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At 5:03am on April 23, 2012, alizachana said…

The Carnival by Aliza Chana

A Carnival ... Filled with the most amazing rides
the tilt-a-whirl that spins round and round, faster and faster
Just when you get used to the spinning flying swirling motion the ride s l o w s d o w n to a STOP.
and the arms of the ride start flailing again
faster, faster, round and round
until everything around is just a dizzy tizzy blur
Life when one has "d" and has those days, living
in a tilt-a-whirl
a dizzy tizzy blur between high and low.
The tilt-a-whirl starts slowing down
the arms flailing slower a n d
s l o w e r. STOP!
Walking off the the tilt-a-whirl,
fuzzy unstable ground
Is it just the tilt-a-whirl
or am I high right now,
or perhaps I'm low?
Pulling out my meter on the carnival walkway
find a safe place to test
clean my hands
prick my finger, blood on the strip, and wait
5 seconds seems like an eternity
have my results,
No, I'm just fine, 128!
So I can keep going
off to the next
ride in the Diabetes inspired
where the roller-coasters
were built based on the CGMS graphs
of so many people with diabetes
which makes for some amazing hills
and very steep drops down
Just trying to integrate the regular day to day diabetes life
with an amazing exciting dream
where the roller-coasters follow CGMS,
the tilt-a-whirls follow the angles of some of the graphs as well.
A Diabetes friendly carnival, from the rides to the food, to the people filling the carnival.
A girl can always dream, right?

At 6:22pm on April 22, 2012, TimmyMac said…

Trust me

You tell me you understand.
you won't
trust me
you don't.
If you did, then why must you look away squeamishly?
staying alive offends.
mimicking nature.

You tell me you know how I feel.
you don't
trust me
you don't.
you don't know what its like to not be believed.
grounded from drinking
from water.

You tell me you can relate.
you can't
trust me
you can't.
The same way I can never relate to you.
1000 different afflictions.
same name.

You tell me I can relax.
I won't
trust me
I won't
I'll always have to stay vigilant.
only one given.
no retakes.

you won't
you don't
you can't

I won't
trust me
I won't.

At 7:38am on April 22, 2012, Trudy said…

Blue Ring Haiku

My agate ring, blue
as a hidden mountain lake,
symbolizes hope.

At 10:06am on April 21, 2012, Amber said…

Yeah, I'm Talking To You
I am not a number
Nor a statistic
I won't be labeled
This disease is not me
My sickness will not call the shots
I will reach my dreams, whatever they may be
I will eat healthy, because I say so
You, Diabetes, you will not be in charge
I will have beautiful, healthy children
I will watch them grow
One day, I will play with my grandchildren
Reading is one of my passions
So I plan to keep my eyesight, thank you so very much
I like to run, jump, dance
Just so you know, Diabetes
So I plan to keep my legs and feet too
This heart I have, won't be corrupted by you either
You already took my pancreas
You should be happy with that
But if that's not enough...
You get my blood multiple times a day
I've jabbed myself with more needles than I can count
And have an endless amount more to come
Someday I'm afraid I'll start to leak
Seen more doctors, nurses, diabetic educators, dietitians and labs
I couldn't possibly remember them all
That's it
That's all you'll get from me, only what I have to give
The rest, well, the rest I plan to keep
Diabetes, you are not me
I can't get rid of you, but you won't be my master either
I will be happy
I will survive
While patiently waiting
Until the day comes
Hopefully one not too far away
A cure for your wretchedness will be found
On that day, oh Diabetes, to you I will say "Bye-Bye" and be on my way

At 9:28pm on April 20, 2012, Marcia Skidmore said…

Oh, Dear Diabetes,
Where do you live?

You live in the countless bottles of countless pills
with counted minutes and counted doses.

You live in my fingertips pricked and bruised
pulsing with numbers, predicting the hours to come.

You live on the pages of my journal, the ink a map
scratched out by purpose, making legend my trials.

You live in my life as predator’s eyes,
eyes devouring, my hands denying that wished for taste.

You live in each lost footfall, the struggle recognized
my step numb, my pain felt, my resolve unbroken

You live, ingrained in my day.
imbedded, inherent, intense.

You live on my path, on the road I travel
I chose to follow the signs and I chose life

You live in my every choice.
You live in my every dream.
You live in my every thought.

You are like the first cup of coffee in the morning
– my life doesn’t continue without
You are like the pattern on a zebra’s back
– expected but unpredictable
You are like a tattoo
– not my skin, but undeniably there
You are like a rose
– the beauty of life that is a lie if we don’t see the thorns
You are the uncommon portrait
– it is different but it hangs on my wall every day

At 9:21pm on April 20, 2012, Diabeticbutterfly said…
Part of Me
Its a part of me.
Always there,
It trys to control me,
Weaken me,
Depress me.
But i dont let it.
I fight back!

