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At 8:23am on April 17, 2012, Joanne said…

Hello Reed. Hope you are well. Been really busy. Pete home this weekend for a wedding in Lancaster about 1.5 hrs away. He got home early Friday cuz his boss called him in to talk first thing in the morning. He was given a promotion and a 10% increase to match the new job title.He's pretty happy with that.Spent Friday with him. Joe was golfing.He is still having some emotional issues.Being in Lancaster was hard.
Becca told me he had a few tough moments at the wedding. Not only being in Lancaster which is where his friend Ricky had that accident last fall but being at the wedding with thoughts that Ricky who would have been his best man when the time comes ..... is no longer here. He still is struggling especially right after the death of his boss. But we had some good times Friday.
I am doing ok. Work is ok too, some days are bad, just short-staffed. Now my free time is taken up with physical therapy 3X/week. MRI had shown a thickening of the Achilles tendon and a large amt of inflammation. Post surgery I can no longer take NSAIDS so that is a problem. But doing exercises and ultrasound therapy to reduce the inflammation. Still getting shooting pains there when I walk. Weather here has been crazy too. From the high 40's to 89 yesterday. Today so far at 65. Went on a shopping trip Saturday and bought about 6 new outfits for summer. Hope Russ gets his BP straightened out and glad you are well. Hope your eye appt. goes well. Always things of everyone here .... just busy with work, PT and getting things for my events coming up. Samantha turns 3 end of April and my D-I-L baby shower in early May. take care <3 <3 Joanne

At 6:05am on April 17, 2012, Marie B said…

hi Reed, good morning. I'm going to the doctor today, we'll see what my a1c is. nice day here.

At 7:01pm on April 16, 2012, Kathy said…

Reed - you did good at KFC, my friend. I had forgotten about the mac cheese. Yum...................
Some areas in northern Minn had a foot of snow last night. Some schools were closed. What next. I once again had to wear my full length coat and the Y was packed because it was too cold to run outside. I did a full workout and it felt great. So very glad to be feeling so much better.
Guess what I found when decluttering - a wall outlet I'd forgotten about! It was behind a little table. Trevor took the table to the basement and now I have a convenient place to plug in the vacuum cleaner. Hah.
I must go over to Cat's and wsih her a happy birthday. She is such a nice. lady.

At 10:10am on April 16, 2012, catlover said…

Reed- Thanks for the recommendation !

At 9:36am on April 16, 2012, catlover said…

Hi Reed- Thanks so much for the happy birthday wishes. I really appreciate all the wishes from my TuD friends. Jim is taking me out to a new restaurant in our area called "Bonefish Grille." I love fish and am anxious to try it. BG this AM was 83, I'll take it !!! Have a nice day today !!! CAT

At 8:56am on April 16, 2012, Doris D said…

We're doing well today at 3 I go back to the dr who done my surgery on my shoulder I already know he's going to say I'm healing well. Will find out then about the pt I've got to take. K is doing good too. I had seen that advertisement on TV about KFC giving that cake to ppl. Nice!!! I don't eat cake but I'm sure K would love it! LOL!

At 7:36am on April 16, 2012, Marie B said…

hi Reed, wow, I would have been much higher than 153. let's see if you gain any weight. that's good about Russ, yea! so did they get someone else to do the reading at church? did you hear Minneapolis got snow this morning? I'm sitting here in shorts and t shirt, it's going to be really hot today. thanks for the prayers. it helps. tonight we are going to a charity event. it's about the biggest thing all year here in Sussex county it's a big food tasting thing - I never can get my insulin right for it, and I don't even touch the desserts.

At 7:17am on April 16, 2012, undertakr said…

Thank you for the welcome message - looking forward to expand my relationship with other that are dealing with Diabetes. My daughter will be 4 years old this friday and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 8 months ago.

At 5:52am on April 16, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. I went to the Divine Mercy Service and prayed for you and Russ. There actually was quite a few there. The lines to the confession were actually very long. I am glad I went Saturday.

Our Deacon has such a beautiful voice I think he could sell records if he wanted to, LOL

It is snowing now this morning. LOL. Going to see my sister today for lunch as its her birthday this week.

Hope all is well in the Gator house and weather is warm and sunny for you.


At 6:54pm on April 15, 2012, Scarletto said…

Thank you for the wecome, Seagator :-) I look forward to meeting lots of new people!


At 6:36pm on April 15, 2012, Kathy said…

OK Reedster, 'fess up and tell me what you had at KFC. I hope you enjoyed it.
We missed the bad weather last night and had a few thunder claps this afternoon. Trevor was over and I was afraid there'd be hail and it would damage his car on the street. We got a lot done. We will only be getting together one more time before he is finished with school and I am feeling very sad.
I can't believe April is half over. I am going to try to do my full workout at the Y this week, but it's hard to know how much to push yourself. I don't want to overdo.
Have a good week ahead, my friend.

