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At 3:35pm on July 22, 2014, lotsofshots said…

What Is a Druid?
"Often when the combatants are ranged face to face, and swords are drawn and spears bristling, these men come
between the armies and stay the battle, just as wild beasts are sometimes held spellbound. Thus even among
the most savage barbarians anger yields to wisdom, and Mars is shamed before the Muses."
Diodorus Siculus Histories c.8 BCE

In ancient times a Druid was a philosopher, teacher, counsellor and magician, the word probably meaning ‘A
Forest Sage’ or ‘Strong Seer’. In modern times, a Druid is someone who follows Druidry as their chosen
spiritual path, or who has entered the Druid level of training in a Druid Order.

At 4:29pm on July 21, 2014, Kathy said…

Hey Lots. Glad you are having a good Monday.
No I have never taken Vistaril. The rest aril, plus gabapentin help me sleep but they take a long time to kick in.
There is "life-threatening heat" advisory and because my window unit is in the living room, I am sitting in the bedroom with sweat dripping dorn my face. It will feel good to take a shower.
Tonight I made cauliflower fried rice - take raw cauliflower and break into bits and pulse in the food processor. Combine with mixed veggies, minced onions and a couple of eggs and het in a fry pan. You could have fooled me into thinking it was actual rice! TShis is a keeper!

At 12:12pm on July 20, 2014, Brian (bsc) said…

Hope you can get all this insulin stuff resolved on Monday. I am doing fine, things are busy. The Inova group has fallen on rough times, Inova has moved the group to every other month and I missed the last meeting due to travel. Maybe we can see each other at the next meeting.

At 10:54am on July 20, 2014, Linny said…

Thank you!

At 7:30am on July 20, 2014, Kathy said…

Hi sister. Yes, the purple flowers were gorgeous. There is sort of a ritzy neighborhood about 1/2 mile from me and I think they all have professional gardeners to tend their flowers.
I gave up knitting about 5 years ago due to carpal tunnel. I really, really miss it now that I have so much extra time on my hands. I can't have surgery because it's in the arm with my dialysis vein graph and the blood flow is all goofed. But, I am doing some yoga exercises for the arms and shoulders.
We are having 90 degrees tomorrow with high humidity, but then sever storms and a cold front coming in.

If I go to Michaels I always end up spending a wad. I could be in that store for hours. I love it.
Did your mom maintain her WW weight loss? I haven't officially started, but am collecting info and recipes.
I got a ton of decluttering done this week, and it feels awesome.
I don't know if you've ever seen the tiles I do - I've put several up on Facebook. they are 4x4" bathroom tiles that I get at Home Depot, and then do designs with alcohol inks.

At 5:31am on July 20, 2014, Brian (bsc) said…

I'm glad I could help. Take the time to take a walk today and just breath, take in the sights and always remind yourself that it is going to be ok.

At 11:06pm on July 19, 2014, Linda G said…

Lots!! Wow....thank you so much for the lovely pic! I love dragonflies, and that staircase carpeted in lavender blooms is breathtaking. May I "borrow" it to use in greeting new members?
How is everything progressing at your end? I can't get over your blog! Your doc saying they don't handle insulin!!! HOLY MOLY!!
BIG baskets of hugs....

At 8:34pm on July 19, 2014, meee said…

Hi Ellen,

I'm so glad you got some insulin from these people finally but I'm worried that the novolog is 70/30 because as Brian said I think that is harder to manage. I know you are dealing with a lot but maybe you can ask them to just send regular novolog? Maybe it was an error. Hope you get it worked out soon. ((hugs)) Ellie

At 7:21pm on July 19, 2014, Judith in Portland said…

Love you, Lots. The image is perfect and perfectly timed. Something Cosmic there. Wouldn't it be lovely to meet someday?....Blessings....

At 7:07pm on July 19, 2014, lotsofshots said…

At 6:34pm on July 19, 2014, luigi said…

This is a beautiful plant. What is it? Thanks for commenting.

