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At 4:46am on June 7, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Twiddle, Your status looks kind of rough this morning. I feel cloudy too. I used to write all the time and now it is getting hard to type and think. Like you said, cloudy. I lack the clarity and speed and get impatient. I have a laptop but the mouse pad is too big and I keep hitting it by accident and erasing everything.
I am enjoying the weather here. It is sunny and hot and the birds are really enjoying things. Last night I went to the back porch to check out the moon. Half of it was showing and it was so bright that I could not look for long. It was intensely bright.
I am not feeling too bad this morning. I will try a walk today and house cleaning. Take care. Ellen

At 5:26pm on June 6, 2014, shoshana27 said…

hi tweedle so nice to hear from you again hope that your angel is ok & your furry friends too happy birthday & best of health would love to have you join us in our chat room please do
hugs & stay well

At 4:59pm on June 6, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Twiddle, It was really nice hearing from you. I am glad to hear you are having a Birthday and I hope that you have a good one. I have been feeling better lately. I guess it took a while but I have been healing up pretty well. I am enjoying my dog and it is getting to be summer, with lots of sun around here. I have been walking through the woods with the dog a few times a week and I have been napping with my cat Zen afterward. I will be having a birthday soon too at the end of the month. It is 58 for me amazingly. I have lost a lot of weight since last year so I have been cleaning out my closet and I have plenty of pants to give away. More than I have kept in fact.
We found a baby rabbit but she died shortly after. She had been attacked by a feral cat and didn't make it over night on Memorial Day. I am really sorry about smudge. It is so sad to lose an animal friend. I will make sure that I look for the moon tonight and think about the both of you. I remember in the Autumn the huge orange harvest moon. I have seen the moon for a few days since it is not raining and it is a small crescent right now. It is hard to see the stars so close to the city lights. Not much sky here since we moved and I can't see it in the reflection of the lakes anymore.
We have a nice stream to walk by here though. I have planted some daisies and they just came up. I think they are going to be yellow, I will wait and see. It is always nice to hear from you. Your buddy, Ellen

At 6:47pm on June 2, 2014, lotsofshots said…

At 5:29pm on April 19, 2014, shoshana27 said…

hi tweedle i miss you why don't you join us on chat where we all learn from each other & have lots of fun too
hope you are well & also your angel & furry friends
hope to hear from you soon

At 7:53am on April 4, 2014, lotsofshots said…

At 8:33am on April 3, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Here he is after we got him home. We are walking in the snow.

At 8:32am on April 3, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Twiddlemthumbs, I was getting concerned about you since you had not been here for a while. I was hoping that you were okay and nothing was going wrong with your health. How are you feeling. Now I know what you feel like with the multiple chronic illnesses and all the medication.
I was in the hospital two times and fourteen days total for problems with my gallbladder and liver. I had an operation a year ago and am still dealing with that. I thought I would be healed by the gall bladder was damaged during surgery and now is showing up as dysfunctional. Finally last week I got medication that helps with the symptoms at least. It took me a long time to get the doctors to listen to me that I was still not feeling well. I have all these specialists and they never really coordinate anything and only do their own organ. I felt like you getting on so many medications and ones I have to take forever.
I went into the hospital very sick and came out feeling better. I was given two drugs that help my body digest fat and then I got Neurontin for my neuropathy. I have it in my hands, and in the place where the surgery was. I have neuropathy from the ribs down, my whole abdomen really. Anyway, feeling better now but spent a whole day at the doctors getting my eyes checked. They came out fine.
I didn't know that pollution came all the way from the dessert. I am worried about the planet. I hope humans figure out we can't go on this way. I don't know why anybody would want to have a bunch of material products manufactured that are unnecessary if it meant that the air would become toxic for everyone. I hope that winds blow you bad air away soon.
I am so sorry to hear that little smudge passed away. I bet you were very sad. People that take in strays are the best. We fall in love with them and treat them like kings and queens because we know how special they are and how they enhance our lives. I am glad we are both animal people.
I got a dog. It is a Hairier Hound. He is beautiful. He stands about two and a half feet of pure muscle he has the most beautiful gold and white coat and then a white face with a mask of gold. He has a white snout with black spots and has bright blue eyes with black around them. He was quite a character when we got him but now he is completely calmed down. Here he is in "jail" the day we found him.
I am sorry your computer broke. Mine did too. It is funny how we have to rely on the kids for backups. I used my son's notebook. I found it hard too. Do you use the online keyboard to type. Do you have a cell? I am thinking about using my cell and cancelling my Internet. You can get bigger cell phones that act as a mini computer. Have to learn to type well on those little buttons though.
I hope you are well. How is that sweet Angel of yours, the kids and the kits? I wonder if a stray dog will walk into your yard and you will keep it?
Let me know how you are doing with your health? Any weight loss, any improvement in being able to get out of the house more. I would tell you to take a walk but not with the pollution you are having! Lots.