At 10:55am on April 15, 2012, Linda G said…

Hi there Reed on this rainy day! Here too at many empty seats. I was ushering today, and almost didn't need to walk folks down the aisles...I could have pretty much gotten away with merely standing at the back and point to the vastly empty spots lol
Our pastor, who has only been with us 4 years, is being moved to another parish come June. The previous one had been there for 20 years!!! (which is rare now days!) Anyhow, our current priest jokes that we will have to be gentle with his replacement, as he is very old....turns out he's 55!!! How does that make ME feel at 58 lol
Gotta go out today to start getting material for my upcoming French Club on Wednesday....on Friday, the school celebrates its 25th anniversary with an open house gala. Hope my own children can pop in for a bit, as thy too were students at this school long ago.
I too am a lover of KFC....but I too do it only once a year as it's WAY to greasy. I pat it off before I chomp down....hoping to soak up some of the fat. I remove some of the skin, but not all as that's where most of the flavour is. Tonight's meal however is a mystery!
Is it raining at your end? It's also a tad cooler than I thought it would be here....probably will be nice and sunny tomorrow when I stuck in my classroom!
How's Russ?
Be well, and hugs....

At 10:36am on April 15, 2012, Marie B said…

oh reed, sorry, I forgot you probably did tell me yesterday. I'm so distracted these days. say, did Tom figure out what's wrong w/ your mouse? sometimes they get dust in them and have to be cleaned. I use a touch pad on my laptop, I'm not so handy with a mouse any more.

At 9:05am on April 15, 2012, Marie B said…

hi Reed, Manny's picture of the Joslin medalists knocked your portrait at the Wite Lion off the #1 spot of popular pictures. oooooh, KFC, haven't had it for years. yummers, I had to read Kathy's comment to you about what she'd get. change mine to a diet pepsi and I'm in agreement. slept good last night, working on the sourdough today, I need to improve it. doing it's slow first rise, got all the windows closed to make it the perfect temp in here for bread rising. ed has hooked up his boat pump so that he's pumping water out of the lake to water our lawn. I married a very clever man. I have many of my herb seedlings up already and just planted the peppers and the tomato seeds.

now do me a favor and test your blood when you get back from KFC. just wondering if it will spike you. however, you have been losing too much weight lately, so enjoy every bite. hugs to all the boys.

At 6:16am on April 15, 2012, Pauly said…

Hi Mr Gator. I hope you enjoyed the KFC. My mom when she was alive loved KFC. She thought she was in heavan eating the stuff. I always thought it was too greasy I liked baked chicken better but I guess they have alot of different types too.

I went to Mass last night so I could do confession before Mass. I went to the elderly priest. He is very kind and holy and gave me encouragement. That was reassuring.

I am going back this after noon for the Chaplet service as it is something I really like. Hope RUss is better but I will pray for both of you this afternoon too.


At 4:21pm on April 14, 2012, Kathy said…

Hi Reedster. So, if you're having a once a year visit to KFC I would definitely go whole hog and have extra crispy thigh and leg, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and biscuit heaped with butter and honey and ice cold Coke Zero. Yummers!!! The one by me also has onion rings for good measure.
Quite glorious here today - I got up at 7 and took my insulin and then went back to bed and slept very hard and once again dreamed that I had lost my wallet. It was very real and frightening. When I woke up at 10 I immediately went to the computer and typed all the numbers of my credit cards and then the phone #'s to report them missing, just in case it ever did happen.
I had a long uninterrupted walk and felt pretty good, but by the time I went to the Y was tired and could only do 15 minutes on the bike. That is okay.
Now they say there may be violent tornadoes in nebraska and Oklahome and we might be on the edge of it. Do not park your car on the street because of hail. About ten year ago we had a bad hail storm and I lost the back windshield of my car. Fortunately i had a fabulous insurance company and it was fixed the next morning. Thankfully there was no water damage to the interior because my building manager had seen it happen and immediately went out and put a tarp over it. He was a nice guy.
Enjoy your Sunday and say high to Col Sanders for me!!

At 3:53pm on April 14, 2012, drumminduck said…
Thank you so much!!
At 7:31am on April 14, 2012, Linda G said…

How are things on the home front Reed? Busy as always??

At 7:24am on April 14, 2012, Marie B said…

hi Reed, I thought I would sleep good, but I did not. at 4 my bg was 90, and then at 630 117. I didn't eat anything, then at 830, we had some eggs, and I'd shot up to 207, so I guess it was time to change my set. very very frustrating when it goes wack-o so quickly. now you see why I test my blood 10 times a day. no plans for today really. I need to make some more bread. weather nice and sunny. one of the ladies yesterday gave us a whole lot of daffodils that some gardener had dug out, perfectly good, so hopefully will get them in the ground this weekend. I'm sure ed will want to go fishing. I'm just sick over losing al my pictures, and I'm trying to figure out a way to copy them from Tu to my picture file. haha, thought I'd tell you, you have the number 1,2, and 3 most popular pictures here on Tu this week. the new ones of you and the boys, your pic outside, and your Easter table. you are loved by many here, mr gator!

At 6:31am on April 14, 2012, Patricia Bason said…

Hi Reed makes a lot of sense what the doc says about Russ's blood pressure (Not). I gather he is no further on as to what's causing it then? Glad your bs is getting back to normal and yes it is a good idea to hide the chocolate! Nick's shoulder is feeling a little better, he hasn't to use his arm for a few days so me thinks he is enjoying being waited on by me!! had a bad low of 30 yesterday but recovered ok, the worrying thing was that I felt fine and was thinking straight too which is a bit scary. Hopefully no more lows. It's very cold here to day but no rain which is good. Have a nce weekend, Tricia x



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