At 3:28am on July 18, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Ellen. I received your package yesterday.I love them. It was very kind of you to send them. REAL CUTE. I am finding very hard to walk after being in the wc so long but i try every day,It takes patience and effort. You sure have have had your ups and downs, You have a great attitude.
Enjoy your walks. I have bit gone out.. I can get in and out of a car,I appreciate your kindness to me, GUGSmReed

At 2:48pm on July 17, 2014, catlover said…
Hi Ellen-Thanks for all of your messages. It has been crazy here the past few days. Our good friend and attorney, only 66 yo, passed away. He was a great guy and will be missed very much. The funeral was yesterday. It was quite sad. He had leukemia. I haven't been sleeping too well the past several nights, that makes me sleepy all day. Zorro seems to be adjusting to his "only cat" status. Zen looks like she enjoys the outdoors. Sorry for you medical problems. I hope you get some resolution soon. My BG have been very erratic this week. I hope it resolves soon. I seem to need more insulin that I did before. The packing continues, the linen closet needs to be emptied and a few things in the kitchen. Talk to you later. Susan
At 1:25pm on July 17, 2014, Doris D said…

I know u have lots I have been kinda keeping up with u me and Kenneth we're fine things have just took us by surprise a lot i'm glad reed is feeling good enough to write to me when he does.it's been hot here at times then we get those blasted cold fronts in it will go from 95 one day to 78 the well it will soon be over then we will be cold again huh? lol

At 7:52pm on July 16, 2014, John M said…

Het E. Long time. Hope you are well.

At 6:05pm on July 16, 2014, Doris D said…

the kids think he died of an allergic reaction best thing amber could think of it helped us not be able to expt as for Brice he thinks his "dad" went to heaven to see hipa hey it worked

At 6:22am on July 16, 2014, Doris D said…

it's been a summer for sure lol
doing good as far as that goes. just a note we lost my daughters boyfriend to sicide in April and lost a bil just Saturday but we well be ok my daughter has done well now that it's almost 3 months HOW ARE U? that's my new puppy Skye she is a product of Frekles and cane she was born on May 23rd now we have 3 dogs lol we gave her brothers to my hubbys brother and sister want a dog I will give cane away lol

At 5:59am on July 16, 2014, Marie B said…

Hey Ellen, you know, you're a realm inspiration, just continuing to put one foot in front of the other. I just don't understand all the suffering some of us have. I can't handle it sometimes. our friends here are the best.

I have seen many dragonfly quilts, but never made one. Our county here in NJ, Sussex, is known for the massive quantity and variety of dragonflies. we see them out on the lake a lot. we also have great birds. the hummingbirds are back in full force. I have to make a quart and a half of nectar every day now. I'm not kidding. we get 8-12 of them on the 2 feeders almost all day long. they are so funny and entertaining. the other day I went out on the deck to change the feeder and one landed on my head. I wonder if he he was saying thanks or just wanting to tickle me. haha. hugs.

At 8:16am on July 14, 2014, catlover said…

Hi Ellen-Sorry you have neuropathy in your stomach. That seems like a weird place for it. I hope you are helped by the Neurontin.I love the pic of your garden. I am jealous of the veggies you are growing. They always taste better when home grown. We used to have a veggie garden years ago. The new pic of Ammi is also very cute. He is turning out to be a really nice pet for you. I am glad. Zorro is fine, but seems lonely. I think he misses Maggie. Even though she attacked him he is looking for someone to play with and chase. I hope he adjusts. He will have a traumatic week when we move. He is going to the vet for the first time since we have him and then to the kennel for 2 nights and then to the new apt. He is eating fine and using the litter box so I guess he will be OK. Here it is very muggy and hot. We are supposed to get storms tonight. I have PT this afternoon. It really makes me feel good. Hope you enjoyed your coffee and have a great day. Susan

At 12:48pm on July 13, 2014, catlover said…
Ellen-I forgot to mention my neuropathy is in my feet and sometimes creeps up my legs. I find it worse when my BG are running higher than they should. I hope it helps you.



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