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At 9:27am on January 26, 2015, Pauly said…

do you use that divinovite with the doggies? they advertise all the time on the radio all them time, wondering if its worth the hype? Clear and sunshine here in Minneapolis. stay inside enjoy the blizzard I guess


At 2:36am on January 26, 2015, Pauly said…

yes those two doggies do look a little hefty but if they are eating beans that wont last long LOL. My tendinitis is getting better. Hope your doing better too. Have not heard from Gator for awhile he must have his challenges too Pauly

At 11:33am on January 24, 2015, catlover said…
Hi Ellen-I haven't been on too much lately. Still not feeling too well.
My meds aren't working like they should. I guess that is just the way it will be. How are all of your pets doing ? I hope you haven't tsken on too much with 3 animals. Hopefully they will stay well and get along with each other. How are you feeling ? I hope you do not have any new health problems. We got about 2" of snow last night and more is expected Sunday into Monday. I don't know if I am going to like this new platform TuD is installing. I am not that tech savvy and get confused easily on the computer. I just do the basic things. Hope you stay well. Take care. Susan
At 8:24am on January 23, 2015, Pauly said…

thanks for the doggie pictures. I am glad you like your pets they are alot of fun for sure but that comes with a few little demands I guess. No urge yet to get a puppy. I have bad tendentious in my heel or as they say Achilles heel and have been limping and hurting this past month. I think its age and too many medications. I watched your you tube and that brought a smile to my face. hope your doing good Pauly

At 11:29pm on January 22, 2015, Mari said…

Hi Lots, I'm glad to see you are "up and around"!! Are you feeling better? Are you still going to DC every week? Do you drive there, take a train or ...?

A lot of change is going on at TuDiabetes and we are all a little worried that it won't stay that personal place it is. What I like about it, is that there is a possibility for all types of people to express themselves. Not only on the discussions but from person to person. Well, we will adapt, won't we?

Wait and see.... Have you looked at the trial versions?

At 10:45am on January 22, 2015, mariejean said…

I am sorry you get the sweats and chills too. It is awful!! I will let you know if I get away from it. I may have to go on a different medication other than metformin.

At 5:56am on January 22, 2015, Trudy said…

Lots, a very funny video!

At 5:23pm on January 19, 2015, Cathy said…


My diabetes hasn't been too good either in the mid 200's. I have yet to take my dexcom in and download at the doctors office.

Sounds like your learning about computers. It's amazing what we don't know and still we use computers all the time.

At 4:07pm on January 19, 2015, Trudy said…

Hi Ellen. Just to answer the last paragraph. Our dogs go out in a mostly cleared, fenced-in area in our backyard. Our woods are a buffer around our house. This spring Hardy is going to expand their area so they will be playing more in the woods. Aggie is the only Golden I could walk--Betsy and Cici are both way too strong for me to handle. It does depend on whether or not a dog wants to walk with you--I used to walk Gem, who was bigger and stronger than the Goldens. Obedience classes help; Hardy took Betsy and Cici to Obedience classes and trained them in Agility and Rally as well. Back to Gem--I took her to Obedience and got some titles on her. We used to have male Collies, too; they all were happy to walk with me. Depends on the breed and the individual dog. Maybe I'm too cautious, but I wouldn't take Ammi to a dog park until you're confident that he'll come to you when you call. At least carry good treats with you if you do go, so he'd come to you for the treat. Well, that's it for tonight--good luck on the kitty drama.

At 7:59am on January 19, 2015, Trudy said…

Hi Ellen. Your strategy for helping Ammi to lose weight sounds good. Poor fella--but being overweight does cause a lot of problems for cats and dogs. You know what, I admit I do a bit of lurking--you told someone that Zach squeaks instead of meowing. Squeaking comes from a feral kittenhood. Zach might prefer hiding out somewhat, like living under the bed, until he gets used to living out in the open. Getting another one of those fish-beds is a good idea. I'm sure that he'll get used to Ammi and will probably use Zen for a role model. You probably know mistressbinky; I learned about feral cats from her, when she took one in.