At 3:25pm on April 1, 2014, lotsofshots said…

At 9:41am on March 21, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hi Twiddle, I am so sorry to check your page and find out that little smudge passed away. I am so sad. I don't know what to say. I think that all animals and kids should be exempt from pain, sickness and death and that is how it would be if I was running the world. I bet you are sad. Thankfully you have the other cats to shore you up.
I am sorry. I hope you are doing okay. Hope to hear from you soon. Ellen

At 4:07pm on March 12, 2014, shoshana27 said…


At 11:58am on February 26, 2014, lotsofshots said…

Hey Twiddle how are you.? My computer was messed up and my cell too. I haven't been around for a while. I see that you haven't either. I hope that you are busy and that I don't have to worry about you. I think about you often, when I see the moon, flowers, and especially when I walk through the woods because you are the only person I know who believes in fairies!
I was very sick from that operation with lots of complications. Now I cannot eat fat, protein or sugar and I have to keep all my BGS stable or I itch terribly inside and out. It is part of the liver problem. Nobody ever told me that liver disease was a complication of diabetes. Anyway, it got to the point where I was itching so bad and especially in my throat and I could not sleep for over a month. I was so exhausted that I was acting hysterical. I had to go into the hospital for insomnia and to stabilize my BGs and address my throat problem. I was there over Christmas. I lost a lot of weight. I used to be chubby like you but now I am eight pounds underweight. I can't tell you how good it feels to be thin. I can't say how much better I feel not being able to eat anything much but vegetables and brown grains and sour fruit. I also have to drink tons of water because my liver is not functioning normally.
At first it was almost impossible but I had no choice. I bet you could lose weight this way. I think your health would improve. I am off a lot of medications now too. I have found some interesting meals to make with veggies that taste okay.
I think I told you I got a dog. It is a lot of fun to have both the dog and the cat. At first they hated each other. Now they are starting to get interested in bugging each other. I hope that things are going well with you and the family and cats. Is it spring for you yet? Ellen

At 8:34am on January 28, 2014, Marie B said…

twiddle, some folks in the chat room were asking if you'd been around lately, and I just thought I'd check up on you. what's the latest news from the 'shire?

At 7:15am on January 3, 2014, Trudy said…

Happy New Year to you, too, Raymond. I hope you & your family & kitties enjoyed the Holidays.

At 5:00am on January 1, 2014, jrtpup said…

At 6:47pm on December 31, 2013, Zoe said…

Hi there, twiddle. Lots mentioned you have gout and some have suggested my swollen toe might be gout. I'll friend you and if you have time maybe you can tell me if that sounds like what I have. Thanks, Zoe.

At 4:56pm on November 5, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

We all have rough days. The main thing is to keep going. Do not give up. I am 86 and am having cancer surgery tomorrow. Whatever will be will be. I have enjoyed your writings. I like what Mark Twain said, I HAVE HAD A LOT OF WORRIES IN MY LIFE MOST OF WHICH NEVER HAPPENED. My best to you. Reed

At 4:44pm on September 18, 2013, shoshana27 said…

hi tweedle we all miss you so much hope you're well please let us hear good news from you

At 8:00am on June 6, 2013, jrtpup said…

Dear Twiddle, we'd love to have you join in Why I Participate In This Community. I adore your writing, any opportunity for more is most welcomed ;)

At 1:55pm on June 5, 2013, Linda G said…

Look who's the featured member!!! BRAVO Twiddlemthumbs :)



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