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At 5:08am on September 19, 2014, Cathy said…


I have a lot of glucerna. I drink it for a meal or when I'm low. I'll think about it more for snacks.


At 11:41am on September 18, 2014, Cathy said…


Milk is good. I drink a lot of milk.


At 11:50am on September 16, 2014, Cathy said…


What kind of protein things can I add to my meals. Is pecans OK?


At 7:41am on September 16, 2014, Cathy said…


I've been eating Roast beef sandwiches recently and think I will continue awhile. From Arby's. They are on weight watchers diet. but I have been eating pecans in between meals. All this just recently probably since we've talked.

Com on back to chat. We could get some really good conversation up with this topic. Sorry about your experience with Chat before but it's been awhile hasn't it?


At 7:16am on September 16, 2014, wendy said…

Lots,I hope you are better today.I am praying for you.

At 3:55pm on September 15, 2014, Cathy said…


I try to eat protein when ever I can but I guess I don't do it enough. BS went to 47 last night. I have been doing weight watchers. Not much protein in that but I'm finding ways.


At 3:53pm on September 15, 2014, Cathy said…


No doctors Appointments. I've been working in the TuDiabetes Chat room. It's fund and so rewarding to be able to help others. You should join us.


At 11:47am on September 15, 2014, Cathy said…

Dear Ellen,

So good to hear from you. Sorry you are still feeling pain however. I hope you can find something that will help you.

I enjoyed the mountains when I went but I was board. Oh well. Guess I like it in the city more than I had thought.

My health is well. I wasn't able to find out any more about the meter except what I can google. I had double booked my time this morning and couldn't get out of a previous engagement.


At 6:32am on September 15, 2014, wendy said…

Lots.Not sure what the history of this song is but for me-listening to it just this morn..makes me think of God and his strong armies he surrounds us with.We never ride alone..God Bless...

At 6:28am on September 15, 2014, wendy said…
At 2:46pm on September 14, 2014, Cathy said…


I hadn't heard from you in awhile so I thought I'd write and see how matters are coming along. I hope you feel a little better.

My doctor is having me look into an Accucheck Activa Expert meter. She thinks it will do better for me than what I have an Accucheck Precision Extra meter. So I'm going in tomorrow morning to see what it is like. If it will do better, I'll change if it isn't much more expensive. Although I hope my test strips will work for it. I have around two months of test strips already.

How do you like all this glorious cool weather. It's really nice here but may be getting too cold out where you are.

Cathy Read

At 6:48am on September 13, 2014, catlover said…
Hi Ellen- So sorry you are still having your health troubles. I didn't feel too well the past few days. I went to the wellness center here at Twining. The doctor checked me over, but didn't find anything new. I felt dizzy and weak and had problems walking. Probably all due to PD. One of my meds was late in arriving to me, I think maybe the 2 days I did without it could've. caused the symptoms. I feel a little bit better today. Zorro is much better, he is eating like normal. Starved all of the time.
The weather has really turned cooler. I don't know if I am ready for it. I hope we don't have a winter like last year.
Our house is officially on the market. We signed with a real estate agent on Thursday. She has great success in selling houses in our development. I hope it sells quickly.
I hope you feel better soon. You have really had a bad siege this year.
Take care. Susan

At 7:47am on September 12, 2014, wendy said…


I love your bunnies :)Fall is really coming. I stepped outside this morning and was like wow ! Instead of hot air that seems so thick and heavy at times,comes now a cool breeze :) Have a nice day and ,Oh on the dog situation-She is still an inside dog -they can't be together without one of them looking like they might be holding a grudge. I let them visit through the fence when I have the one dog on a leash. That works much better and I see their tails wag :) It's a dog world I tell you Lots and these dog trainers on tv would have a field day if they came to my house and met my pack,hahahah :) Love sent your way friend..God Bless
At 7:42am on September 10, 2014, Marie B said…

Hi Ellen, sorry I've been incommunicado a bit, we went to my bil's cabin in Maine for a few days and there was no internet or cable tv, the weather was divine and the fishing was great for my husband. we generally went out in the boat in the morning (I read 2 books while there) and then came back and did some things around the house and made lunch and then we'd go out again late in the day. I met another quilter up there 10 years ago so I got a chance to spend an afternoon with her getting caught up. You know those kindred spirits you meet sometimes, and you can go for 2 years without seeing each other, and when you meet back up, it's like hardly a day has passed? She's like that. anyway it was fun.

