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At 12:20pm on April 19, 2012, NurseKelley said…

Diabetes Dump
By: Kelley Crumpler

Sometimes, Diabetes is the dumps
When you inject too much insulin, sometimes you get lumps.

Sugars running low, you know I got my juice boxes in tow.

Sometimes I get a little sad, when my blood sugars are bad.
But then I take a corection shot, because that's what I was taught.

My insulin pump gives me life,
lets hope these new pump sites don't give me any strife.

My CDE is the bomb, I think I'll ask her to prom.
My Endo, though, he's a dork,
He looked at my A1c and said "Time to lay down the fork!".

I'm happy that I can manage my disease,
Just don't ask if I can eat "that", please!!

I blog @
Twitter @NurseCrumpler

At 9:17am on April 19, 2012, Juan Carlos Vazquez said…

I am only Eight…. Thru the eyes of a child
By: Juan Carlos Vazquez
786 my life changed…..
786 I thought I was going to die…..
I am only eight…
I want to play
I want to build things
I want to be a regular boy
I am only eight…
Get up in the morning...check my sugar..What are my readings ... Did I log my readings?
Every time I put food in my mouth, did I check my sugar?
Every day I check my sugar
If it is high…check for ketones…then drink lots of water
I feel like a fish.
I am only eight
I want candy
I want chocolate milk
If I sneak it I will get sick
I am only eight
Life’s not fair
Why, I ask, why me?
Mom teaches me how to check my sugar, give myself injections, and change my pump.
I am only eight.
Who cares?
Will there be cure?
Should I worry?
I am only eight.
I care
I will find a cure.
Now I am twelve
I check my sugar
I eat right and exercise
I play
I have friends who like me for who I am.

At 6:29am on April 19, 2012, PowerPumper said…

God's Heavy Hand
For Captain Roger Finley and all EMT people everywhere; thanks for the help.

My yellow car, my friends and theirs
Lined in front of the fence.
We're going for a ride.

God's heavy hand
Falling, grasping;
I know this place.

My yellow car, my friends in theirs
Lined in front of the fence,
Waiting for a ride.

Surface for air
breathe, relax;
Gods heavy hand, pulling.

My friends
Lined in front of the fence,
Watching me.

Thrashing, screaming, sinking,
God's heavy hand
drags me down.

Where's my car?
Where's my friends?
Where's my fence?

I know this place.
God's heavy hand
Ragdolls me.

I'm not going
Not down there
Where's my car?

God's heavy hand
Shaking me,
Squeezing me.

Eat this;
They're on their way.
Hang on!

God's heavy hand
lifting me up.
Not yet, not this time!

I'm shaky and cold.
My bed is wet.
Hello Roger.

At 6:43pm on April 18, 2012, MoD4acure said…

Our Angel
By Loretta McGee
Grandmother to M

Our angel came to us in August '05
This bundle, this treasure, this beautiful granddaughter
For 27 months feisty and feistier
So "normal" a blessing...then
Dx day...what the heck is that?
Oh! The beginning of the "new normal"
Well, this is no fun. New normal is worse than ...I don't know, anything.
Over four years at times
Her wings sag low
Immediate action or they'll not rise
Over four years at times
Her wings spike too high
Immediate action or she'll never fly
Over four years at times
Just right!
Finally!! No, this is so normal
Then, one day later too high, too low, too perfect
The "New Normal" slithers back and
There go the wings of our little angel.
Elusive, but not so much....
we'll soon be perfect again....
For awhile

At 3:47pm on April 18, 2012, Leighann said…
Hurting Life
By Q
Age 7, diagnosed at 3

I am sad,
I am scared.
Why did I have to get it?
I have shots
And pump changes
And CGM changes.
And more and more and more,
And more and more and more.
At 5:06pm on April 17, 2012, sugarrbabie said…

By Faith
Lara Whitley
By faith I know I'll make it
No matter what comes my way
By faith I know I'll make it
Living day by day.

