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At 6:15am on July 1, 2013, mistressbinky said…

What is D.P?

At 12:56am on May 2, 2013, Sunflower said…

Anger, so much anger
Blast of a new world.

Cheated, we were cheated
Dangerously torn.

Evil, this is evil
Frozen there we stood
Ground fading under our feet
Having heard what it was.

I cried and cried my eyes out
Jolly folks we were, not
Knowing what it was
Later we were told.

Manage, try your best
Now you cannot cure.

Our lives are now so different
Pretending all is good.

Quakes is our souls
Restlessy adjusting
Sugars, shots and finger pricks.

Try and try and try.

Ups and downs
Vary the therapy
What does it feel? He's only two.
X, cross, bad.

Yes, we

Now I know my ABC's
Next time won't you sing with me.

At 11:03am on April 24, 2013, Trudy said…

A Reminder

Lurking in the back of my mind are numbers, letters,
Type 1, MDI, Count those Carbs,
one more PWD.
Why do we work so hard to live?

My golden Cici came nose to nose with death.
She has survived.
Once again she smiles a golden smile.
So many human friends, dog friends, cared.

Thank you, Cici, for the reminder.
We test, inject, keep on counting,
because others care for us,
because there is joy in caring for ourselves.

MDI = multiple daily injections
PWD = person with diabetes

At 7:13pm on April 19, 2013, mary said…

Little Diabetic
I’m not diabetic. I just have a little sugar.
Give me a little sugar. (kiss)
I’m not diabetic. I’m only borderline.
And I don’t look at the borderline.
Just a little diabetic.
I’m a little diabetic.
"You’re a short diabetic."
A little diabetic.
Is that like a little pregnant?
Is that like slightly dead?
I’m not diabetic.
I control my sugar by running several miles a day.
If I eat, I run.
As long as I stay away from food and keep running, I can say: I am not a diabetic.
I’m not diabetic. I was told I no longer have to test.
Chronic means forever.
Chronic means every day.
Chronic means it never goes away.
We manage.
We control.
We hide.
See I’m doing fine.
No worries.
Just the highs, but I shut my eyes.
No one needs to know.

This is adapted from scene 6 of The Sweet Lowdown, premiering at Broom Street Theater Madison, WI October 25 and running through November 16, 2013. The Sweet Lowdown is made possible in part with funding from DHF Seeds.

At 11:57am on April 19, 2013, Elizabeth Rae said…

Haiku for the Invisible

My unseen disease.
Displays no outward signs – yet.
Inside, though, it hurts.

At 3:57pm on April 13, 2013, Trudy said…

Night's Haiku

Sleep is elusive
while D.P. hovers, threatens.
May our nights be safe.


At 2:34pm on April 7, 2013, Trudy said…

April Haiku

Twenty years, pricking,
stabbing fingers and belly.
April, bring me hope!


At 11:37am on November 2, 2012, CaityJ said…

Can I be someone else?

Can I be like some one else
who doesn't have this curse?
with keys and cell phone chargers
instead of glucose in my purse?

Can i be like someone else
with less anxiety?
instead of eating all i want
i have to prick and see.

Can i be like someone else
who sleep all through the night?
instead of waking up at dawn
with hypo as a fright.

Can i be like someone else
whose arms and legs are clear?
instead of me, whose arms and legs
are black and blue all year.

I cannot be like someone else
whose struggles differ drastically,
although my lifes not easy
i have learned to just be me.

At 6:39am on August 7, 2012, Jenny said…

i would like to know if the second edition of the " no sugar added poetry" is now on sale.

At 6:37pm on June 21, 2012, CaityJ said…

how do i enter a poem???

At 8:12am on June 10, 2012, bikette said…

It's just not fair! All the good stuff happens in March and April! I miss Easter and St. Patrick and even The Ides of March plus the best buds of spring, but this is the last straw. Because I have to process Canadian income tax returns for the top third of every year, I don't get to play at tuD when they have their poetry contest. Even "Poetry Day" is in March.

Now I'm no Shakespeare or Poe, no Nashing or Frosting either, but I do have what is generally described as a 'bizarre' sense of humour and I presume that is ok with tuD folks since I was so honoured with the Class Clown title again this year. But I can only hope that this "seal of approval" will bear with me for this desperate and still tardy attempts at poesy... no, not the bold and beautiful rhymes of my fellow diabetics here - those stirring words I've been reading all morning, but still me... irreverent bikette - surprised that nobody entered that age-old, long revered, ever untimely and dubious wisdom of The Limerick.