If it makes me high,
I get up and dance.
If it makes me low,
I lay and think about
How much my sister must love me.
To run to and fro to get me carbs.
And when my blood sugar is just right,
I know i will be to.
If a three year old can do it,
So Can I!
At 10:01am on April 20, 2012, John said…


Billy was a kindhearted kid
Who always tried his very best,
But sometimes he’d just feel stupid,
And then he’d have to do that test:

Out would come his grimy meter,
Out would come his vivid blood,
As his child’s hands quaked and teetered,
Praying for any number good.

But instead the meter beeped back
That his sugar was fifty-four,
Alas! Poor Billy grabbed his snack,
While teacher still wrote at the board.

Surreptitiously as he could,
Crinkling open the plastic wrap,
He hoped that no one would
Notice the food resting upon his lap.

Alas that the class fell at that time!
Alas that they hadn’t had lunch!
For his classmates saw his sweet crime,
And they too wanted something to munch.

“Mrs. Pierce! Billy’s at it again!”
Shrilled the voice of a hungry girl,
Who didn’t know of Billy’s pain,
Or his brain’s tumultuous whirls.

Her accusation brought a blush,
To his already sweaty cheeks,
As he continued to discretely chew
On his hated stash of sweets.

“Billy! Out! That’s not allowed!”
Cried the teacher with a harsh glare.
So Billy, shaking and thoroughly cowed,
Hastily slid from his classroom chair.

He miserably sat down outside,
Sick to his stomach but still craving food,
He ate and ate and he cried and cried,
Wondering why, when he’d been so good?

At 5:25am on April 20, 2012, Eliot LeBow LCSW said…

By Eliot LeBow

Thirty four years, Thirty four long years
Living with diabetes

Brought challenges
A thirst for life
Creatively inspired
To be responsible
Words and the art of managing mix
Expressions of inner beauty spring from struggles
Formed and positively transformed
Creatively and uniquely diabetes
A proud & grateful life
Diabetic Life

At 7:03pm on April 19, 2012, Mary Jo said…

This poem is dedicated to Anne Newton from Medtronic and Kelley Crumpler from Brazos Valley Endocrinology.

Old Dogs and New Tricks
by Mary Jo Powell

Know that old saying 'bout "new tricks" and "old dogs"?
I'm now out to prove that it should give one pause.
After 50-plus years of syringes and vials,
With good days and bad nights and plenty of trials,
I've entered a new world of sensors and pumps
And am finding it's giving me plenty of lumps.
It's like learning to do this all over again
And struggling to make all this "stuff" a new friend.
I;m now dealing with decimals instead of just ones,
Finding what I don't know is measured in tons.
But learning new things is a challenge in life
And one that can cause you a great deal of strife.
But thank God for nice people who're willing to help,
Like Anne from Medtronic and Kelley herself.
And there's doctors and bloggers and other friends too
All anxious to help me learn just what to do.
So I head on, determined, in this new exploit,
Hoping that soon I'll become more adroit.
For I know that others have done this same thing
And that soon I will grasp that elusive brass ring
Then control my condition, not let it rule me,
And then show what I've learned so that others can see.
All to prove that "new tricks" can be learned by "old dogs,"
And facing new challenges need not give one pause.

At 4:49pm on April 19, 2012, Sunshine said…

A Letter to the Pain in My Side
by Elizabeth Strait

Hello again,
To my familiar little prick,
My inconvenient lifeline;
At least you’re tiny, sharp, and quick.
Though the pain just lasts a second,
You stick to me somehow;
A tiny little burden
I’ll have to cope with now.
You pop up under T-shirts,
Protruding from my side;
A tiny little bump
I try my best to hide.
But you’re just the cuff
To my ball and chain.
Now to that Ball;
Hiding YOU is a pain!
You’re heavy, big, and fat,
You’ve hooked yourself on me,
A necessary bother
But I sometimes want set free.
Where am I supposed to put you
Say, if I’m in a dress?
Though I can solve that problem,
It’s not something that I’ll confess.
And when I’ve got you hidden
Is just when I need you out;
Now that’s a public scene
I’d rather do without...
You two are bothersome enough,
But before I say adieu,
I’ll give credit to the chain
As you cause trouble too.
Getting caught, getting tangled;
You’re just as bad as they!
Too bad I need the insulin
That you pump my way...

At 4:02pm on April 19, 2012, Hannah McD said…

Dessert Police (a diabetes haiku)
by Hannah McDonald

I say, "Let's eat cake!"
You say, "Are you kidding me?!"
Damn diabetes.

At 3:27pm on April 19, 2012, Peggy Hall said…


Common affliction
Everyone deals well

You can eat this
You can do that

You're a complainer
You use it as an excuse

I don't want Diabetes
I don't want to be!

~Peggy Hall

At 12:20pm on April 19, 2012, NurseKelley said…

Diabetes Dump
By: Kelley Crumpler

Sometimes, Diabetes is the dumps
When you inject too much insulin, sometimes you get lumps.

Sugars running low, you know I got my juice boxes in tow.

Sometimes I get a little sad, when my blood sugars are bad.
But then I take a corection shot, because that's what I was taught.

My insulin pump gives me life,
lets hope these new pump sites don't give me any strife.