so I'm back now and it feel like there's too many things that need attention. I guess I must have had a thousand emails with things going on here and also my quilting guild (I'm a trustee on the board) - we had a board meeting yesterday that went on for hours, we just finished a quilt show in May that was a LOT of work for various reasons, and we need to decide if we are going to do that again in 2 years (it really takes that long to put it together). It costs a lot to do it, and the stakes are high if it's not a success. I've been in big guilds that lost tons of $$$$ putting on big shows and it can be super stressful. we need to get more members to volunteer. oh well.

so it's getting to be fall, I'm one of the few that don't really like this time of year so well. I guess I just feel like last winter was so brutal, I am not ready to go thrrough that again so soon. maybe it was our summer here was rather cool. I don't think we had the air conditioning on for more than one day.

we are taking care of bil's cat Billie, he's a good old boy. we're going to have him almost 3 weeks.

At 8:27am on September 9, 2014, catlover said…

HI Ellen- I hope you are still feeling ok. Well, Zorro went to the vet yesterday and they had to pull 6 of his teeth. The vet also said he had lost another 3 before we brought him there. She said his bad teeth were probably due to poor nutrition as a kitten. He was feral and didn't eat too well. Or it is genetic. We brought him home at 5PM snd he promptly went under my bed for the night. Today he came out and rubbed against me. He should be fine in a couple of days. Poor little guy.
I love your page with the bunnies, so cute. It was really chilly last night. Down in the 50's. I like the weather change. Fall is coming.
I know you like Fall too. Have a great week and feel good. Susan

At 9:09am on September 7, 2014, wendy said…

Lots,it is so good to see you online again :)

At 8:23am on September 6, 2014, Trudy said…

Hi Ellen. Well, I'm really happy to hear that your blood tests were normal and congratulations on your A1C going down--a whole point is impressive. I'm afraid to see my A1C anymore! I love summer fruits and ice cream--so right now, the heck with the A1C! I bet you'll like a pump.

As for Celiac. I got my Diabetes and Celiac symptoms at the same time, 21 years ago. Mainly Celiac and other food intolerances gave me bellyaches, brain fog and spaciness. I went on an elimination diet at that time and figured out for myself that my diet problems were caused by gluten, soy and corn. With a lifetime of autoimmune diseases, it wasn't hard to figure out a dx of Celiac. I think there are symptoms that are common to both D and Celiac, such as fatigue. There's one more thing--if you have Celiac, the villi in your gut are destroyed, leading to a lactose intolerance. Even now, I have lactose intolerance if I don't take a good probiotic capsule early in the morning, well before eating. The main symptom of lactose intolerance is daily diarreah (sorry,sp). I take my probiotic and eat my ice cream!

Of course, the invisible symptom of Celiac is an inability to digest your food properly due to the damaged villi--in children, this can be quite devastating.

I have recently had to become very careful about cross-contamination of gluten. We're going to buy me a toaster of my own this weekend so that occasionally I can toast my gf bread without getting wheat crumbs from Hardy's bread. I think that Celiac is just as much, if not more, trouble than Diabetes! Hope some of that helps... take care of yourself and pats to the furkids.

At 7:32am on September 6, 2014, catlover said…

HI Ellen-I was glad to hear from you. It sounds like you are feeling better, I am so happy about that. We are all settled in our apt, and all boxes are gone. I visited the fitness room the other day and spent time with the fitness instructor. They have cardio equipment and other machines that I can use. I told him that I go to PT 2x a week for balance and walking, he said he would work on cardio with me. My PT thinks it is a good idea.
I am glad they narrowed your problem down to the gall bladder. Hopefully, something can be done to help you deal with it. My BG have settled down too. I didn't go over 150 all week. I still can't gain weight but I do enjoy eating.
Zorro gets his teeth cleaned on Monday. When we took him to see the Vet when we moved they said his teeth were very bad. We have to catch him early Monday and get him there. It should be fun ! He likes to spend time on the window sills during the night watching for animals that wander by. We have a lot of deer in the area.
I hope you have a great weekend. The weather is turning "fallish". I am glad, I had enough AC for the season. Hugs to Ammi and Zen. Susan