1. In the first unnamed effort of three unnamed efforts, let us quickly butter up the boss:

There once was a leader named Manny
His way with tuD folk was uncanny.
He could win all our hearts
With his genuine smarts.
One can never have too many Manny’s.


2. Along the lines of Romeo and Juliet - Here's a Shakespearean effort (with all due deference to our American friends):

Hark! What number through yonder display breaks?
Be it 2 (mmol/L) or 50 (mg/dL) and I be low -
Needing sweets to make a go;
Yet 10 (mmol/L) to 200 (mg/dL) makes me high
And I must run to break the tide.

Hypo! Hyper! Wherefore art thou sweet balance?
Deny thy lows and refuse thy shots -
Or, if thou wilt not be balanced, dear blood
Then I shall no longer be needing insulin.


Deep huh? Romeo will never be the same. And those Capulets always reminded me of medication anyway. "What? You have a nasty case of Montague! You should take two Capulets and call me in the morning." but I digress (often).

3. Last ditch pitch at another Limerick...

There once was a medic named Banting
His patients were sick and demanding
He felt the allure
To fashion a cure
Without which we’d all be fermenting.


That's it. Way too little and way too late. I know, but at least I can Rest in Pieces knowing that I didn't miss out on BOTH books of poetry from this group of fine talents.
Thanks for your patience and as always... for your friendships. Even when I'm busy taxing, I feel better just knowing that there are people here now who will also be here on May 1, when the Gates to Tax Hell are finally pushed aside.

And congratulations to the deserving winners of the 2012 Poetry Contest. I bet you feel soooo lucky that I was otherwise occupied at the time of the judging! Not! :-)

At 11:21am on May 8, 2012, Andreina Davila said…

Hi Rarejewel,

You can read all the poems submitted in this page, just click the like bellow that says "View All Comments" that will display all the content since we started the program.

To order our breathtaking book you can go to theDHF Store; but keep in mind that this book does not include all the poems, is a compilation from the first contest we run on 2010. It is a great-beautiful book and I highly recommended, but you can read most poems online.

At 1:58pm on May 4, 2012, Rarejewel said…

I have a question? How do you orde a copy of the poetry book and will all submissions be included in the book? How can I read all poems by everyone that submitted to the contest?

At 8:18pm on April 27, 2012, mother4peace - Christine said…

I Don’t Want to Miss it…

I have two angels in my life
And a love too
And I DON’T want to miss it
I want to see this story through

I want to be there for the science fairs, spring concerts
The boo boos, the flu, to catch them when they fall
The birthdays, graduations, weddings, grandchildren
And not miss a thing, see it all

I want to grow old with him
To be his gray-haired old friend
All wrinkly and prune-like
When we reach our eternal end

I want to be there just in case
My greatest fear becomes real
To carry some of the burden
To understand how it feels

I’m too stubborn to give in
And committed to endure
So I take my daily steps
In hopes WE find a cure

I am a mother
I am a wife
I am a diabetic
And I don’t want to miss any of it.

At 5:24pm on April 27, 2012, Sara said…

I don't typically write poetry, but I was so excited to have my lost lancing device replaced earlier this month - that I was moved to write a love poem to the new device.

Ode to a lancing device

Last week in LA, I left something behind.
Didn’t know what to do, thought I’d lose my mind.
Hiding under the bed on the hotel room floor,
Sat the lancing device I’d do just about anything for.

I read about this tool years ago on the internet
Looking for an alternative to the blood sucking bayonet.
All lancing devices are not created the same,
Some are designed to poke while others just maim.

With lancets preloaded in the shape of a drum
It won’t cause me pain, or make my fingers feel numb.
Eleven depth setting are offered for skin of all type
Personalized comfort, one less reason to gripe.

The design of the drum reduces side-to-side motion
Which reduces skin tearing, a beautiful notion.
A beveled edge on the lancet cap lines up on my skin.
Testing with anything else, may as well use a pin.

I complained last week on Twitter about my poor finger.
The pain from other lancing devices was starting to linger.
A DM brought me quickly to customer support,
Where I found out my pain would soon be cut short.