Diabetes is just one hurdle
That came into my life
Sometimes bringing joyous opportunities,
Sometimes bringing strife.

Day by day it changes
What once worked may stop
But by faith and preservation
I can come out on top.

No matter what they say
No matter what they think
I will keep pushing forward
Not stopping to rethink.

Sometimes feeling like I'm drowning
In all the worry and fear.
Helped by people who care,
Somehow makes it clear.

Sometimes it's hard
Almost never easy,
But "I can do all things
Through Christ which strengtheneth me."

At 4:09pm on April 17, 2012, Rarejewel said…

Sweet Acceptance
By: Tammie Roundtree

It entered my body without my knowledge
making me naturally sweet
Coursing through my veins intensive thirst and pangs of constant urination upsetting my normal balance
Now I journey through this challenge
Redefinding my life style and what life means to me
Pricking fingers, counting sugar and carbs
exercising and eating right
It's the ever constant remedy to over coming this metabolic fight
My life's forever changed but I stand bold and strong
Educating and awareness to my fellowman in this I can't go wrong
A brand new task my body has claimed
Type2 diabetes is what I have it doesn't replace my name
A vibrant and faithful woman
accepting this ailment of fate
Counting my daily blessings
To my father forever I give thanks.

At 7:23am on April 17, 2012, mistressbinky said…

Anointing & Reviving
By Monique Gordon


After our nature walk

I bathe Endo’s paws with passion,

like Mary Madeline.


At 3 a.m., I Alert my mistress

of low blood sugars.

I am her Canine of the Lamp.

At 4:27am on April 17, 2012, Tracy Greene Mintz said…

"I Am...." by Maxine Mintz, Age 10 (T1 x 3 yrs)
I am loving and strong
I wonder how many creations there are in the world
I hear the heater go off in the classroom
I see people everywhere
I want world peace
I am loving and strong.

I pretend to be an animal
I feel like I'm loved by my family
I touch ice cream and candy
I worry about family and death
I cry when I feel sad and broken.

I understand why people get mad
I say that things will get better
I dream about a clean world
I try to be my best
I hope I'll be safe
I am loving and strong.

At 10:49am on April 16, 2012, Elizabeth Rae said…


Wake up.
Hardly slept.
I don’t look so well today.
Try to tell myself that I am fine
But I really don’t feel so great, either.
The circles under my eyes are growing.

Will myself to stop. Stop worrying.
Stop letting it devour you.

This disease has allowed me to appreciate
each day, each experience.
I am alive.
But with it I carry the weight and constant burden
of a panic-filled low blood sugar
or an equally exhausting high one.

Impossible to stop.

“Her blood sugars are just erratic.”
I’ve heard that so many times.
“No pattern.”
No hope?

Hope is the only thing I have left,
but it often knocks me in the gut.
It grabs my heart and pumps it faster, telling me
I am alive.
But anxious.

Work, work, work.
Where are the results?
If I put in the hours, the diligence
I should succeed.
I’m starting to learn that life doesn’t work that way.

This invisible malady shows not outward signs.
And I live my life trying not to either.

In my mind I bend the lines
between real life and a magic
where in the blink of an eye
I have a functioning pancreas.

At 9:36am on April 16, 2012, Leanne said…

I live with a gun to my head
The barrel digs into my temple.
I follow orders
Eat this.
Drink this.
I pull on the plunger, draw out the clear liquid
that smells like band aids, and pierce my skin.
I’d rather shoot myself than die.

At 10:25am on April 15, 2012, Jerry Nairn said…

The Diagnosis

Your food is poison
But there is an antidote
It is poison too

At 10:24am on April 15, 2012, Jerry Nairn said…

Woke up wondering
What is my blood sugar now?
And so go the days

At 8:06am on April 15, 2012, Trudy said…

Winter Wreath

In autumn we collect our pine cones,
gather our firewood,
steal tiny branches of red Winter Berries from the pheasants.