At 8:29pm on September 5, 2014, Linda G said…

Hi there Ellen....
Thanks for your lovely pic...and for touching base. I came to your page looking to see when I last gave you an update....and I'm ashamed to see that it was early in my summer break. I hang my head in shame....time flies by so quickly...and so much happens that I honestly lose track.
I had the appointment with the hematologist on Wednesday August 20th, 2014
Timothy, our son, drove my husband Len and I. I wanted support and I got it :)
The appointment answered some questions, but also seemed contradictory in some areas.
She, the specialist, doubts that what I had experienced in 1972 and '78 were actual blood clots, though they were referred to as such at the time. In '72 the blood clot on my foot was surgically removed.
1. She said that blood clots don't form on the foot (what the hell WAS it then?) The surgeon had at the time actually referred to is as a Venous Thrombosis (a blood clot in the vein...in my foot).
2. She doesn't understand why I would be given an injection of blood thinners in the back of my neck.....
and she felt that the course of blood thinners was extremely high. 3x a day for 3 months. (As it was for my sister...and I have heard of others with same!)
Well...it would seem to make sense if it was a blood clot...and the initial dissolving injection was to get the ball rolling quickly.
She went on to say that Factor V Leiden is very common and that they no longer take the variants into consideration (variants meaning other factors that can cause clotting, which my sister and I both have). Nor do they consider miscarriages as being a red flag. I have had at least 2 miscarriages.
On one hand, she states that having had that "blood clot" 30 years ago, puts me at the same risk as the general population....but conversely says that if I were to embark in a long flight or have surgery, or an immobilized limb (cast), that I should look into going on blood thinners.
So...I'm presently not on blood thinners on a long term basis, but am to take precautions.
Where does that leave me? Still a bit in the dark!!
My sister who also has Factor V Leiden was instead warned that it is serious!!
I have been having trouble with my gallbladder, and because of needing to be on blood thinners if I have my gallbladder removed, I'm very hesitant about going that route. Instead, I'm being more restrictive about my dietary intake! I hope it suffices.
Len (with me along) has gone through a renal dysfunction class. He too has diabetes. His kidneys now functioning at 45%. Were pushing FOR insulin,as he is presently on Metformin, and it's not the best for kidneys in the long run. They poo poo that saying that Metformin is the best thing and they have no concern till your kidneys function at 30%. My/our view is that....why wait till then....get insulin NOW before his kidney DO get worse!! I tell you....everything is a battle!
Fight for this...fight for that....
I went into school to prep, the last week of August, then back at it with the students back, on Sept. 2nd. I'm wiped lol!
It was a scorcher yesterday, and today in spite of a horrendous downpour and thunderstorm, was over 100! The thunderstorm, at nearly 11:30 pm now, is still raging....but it has cooled the air greatly!
Please bring me up to date with your life dear Ellen.
LOVE and baskets of hugs.....linda

At 6:40pm on September 5, 2014, Cathy said…


I am on Weight Watchers now and have been the past 4 weeks. I've lost 3 3/4 lbs. It is discouraging . It's difficult with my Diabetes Lows and Thyroid Condition. I get around three lows a day and eat sugared things for them. I am at this moment eating oreos for my third low today and I expect another one tonight. I have cut back the Metformin I take but I await a message from the Endo on cutting back any further.

So far my health has been good. No problems to speak of. The kitties are doing well. Ginger is still thin but he's gotten to eating more.

I went on vacation August 24 - August 26. I went to Sperryville in the mountains of Virginia. I thought about you as I drove through Centerville but you were pretty sick back then and I don't think I had heard from you. The trip was peaceful and beautiful but the food was a bit expensive and there wasn't anything to do or see.

I've been there before a couple of years ago and nothing has changed or moved or anything. Just Dull. I did enjoy the antique bathtub in my B&B accommodations. The people were real nice.

Well I can hear my Dexcom signaling me I need to eat something because of this low so I guess I'd better go.

I am so glad to hear you feeling better. I can tell from your letter. Perhaps this fall we can get together and take a walk. If your well enough perhaps before then.




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