Crock pots are really handy. Hardy is a great cook, so I don't do much cooking, but occasionally I use my teeny-tiny one to cook oatmeal. When I feel like oatmeal and it's carbs! I don't know much about smoothies--I sometimes make myself a healthy mini-milkshake by putting a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream in a Dan Active.

Don't get too tired with the housework and shopping; at least the housework will wait!

At 5:26pm on January 18, 2015, Cathy said…


The computers all had viruses and malware. I got the second one home and on the second day it had 49 malwres. I didn't know what to do it is two hours for me to drive to Micro Center and 5 day bench time once I drop it off not to mention a charge of some sort.. So I called a friend who works with computers. he suggested the Geek Squad. Well I called them and for $100 I got all the viruses removed , got a new security system and some other issues fixed. All while the computer was still set up at home. That $100 will be good for this month then only $10 if I should call in again.


At 5:17pm on January 18, 2015, Cathy said…

Dear Ellen, How exciting a new cat. He's going to be a charm and you have lots of room for all of them. Zen may get jealous but soon they will become the best of friends. You just have to have patience with them.

Nothing much new happening here. I'm going this weekend to visit my girlfriend in the mountains. Oh I have started cross stitching. I used to love it and dreamt about it so I decided to go and start it again. It's taking me a long time to get organized and back into the swing of it but I know I'm going to be pleased.


At 12:56am on January 18, 2015, rick the "Blogabetic" said…

Hey Lots!!

Yes I did lose about 100lbs this past year. I worked so hard to get it off. I still have a few to go. Uugh it seems i always a few to go. LOL


At 5:35pm on January 17, 2015, Trudy said…

Hi Ellen, thanks, it's fun to be featured so I can see more photos of Lacey's pretty face! I see you have a new kitty face, Zach. Sounds like you have a new project. I'm sorry Ammi has weight problems. I must say cutting his food in half sounds drastic! If it were me, I might cut down a bit more gradually... but hey, I find feeding them is a work in progress. I feed our dogs two meals a day, and I actually measure their food with a measuring cup. Cici doesn't do too well with people food, though--I was reminded of that last night when she threw up in her crate and I spent today washing her bedding and the toys she had in there with her. Aw well, they're fun. My best to you all! Trudy

At 5:14pm on January 17, 2015, lotsofshots said…

At 6:35am on January 17, 2015, Marie B said…

the grape leaves are rather intense to make. I use the recipe in the Periyali Cookbook except I add 1/3 cup each of currants and pignoli nuts. If you like Greek food, this cookbook is really worth buying. the moussaka recipe is good (except I bake my eggplant, not fry) and the Tzatziki is outstanding. I've made a LOT of the dishes in this book. omg the chicken breasts with leek in the lemon cream sauce, the spinich triangles, I could go on and on.

I brought a lot of herbs indoors for the winter. it's so nice to see something green that smells good and tastes good too. maybe you can get some going in a sunny window.

yes, I'm still making lots of bread. I sell it at my quilting guild mostly.


At 10:35am on January 14, 2015, Marie B said…

hi Lots, great picture! glad you were able to get it changed. hope you are doing ok. it's freaky cold here today.

At 7:13pm on January 12, 2015, SEAGATOR said…


At 5:45pm on January 11, 2015, Cathy said…

Dear Ellen,
HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Do you have any New Years Resolutions for yourself?
How is life treating you these days?
I've gone through two computers in two weeks time. I kept having troubles so just went back to Micro Center each time. Peaches has had her teeth cleaned but that's about it for excitement here. Take Care, I look for to hearing from you.

At 8:54am on January 10, 2015, catlover said…
Hi Ellen, How are you doing so far in 2015 ? I am basically the same, still having trouble walking. Sometimes my feet feel like they are frozen to the floor. I passed on a new med my neuro. wanted me to try when I read all of the literature and saw that a major side effect was nausea. This could last for several months. I don't want to add more problems to the ones I already have. So I will manage without it. It is also very expensive and not covered by my insurance. How are the pets doing ? Does Ammi like the cold weather ? Here it has been very cold this past week with some snow. Friday morning it was 8 degrees. Today it was 16. I still am unable to gain any weight. People laugh when I tell them, they are usually trying to lose. Check in when you have a chance. Have a nice weekend. Susan



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