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At 5:38pm on April 20, 2014, Trudy said…

Hi Ellen. Happy Easter to you and all!

At 4:56pm on April 19, 2014, Kathy said…

Hi dear sister - wishing you refreshment, rest, and renewal in this season of rebirth!

At 2:12pm on April 19, 2014, wendy said…

hi Lots :) Hope you have a nice Easter friend :)

At 2:21am on April 18, 2014, Rinku said…
lots, what is your new joys? Because of high cost I disconnected my net connection for 2 or more months. And I got a new job, going from March 19.
At 2:21am on April 18, 2014, Rinku said…
lots, what is your new joys? Because of high cost I disconnected my net connection for 2 or more months. And I got a new job, going from March 19.
At 9:02am on April 17, 2014, catlover said…

Hi Ellen-Haven't heard from you for a while. Hope you are OK. My daughter is in for a few days to select things that she wants for her house. The cats are upset that a stranger is in their house. It has turned cold for a few days, but will get warm by the weekend. Our lawn was even cut for the first time today. Hope you have no new medical maladies. Take care. Susan

At 7:08am on April 15, 2014, wendy said…
At 4:59am on April 12, 2014, catlover said…
Hi Ellen-I got my hair cut and colored on Thurs. I always feel better when I get it done. We are going to a friend's home on Monday night for Passover dinner. I have to watch how much I eat, there is always too much food. The holiday lasts for 8 days and we are not supposed to eat
any bread or wheat products for that time, just matzah. I sort of like the matzah, it is like crackers. I am anxious for my daughter to arrive we will keep her busy choosing pics and other stuff we don't want. She also still has some of her things from college that eh left here. Enjoy the beautiful and warm weather this weekend. Susan
At 12:39pm on April 8, 2014, Marie B said…

Lots, your hair is great. glad wendy sent you that video, because I'm the same way, I've been cutting mine for about 3 years now. it doesn't really matter, because i never wear it down. I use the ponytail method too.

sorry I forgot to tell you about gallbladder surgery. it was my husband, a few years ago, in the middle of the night, he woke up with such pain in his abdomen that we took him to the ER. the next day they took it out. He was in the hospital for 2 nights, the incisions were very small, there were 2 or 3. He spent a few days at home, and then he was fine. they advised a low fat diet, which I think he did for a while. he eats pretty healthy these days, I usually make him a sandwich and a hot dinner to take to work since he works until 8 PM.

I'm sure you're enjoying every day it gets warmer. I saw some crocus today. all the spring flowers are late it seems. I wonder what's happening w the cherry blossoms in DC this year. I always loved walking around them. normally they are in full bloom in the beginning of April.

At 11:00am on April 8, 2014, catlover said…
Hi Ellen-I must tell you, I just love your hair. I am getting mine colored this Thurs. to cover my gray. I get it done every 8 weeks or so. I used to do it myself but gave up about 10 yrs. ago. Sounds like you are feeling a little better. I have been waking up the past 5 mornings with a headache. When I saw the eye doc last week he said if you wake up with a headache it's not your eyes. He said I should be taking a Beta Blocker. A drug to dilate blood vessels. I used to take one before I went into the hospital last year. So my new PCP Rxed one for me. Tomorrow is 1 year that I went into the hospital. I am not celebrating the day. I try to spend some time outside while the weather is warm and we have no rain. Think I will go out now while I am thinking about it. Take care to stay well. Susan
At 8:14am on April 7, 2014, wendy said…
At 8:13am on April 7, 2014, wendy said…

oh,let me show you how I cut my hair.It will give you a smile for today,ha !!

At 3:20pm on April 6, 2014, Lois said…

Part 2:

I think my machine tried to limit my last conversation. So, if you start to read this first, go back to the "real" first one!

The weather here has been nutso. One day it is mild and almost 60 and the next it is in the 30's. Last week, we missed out on a snow/sleet storm. Most of it was either in Illinois or central & northern Wisconsin. Good! They can keep it all.

As to the page design, did you know there was a way to take over a computer and do things? Yup! I've had it done several times when I've had problems. In fact, one of the gals from here (Cynthia from N. Carolina (?)) did it for me the very first time. Maybe we could get together off site and see what mischief we could get into!!

Better go study on the numerous manuals and workbooks that came with my new pump. See ya sometime this week.


At 3:04pm on April 6, 2014, Lois said…

Just peeked in on your site and found your pic. YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!!! I know what you mean by the gray showing through. I've been coloring my hair auburn for lots of years and, lately, I've been looking at myself seeing about 1" of mousy brown with loads of gray. UGH! And, on top of it, it's gotten so long and on my neck and shaggy that I couldn't stand it. That's the trouble of being on Title XIX. They keep you in such poverty, there's no extra money for the luxury to personal "feel good" stuff unless you take it out of your food budget. (And my payee only wants to give me $300 a month for food. And that's for my cell phone, any other bills and cleaning products.) Can you believe that? Well, yesterday I got some sort of refund from the insurance company and I took it and cashed it and [today] I got my hair cut!!! HOORAY!!!

continued ....

At 2:03pm on April 6, 2014, Pauly said…

funny you should ask I was thinking about crabgrass today and to get on it as you only have a short window to address it. LOL hoping you are feeling better. all the snow is just about gone and it will be 70 degrees here in Minneapolis on Wednesday. I don't like to get my flowers until memorial day though.


At 9:24am on April 6, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Ellen. I felt miserable today and could hardly walk so I did not go to church. I am really disturbed about the walking. I cannot go into gift shops. Resturants I can use my little walker but right now I hand on to Tom. Friday Russ found out he has COPD. He has buffers inhalers and oxygen will be delivered this week. His insurance would not pay for a battery operated tank. But will pay for gas. Russ said do I light it with a match. I hope he gets good information. I was next...after all said and done LIVE WITH IT. He did tell me my Parkinsons would always be mild. How are things with you? Any more problems. The zinnia seeds are up. We bought plants for down near the street.. We had hurricane rains yesterday. I guess Ellen all we can do is grin and do the best we can. HUGS,Reed

At 6:47am on April 6, 2014, shoshana27 said…

thank you so much, lots, i wish spring was really here but it's still cold.

At 3:42pm on April 5, 2014, Kathy said…

Lots, you hair looks so pretty! So glad it worked out. I just love Wendy's kitty dancing below - too funny!
Hope you are having a good weekend. I am Went to my fiddle lesson this morning and it was a blast. Now, starting ion spring cleaning......

At 3:04pm on April 5, 2014, Lois said…


I apologize for not knowing that you were incapacitated. What did you have done (if you don't mind answering)? Anyway, I hope you get some of your old "chipper" back soon.

I must be a total airhead. I clicked on that wonderful purple bird and all it did was get bigger and exclude the message. There was nothing about saving anything. Of course, I printed out a couple of the birdies cuz they were sooooooo cute! Oh well, I guess I will have to remain bland or get a new computer (which is the impossible dream)!!


At 3:54pm on April 4, 2014, wendy said…

Lots,hope your better,was doing some reading.Take care friend..



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