My CDE is the bomb, I think I'll ask her to prom.
My Endo, though, he's a dork,
He looked at my A1c and said "Time to lay down the fork!".

I'm happy that I can manage my disease,
Just don't ask if I can eat "that", please!!

I blog @
Twitter @NurseCrumpler

At 9:17am on April 19, 2012, Juan Carlos Vazquez said…

I am only Eight…. Thru the eyes of a child
By: Juan Carlos Vazquez
786 my life changed…..
786 I thought I was going to die…..
I am only eight…
I want to play
I want to build things
I want to be a regular boy
I am only eight…
Get up in the morning...check my sugar..What are my readings ... Did I log my readings?
Every time I put food in my mouth, did I check my sugar?
Every day I check my sugar
If it is high…check for ketones…then drink lots of water
I feel like a fish.
I am only eight
I want candy
I want chocolate milk
If I sneak it I will get sick
I am only eight
Life’s not fair
Why, I ask, why me?
Mom teaches me how to check my sugar, give myself injections, and change my pump.
I am only eight.
Who cares?
Will there be cure?
Should I worry?
I am only eight.
I care
I will find a cure.
Now I am twelve
I check my sugar
I eat right and exercise
I play
I have friends who like me for who I am.

At 6:29am on April 19, 2012, PowerPumper said…

God's Heavy Hand
For Captain Roger Finley and all EMT people everywhere; thanks for the help.

My yellow car, my friends and theirs
Lined in front of the fence.
We're going for a ride.

God's heavy hand
Falling, grasping;
I know this place.

My yellow car, my friends in theirs
Lined in front of the fence,
Waiting for a ride.

Surface for air
breathe, relax;
Gods heavy hand, pulling.

My friends
Lined in front of the fence,
Watching me.

Thrashing, screaming, sinking,
God's heavy hand
drags me down.

Where's my car?
Where's my friends?
Where's my fence?

I know this place.
God's heavy hand
Ragdolls me.

I'm not going
Not down there
Where's my car?

God's heavy hand
Shaking me,
Squeezing me.

Eat this;
They're on their way.
Hang on!

God's heavy hand
lifting me up.
Not yet, not this time!

I'm shaky and cold.
My bed is wet.
Hello Roger.

At 6:43pm on April 18, 2012, MoD4acure said…

Our Angel
By Loretta McGee
Grandmother to M

Our angel came to us in August '05
This bundle, this treasure, this beautiful granddaughter
For 27 months feisty and feistier
So "normal" a blessing...then
Dx day...what the heck is that?
Oh! The beginning of the "new normal"
Well, this is no fun. New normal is worse than ...I don't know, anything.
Over four years at times
Her wings sag low
Immediate action or they'll not rise
Over four years at times
Her wings spike too high
Immediate action or she'll never fly
Over four years at times
Just right!
Finally!! No, this is so normal
Then, one day later too high, too low, too perfect
The "New Normal" slithers back and
There go the wings of our little angel.
Elusive, but not so much....
we'll soon be perfect again....
For awhile

At 3:47pm on April 18, 2012, Leighann said…
Hurting Life
By Q
Age 7, diagnosed at 3

I am sad,
I am scared.
Why did I have to get it?
I have shots
And pump changes
And CGM changes.
And more and more and more,
And more and more and more.
At 5:06pm on April 17, 2012, sugarrbabie said…

By Faith
Lara Whitley
By faith I know I'll make it
No matter what comes my way
By faith I know I'll make it
Living day by day.

Diabetes is just one hurdle
That came into my life
Sometimes bringing joyous opportunities,
Sometimes bringing strife.

Day by day it changes
What once worked may stop
But by faith and preservation
I can come out on top.

No matter what they say
No matter what they think
I will keep pushing forward
Not stopping to rethink.

Sometimes feeling like I'm drowning
In all the worry and fear.
Helped by people who care,
Somehow makes it clear.

Sometimes it's hard
Almost never easy,
But "I can do all things
Through Christ which strengtheneth me."

At 4:09pm on April 17, 2012, Rarejewel said…

Sweet Acceptance
By: Tammie Roundtree

It entered my body without my knowledge
making me naturally sweet
Coursing through my veins intensive thirst and pangs of constant urination upsetting my normal balance
Now I journey through this challenge
Redefinding my life style and what life means to me
Pricking fingers, counting sugar and carbs
exercising and eating right
It's the ever constant remedy to over coming this metabolic fight
My life's forever changed but I stand bold and strong
Educating and awareness to my fellowman in this I can't go wrong
A brand new task my body has claimed
Type2 diabetes is what I have it doesn't replace my name
A vibrant and faithful woman
accepting this ailment of fate
Counting my daily blessings
To my father forever I give thanks.

At 7:23am on April 17, 2012, mistressbinky said…

Anointing & Reviving
By Monique Gordon


After our nature walk

I bathe Endo’s paws with passion,

like Mary Madeline.


At 3 a.m., I Alert my mistress

of low blood sugars.

I am her Canine of the Lamp.



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