Late Friday afternoon a package was delivered to my door.
Seeing the return address on the box, my heart started to soar.
I love my MultiClix, which by now everyone knows.
And with that this beautiful poem now comes to a close.

At 10:17am on April 27, 2012, George Simmons said…

Path to Purpose

Is it a curse?

It felt so at first.

The pain and the fear and the year after year.

Should I ask why?

Is this how I'll die?

While I stab and I bleed and all the drugs I now need.

When does it end?

When will my heart mend?

Do I have to leave earth to find what life's worth?

The truth can be shown,

When you're not alone,

With a group we can be one strong community.

When I think over,

That 2nd of October,

I thought life was ending with only death pending.

But now I'm a Greeter,

to those with a meter,

so there's less frustration and no isolation.

My voice can be working,

for those who are lurking,

It may not be eloquent but style is irrelevant.

I say "I can do this,

And help others through this."

So I keep my eyes open for those who feel broken.

I'm blessed with life,

saturated with strife,

to help when some feel that they cannot deal.

Is it a curse?

It felt so at first.

But I see the reason and rhyme for my time.

At 12:07am on April 27, 2012, Jerry Nairn said…

The Big D

Once a certain death
Diabetes is now
something a person can live with.

Once a certain death
of a boy I read about
reminded me
Diabetes isn't something a person can ignore
and live with.

Once a certain death
standing in the darkness by the bed
as I came sweating and trembling to awareness
reminded me my death
is something I live with.

At 7:43pm on April 26, 2012, PrincessLadyBug said…

the cost

daily, i take
shots and pills
so that
my imperfect body
can do what
others do naturally
lower this
raise that
playing God
in small doses
cursing one day
thankful the next
owing my life
to little bottles
with miracles inside
in awe of the mysteries
of modern day science
indebted to man made
chemical concoctions
that keep me alive
but wondering
at the price
to be paid
am i somehow
different than
i was before
less of me
more of them
evening out
my highs and lows
lessened the stress
on my body
but did it
stifle the muse
words come slower
these days
i miss the rush
of the frenzied flight
from one emotion
to the next
the dances with inspiration
seem fewer
and i’m tempted to
forget the pills
and endless shots
to rediscover the muse
but is it worth
the final cost
if i must
pay with my life

At 6:24pm on April 26, 2012, George Simmons said…

Blue Candlelight

I light a blue candle as I shed a tear,

The sorrow I feel surrounded by fear.

Why did this happen? Why once again

must I light a blue candle to signify end?

So many promises of hope and a cure,

So hard to see clearly what a candle can obscure.

Where is the hope I had the day before last?

When the blue candle is lit, hope is something in the past.

I see the blue candles and cry even more,

For parents, for friends, for all who adore.

I cry for those who are next on the list,

I wonder if I’ll be the one missed.

When the family is together it feels so safe,

Like nothing dark and evil can enter this place,

In flesh or in spirit our souls stand their ground.

‘til I see those candles. And my world breaks down.

I light a blue candle as I send up a prayer,

My heart aches, my eyes sting, I cry, “it’s not fair!”

Anger is silenced while my sorrow lingers,

“Protect those with tiny black spots on their fingers.”

At 6:24pm on April 26, 2012, 1HappyDiabetic said…

Just Float

Someday, when the angry waters stops rising and the Tides of Trouble circle back to focus in on real problems.
We will let our own faults, gasp for their last breath while they drown out to sea.

For pleasant, calm warm water is left in their place.
There is a comfortable waterline with no fear of deepness.
There are shallow puddles to splash in, your smiles to reflect in,and joy to seep in, everywhere around you is true.

Make yourself a moment.
Having no control of such a Life filled Beast is what scares everyone.
Being in control? or losing it? is a struggle for one's Life either way.
For Life, with no room for error is no life.

There is truly nothing like being consumed from all sides with Love.
Your possibilities are endless; your decisions are made for you,
You can finally freeze time and unknowingly enjoy one's true self.

It's that unexplainable frame of mind, that Water and Love both share.
You can either drown yourself in happiness or drown trying to be happy.
You're always going to be too deep or too shallow when you try too hard.

So welcome Love to take guide of your ship.
You'll peacefully float, slowly and sure.
Just don't forget about the Troubled Tides that stir.



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