In winter
I'll make my wreaths of pine cones and wine corks.
I'll rock and watch my fireplace burn,
smile as the flames sputter from the pitch
and solemnly drink my red wine.

Give the red drop, see the backlit numbers...

Nights I will dream,
free of the sputters of dawn phenomena.

At 10:50am on April 14, 2012, Jerry Nairn said…

I just want to say that I love the idea of the book and the results that appear here, but I'm not sure about the idea of a contest.

At 10:43am on April 14, 2012, Jerry Nairn said…

The Cure

For years they prayed for the day,
the day they could stop
bleeding him for blood sugars.
staring at his food,
counting the carbohydrates,
insulin on board...

They wished they could forget it all,
all of the knowledge and lore,
the glycemic index,
site sensitivity,
medical adhesives,
long-term complications...

... as if it weren't all complicated.

They wanted to stop worrying
about the impact of joyful play
on blood sugar balance.

So they wished for the day,
the day they could get rid of it all...
boxes of test strips,
the sharp things, needles, lancets, syringes,
the technological marvels...
meters, pumps, sensors,
the tools of replacing beta cells
and mimicking
the way the body is supposed to work,
the insulin
would all finally be stacked up in a big pile,
packed up to be sent away.

They wished and prayed the day would come,
But diabetes left in the night,
And with it took their son.

At 6:34pm on April 13, 2012, Vicki said…


How little did I know,
This was a blessing in disguise.
My sugars could go low,
But I had mostly highs.
It came out of nowhere,
When I was only nine.
Fifteen years later,
I am doing just fine.
There are obstacles to face,
No matter what your race.
Just remember to always place
A smile on your face.
Check your glucose,
As I check mine.
And take your insulin,
So you can live a long time.
It’s a tough thing to do,
Believe me – I know.
But, we all have an angel,
That guides us to and fro.

At 9:38pm on April 12, 2012, Diabeticbutterfly said…

"It could be worse"
I know
I know
Low, hungry, alone
It could have killed me.

Mom was there,
sitting beside me.
Watching me try,
learning along with me.
A new "normal"

Finally home again,
My friends rush to my side,
speaking only words of comfort.

But you...
When I told you
The first thing you said was,
"It could be worse"
And as true as those words were,
They were the last words i wanted to hear.

At 9:13pm on April 12, 2012, mistressbinky said…

Dream State III

I attempted to slide coins into the soda machine.

I should have been prepared? Why wasn’t I?

No glucose tablets. No glucose gel?

Money slid on the floor, never entering the slot.

“Hey aren’t you on the insulin pump?

You’re having an insulin reaction?

I’ll help you,” the voice said.

I thought she was clairvoyant.

I wanted her to foretell my future.

Then she told me—“I saw you on WYBE

discussing diabetes and the insulin pump.”

At 1:18pm on April 12, 2012, Heidi98 said…

The DiabetiThon

The road stretches straight ahead
Miles and miles, off into the darkness
and yet it seems so oddly familiar
like an endless loop
for I am no hero,& I have been here before
drop-by-drop,counting the gallons lost
hole-by-hole, playing Connect-the-Dots with the scars
Diabetes: 5000 Me:0
seeking to lessen the damage
in this Diabeti-Marathon
I run to live
and my prize is being alive
for in this race,there is more taking then giving
every other complication under the sun
Am I doing this right?
no one can tell
Although confirming my failures is easily done
and yet I think at least I'm doing well
and good for many more rounds around the track
but the monotony is stifling
and I am tired to my core
day in,day out
days to weeks to months to years to decades
it never ends
Can a human being live this way?
I want to believe in a cure
but the passage of time
jades the most enthusiastic of people
so I settle for survival
and I wait for the sun to come up
the diet coke to kick in
And then I see that I am not alone
You are not alone
We are not alone.
We run together.



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