In the maze of paperwork it could have certainly gone unnoticed.
I hope you have a good week ahead.

At 10:22am on May 20, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. sorry about the pain in your knees. Maybe its your weather. Sorry to hear about Russ too. Thank you for lighting a votivie for me at the shrine.

I went to 730 mass but went early to say the rosary to the blessed mother with the rosary people. I said prayers for all in the Gator house. Pauly

At 8:36am on May 20, 2012, catlover said…

Hi Reed- Sorry you have itchy feet, and your knees hurt again. Perhaps you need the shots again. My stomach is a little better, I am not eating too much food and my BG is good. This AM it was 63. I don't think it is 880, rather 88 today. Here it is in the 70's and our last day of sunny weather until next week end. Tomorrow starts rain for most of the week. The deer were back and ate our hostas last night. The rabbits are eating our pansys, everyone is hungry. Hope you get an answer about your knees when you see your doc. Cat

At 3:14pm on May 19, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. Sorry about the itchy feet. I think diabetics get itchy skin. My Dad sure had it when he was alive and had the D. Wake up was 71 this morning but I am watching it closer now too.

For the type 1's that read the page my neighbor has gastroparisis but got it from a tick bite. The clinic she goes to has all Type 1's and she is the only one with a tick bite problem She is in very tough shape and has to use feeding tubes. She is only 27. I told her I would say prayers at mass for her which I did this morning. I keep you in my prayers and my rosaries Mr Gator and all in the Gator house.


At 12:45pm on May 19, 2012, catlover said…

Hi Reed- How was your birthday dinner ? Jim & I ate at a vegetarian rest. the other night. Since then my stomach hasn't been too good. Too much fiber I think. Well, our trip to CA is finally planned. I made a reservation at the hotel yesterday. The plane has been booked for a month. We are going to visit our daughter, sil, and G-son. We haven't seen them in a year. We will be there for a week. They live in Alameda ( near SF ). Looks like Kathy is having the hot weather, our is just perfect. In the 80's and sunny. Hope Russ and you are feeling well. Now Lots isn't feeling too well. It is always some one. Have a nice weekend. Cat

At 8:59am on May 19, 2012, Kathy said…

Hi Reed - I'll have to invite myself over to Pauly's for cherry tomatoes, which I just love. When I was on D I could not eat them because they are high in potassium.
My allergies are terrible today. They say the tree pollen count is high.
Yesterday we had a record high of 93. Probably about 88 today. My a/c man was all booked up so he can't come until next week. But, my buildijng has thick brick walls so it takes several days to heat up. No biggie whatsoever.
I have nothing planned for today - probably cleaning and maybe a trip to the grocery store. I bought a new landline phone that I have to take back to Targ as there was something wrong with it. Trevor tried several times and couldn't get it to work. Many people don't even have a landline anymore and just carry their cell.
Is it tonight you're dinng out for your birthday? iF SO, HAVE A GREAT TIME!

At 2:37pm on May 18, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator.I had to buy a new computer. 5 years is the life of these things. Its just not worth fixing. Sad. My BG was 74 this morning on wakeup. Sounds like you are getting rain. I bought flowers today and tomato cherry plants. I have an upside down planter and will plant them. I will go to morning mass in the morning and I will say prayers for you and Russ. Pauly

At 11:28am on May 18, 2012, Adele said…

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes!

At 9:22am on May 18, 2012, Robyn said…

Hello Reed, Thank you for all of the messages. I have been very busy and went out of town Tues and my oldest daughters house. I am looking for work and still fighting disability. I am having "flickering" in both my eyes after using the computer, watching TV or a change in lighting. Permanent damage the Doc. said...great. Ugh. It is off and on, so I will get used to it. Hope you have a good weekend. Take care xo

At 8:47am on May 18, 2012, Doris D said…

Yep it's soooooooooo hard. Infact the theripist my hubby and I have (not the same one but the clinic we go to for pt) says it's harder than the back surgery b/c u don't relize hw much u use ur shoulder til u can't So true u use ur shoulder to move ur arm and when u can't use it well it turns out interesting. LOL! K is doing really good he's mowing the yard right now. Me I just got done with the exercises they sent home with me. I have to do them twice a day for a month now and if my shoulder don't straing up & get some resistance in it I will have more pt

At 7:14am on May 18, 2012, Marie B said…

the cat belongs to my brother in law. they frequently go to Europe and take many nice vacations. to add to my misery, my hand cracked open again and it hurts and itches at the same time. I've had that problem for 4 years now. must be funny when your walkers collide. be careful passing each other in the hallways. I'm doing the sourdough today. thought maybe our bake sale table could sell a couple of slices along with a mini BabyBel cheese round for a dollar. at least it gives those who are cutting down on sugar an option. I'm going to be extra careful with the temperatures here while it's rising. it was 62 in the house when I got up, brrr.

At 5:13am on May 18, 2012, Marie B said…

ok not starting out so good today. the cat ate one of my Poblano pepper seedlings, (I started from seed 6 weeks ago, you can't buy them as plants around here) then threw up. ed got shot down on the Baltimore job, which was the more likely of the 2 for getting an interview. bg 144, so ok there. more later.

At 6:34pm on May 17, 2012, Kathy said…

Hi Reed - I can home today and my computer was not working. I was mad as a hornet!! But then I calmly unplugged everything and replugged them. Then my modem made a loud hissing noise, but everything started up!!
I read on Lots page that you got an arrangement of orchids from an old student. How lovely. They will last a long time I love orchids.
Yes it was fun to talk to you yesterday. I think your New England accent is adorable.

At 12:34pm on May 17, 2012, Patricia Bason said…

Hi Reed glad you enjoyed your birthday and how lovely to hear from all those students from way back. Shows what a good Lecturer you were. I am doing quite well at the moment and got my blood results for the Poly on Monday. The doc said it was fine to lower the Pred so now on 12mg. He also said to have my next bloods done in 4 weeks and whilst waiting for the results to alternate between 12 and 11mg then if bloods ok I should be fine dropping down to 11mg without any flare ups. So feeling pretty positive about things at the minute. Not too bad with the hypos either at present. Nick went back to the docs today and is being referred to a Rheumy as still having trouble with the shoulder so he's waiting for an appointment now. Hopefully they will be able to sort things for him but will let you know. Take good care Reed. Tricia x

At 8:05am on May 17, 2012, Marie B said…

oh Reed, I've got sparky on my mind today, just praying for his comfort and ease. that company I told you about is in Chelsea, not Chatham. big difference I know.



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