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At 4:12am on January 17, 2014, Linda G said…

Smiles and laughter. Joy and cheer.
New happiness that stays throughout the year...
Hope your birthday brings all these and more.
(You haven't commented in a long while. Have you been away?
Is everything alright....can we help??)

At 12:13am on January 17, 2014, rick (aka: #blankieboy) said…

FJ, Happy Birthday!!! Here is wishing you a wonderful and happy birthday. I hope the coming year will be full of blessings, joy and the wonderful love of family and friends.

At 9:07am on January 17, 2013, Linda G said…

Best Wishes NOW....and for the rest of the year!
(You haven't been on in a while...I hope everything is OK)
Have a GREAT "ME" DAY :)
Hey, why don't you come join us in the TuD chat room?
You'll see us at the bottom of the home page.
We have a great time getting to know each other, sharing info and lots of laughs :)
It's on right now!

At 4:18am on January 17, 2012, SEAGATOR said…

Happy,Happy Birthday,FJ. I wish for you a most wonderful day. ENJOY!!!

At 3:50am on January 17, 2012, Linda G said…

Hello! How Do You Do, and....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ♥
Best Wishes NOW....and on the next 365 days (it's a leap year)!
How's it all going? Do you have any questions or comments?

At 1:34am on January 17, 2012, brokenpole said…

Happy Birthday, FJ!! Hope you have a wonderful day and get to have some fun. Enjoy your special day.

At 1:43pm on March 16, 2011, Marie B said…
ok, FJ, I just noticed you are managing on diet and exercise. The only other type 2 I am familiar with here doing that is Judith

and I know she is on a low carb regime. Have you considered seeing a CDE for advice? Remember it is not considered failure if you have to go on meds or even insulin. I do know that much about type 2.
At 1:19pm on March 16, 2011, Marie B said…
Hey, FJ, sorry I'm not as knowlegeable on the type2, I know we have a relatively new Group here for type 2

and Natalie, the Group creator, seems to have a good head on her shoulders. You see, as a type 1, I would love to have those numbers! also I noticed in that Group are two of my good type2 friends, Pauly, and Joe_H. Pauly's been able to lose tons of weight, and Joe I think is running marathons. Let me know if you'd like any more links.
At 2:41pm on January 24, 2011, The Diabetic Welfare Queen said…
Hey! :) Been a while... Well, I now work at Target, overnights... Doing much better, and happier... They give me two half hour breaks every night, so I don't have to worry about taking care of myself. For now, it's a temporary job that could turn into permanent... and if it does, then I will have benefits... So yay! :) The store is remodeling, so we are helping set up all the new types of racks, and displays, with the remodel, and everything.... and it's kind of fun. Lots of nice coworkers, too. I'm enjoying it. :) Weight, well... been naughty, and gained about 10 lbs. lol Up to 180, from 170... but not the end of the world... All this stress had been getting to me, and when it does, the BG numbers and binge eating go up, too... sadly. Anyway, I am doing better now, and looking to stabilize myself. :) Really tired of Winter. lol
At 3:13pm on January 18, 2011, Linda G said…
Thanks for the reply FJ....
Man, you can't win can you lol Don't beat yourself up....we've all done it! Just move on from there, and no...all is not lost (unless you're still digging into that jam!)
So frustrating...what's even more frustrating is when you eat something taboo and nothing dramatic happens...then on a day when you've been on you're best behaviour, putting angels to come up with a surprise high...not sick...not stressed!!! What the heck is THAT all about!!!
At 7:21pm on January 17, 2011, Linda G said…
Greetings FJ....
Best Wishes on your Special Day....and on the next 364 days!
How's it all going? Do you have any questions or comments?
At 9:34am on January 17, 2011, Doris D said…
At 7:20am on January 17, 2011, Robyn said…
Happy Birthday!!
At 5:11pm on December 29, 2010, The Diabetic Welfare Queen said…
Congratulations!!! Way to go!!! :) I did find a job, but it is horrible... and now I am looking to find a different job.  lol You can read more about my ordeal here:  It's been just frustrating and insane.
At 7:00pm on December 20, 2010, The Diabetic Welfare Queen said…

Merry Christmas, FJ!! :) I have a job interview on Wednesday... Cross my fingers and I might have a new job as my Christmas gift.  :)

At 5:49pm on December 18, 2010, bikette said…

Teaching teenagers today must be a strenuous test of one's temper control. I know I could not handle the types of kids I hear and read about. In fact, I opted not to teach children at all and went directly into adult education when I did teach (stuff like dancing and first aid etc). I don't know how you can concentrate on what you're trying to say/do when you have constant interruptions and misbehaviour from the audience. I'd compare it to stand-up comedy before a drunk audience.  So, right away you certainly have my respect and that of most of the folks at tuD who have ever taught kids, had kids, or even been kids!  I don't remember being all that cooperative in my rebellious years and that was before they passed all those rules about not touching the little babies or hurting their delicate little sensibilities - but they can sure beat the snot out of their educators! Anyway, I realize I'm preaching to the choir and I am also sorry it took me so long to reply, but I just wanted you to know that there are lots of us around here who respect and admire a man who has devoted his life to that particular profession in that particular setting (high school) and can totally understand why you might feel so frayed and 'out of control' with your personal situation as well. You must be doing something right irt Diabetes if you're still getting good numbers and still not taking meds. Give yourself a break sir... I'm sure you dole them out freely to others!

At 4:09pm on December 15, 2010, bikette said…

Sorry if my "Bang Head Here" anti stress kit seemed flippant or disrespectful. I know you're in pain and didn't know what I could do from up here in the snow to make you feel better down yonder in the sun. Since I really do have that Bang Head Here poster directly in front of me under the glass cover of my desk, it seemed like it might be helpful for you at the time.  The only other thing I do to get past the pain and/or stress is I utilize the fine art of Distraction.  TV isn't enough although I have it (or the stereo) on most of the time. Most people would call what I do 'multi-tasking' but I see it more as a distraction to have 3 or 4 things going on at the same time. My body sorta craps out on me fairly early so I end up having to lie down before I fall down but I've got a variety of different puzzles to solve (crosswords, sudoku etc), current magazines to read (not books because I have trouble concentrating and remembering a plot), and usually some kind of manual task like sorting credit card chits, or some hand sewing. Then I 'flit' - back and forth between tasks and TV channels. Keeps my brain, hands and eyes occupied and that helps me forget about nibbling too.   Anyway, you probably know all this stuff, but I did want to touch base with you in case my little joke in the Seniors Group seemed inappropriate. Humour is my best anti-stress 'weapon' and I use it a lot.

Teaching high school for 20 years. Wow! And you survived! What do you teach? Shop would be cool - hammering always releases some pent up juices. Do they even teach shop now? So how do you control all those giddy, gabby girls and testosterone-enhanced boys? Tough job and I admire anyone who can handle a career like that for most of their adult lives.

At 12:13pm on December 10, 2010, The Diabetic Welfare Queen said…

I can tell you right now, that starting out with a lower number, overall, has helped me stay lower throughout the day, and then be able to have a lower morning faster, too...  I've been able to achieve this by having a flaxseed meal muffin every morning, for breakfast.  You can see a recipe for it on one of my blog posts.  You can give that a try, for a while, if you want.  I think some people take a very mild dosage of Metmorfin to help them with their morning fastings, and that's okay.  Something like 500 mg.  The only thing is that the rest of your overall numbers seem pretty good, and I'm not sure if a doctor would want to prescribe that, but you could ask... I think if it was 500 mg just once a day, at night, maybe, would be okay.  I've been consistently in the 80s thanks to that muffin, let me tell ya...  And if ya need more food, just add an egg to it, and bacon, or sausage...  I usually don't require any more, it makes me sooo full! It takes 2-3 days to start seeing the difference...  but it even helps keep my numbers throughout the day nicely even.  I am very, very convinced that flax with all it's fiber is close to a miracle.  Sorry that you're having such a challenging time.  I have bad credit and know all about not dealing with certain bills.  lol I don't mean to, I just don't have a job! And a lot of my bills are hospital/medical bills, too.  Such is life.  Sorry that your wife is sick... hope she gets better soon.  One thing about Metmorfin, it brings with it a lot of gastric upset (that for many may go away with time)... and if you have any kind of liver disease or liver illness of any kind that may result in lactic acidosis you need to tell the doctor. Metmorfin is the oldest and safest Diabetes medicine out there.  :) You'll be okay. 

At 2:29pm on December 7, 2010, The Diabetic Welfare Queen said…
Hey FJ... Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, sooner...No, I haven't gotten a job yet. I applied to McDonald's and the local Salvation Army store who claimed they were hiring, but no one has called me back yet. I keep trying for work, just about anywhere, but things are bad... I just try not to think about it too much.

Thanksgiving, I was naughty... Very naughty. lol Luckily, my highest numbers were 168, and then back down to 136... After eating all kinds of naughty things, and even pie. lol Now I'm just back to my regular diet (after getting the flu and losing all my appetite), and eating well... Good numbers lately. Even hit a 79. I've been eating these flaxseed meal muffins for breakfast, and those are helping me control morning numbers a LOT. I have their recipe posted on one of my blog posts... You should give them a try. :)
At 11:10am on November 19, 2010, The Diabetic Welfare Queen said…
That's great... I'm glad you and your wife could come with a decision that was best for both of you. It's never an easy decision to make... but it is virtually exhausting to deal with someone who is suffering from dementia, and they need more specialized care than most of us are able to provide at home... There's no sin or judgment in that. It just is what it is.

I have to confess I've been struggling a lot, since my birthday, to stay on the good path. I've been eating naughty things, and overeating like crazy... and I just feel out of control right now. Just struggling a lot with feelings of my place in life, and society, as I struggle with finding a job... among other things. You have no idea how bad it is to one's self esteem to know one can't even afford a simple haircut. I might break and cut it all myself, with a YouTube video guide. lol Who knows. I am that close.... I want to have a nice Christmas, too, and it won't happen... can't even visit my family which I haven't seen in 3 years. Things are very emotional for me right now... I'll try to get back on the wagon, somehow.



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