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At 10:23am on March 23, 2012, Doris D said…

Being productive at something (even if it's wrong) has ALWAYS helped me. I don't know what causes ur bs to do dumb things like that.I put up on E,ilys post "hugs ya'll" about my Dallas adventure right??? OK I'm getting to where being in piblic must mess me up. Today at the hospital (was suppost to go yesterday for all my work up for pre op but u know how that went. LOL! Yesterday wasn't a good day for me there) I fell down to 29 while being evaluated for perop. Get this me and my dumb self left my bs machine at home (not smart I know) but when my husband ask the hopsital to get their bs machine (I was getting my blood drawn u'd think that that person would have a bs machine right well they didn't) they didn't have one I don't have any shakes or any warning other than the tunnel vision when I get really low caught it at 29 and then they took the proper proseidures to get it back up (IE "real" coke & some crackers) I get home it's 215. WAAAY high. Get that back down been home for an hour get a call from the hospital.....goes as follows........

Mrs. Dickerson??? This is Donna at Regional I wanted to see how ur bs is. (in my mind "Huh WTH I told u I was low)

Me: I've got it back down to 112 now"

Her: "Well I just wanted to check on u u were 29 when here. Now if it gets that low on the day of surgery they might cancell it b/c it's faster to get ur bs up if u eat something by mouth than it is through ur veins" (Me thinking Huh who told u that)

Her: please be sure to cut off ur pump at 12 am the day of ur surgery

Me" Ok" (To myself I'm thinking whatever That's NOT going to happen b/c if I do then the operating staff won't do surgery b/c my bs is too high)

Don't want to type the words I said after I hung up. (In fact I think I would get booted off here if I did LOL!

At 6:01pm on March 22, 2012, Doris D said…

U in a bad mood too? Mine has lasted for about a week now. I'm not looking for it to go away for about another 2 weeks! ERR not til after I get my shoulder scooped and I kinda recover from that LOL! Good for u with that lady buying ur stuff.I sent u a pm abit ago. I just went to my page and saw where u had posted on it sorry.

At 12:48pm on March 22, 2012, catlover said…

Hi Marie- I like your new welcome message. I try to say something not already said by another member. My new PT is working out well. The program is called "Big and Loud" I am taking the Big part. It is 4 days a week for 4 weeks. The PT comes to my house for the session. The exercises have not affected my BG. It is all about moving in Big steps and Big movements. Supposed to help the PD. I hope you are feeling better, I saw where you were not feeling too good mentally and physically. I bet your quilting really helps take your mind off of your troubles. Things seem a bit better at Reed's house. It is very warm today and going to be 80 at least tomorrow. Please take care of yourself. Cat =^..^=

At 7:01am on March 22, 2012, Emily Coles said…

I love the happy hamster! Thanks so much, Marie. I was still up half the night playing nurse to myself, but my mood is better today, and that's what matters most to me. I really appreciate your support :)

At 6:28am on March 22, 2012, SEAGATOR said…

Morning Marie. Did my jobs Going with Russ to the cardio vascular doctor. Please pray he oes not need surgery. My BG 98. How did you do did you have a good night? I hope your readings not too out of whack. I will get back to my friends later. Glad you know where to send the quilt. I bet they will be delighted. You do such good work. Try to be upbeat ok. My best to Ed. I will let you know how things go. Take good care. I care. HUGS,Reed

At 11:47am on March 21, 2012, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Marie, I know yesterday you did not feel like doing anything. I get that way too. Yelling at Russ to make him hear got on my nerves and I felt like taking a pill and go to sleep. Just try hard not to get yourself too down. You have an awful lot on your plate and think there is no way out of this but good things will happen I just know it. My best to Ed you both are in my Prayers. GREAT NEWS!!! Tom just called. He got the GRANT for digitalization of historic documents and will be working in St. Augustine some of the time. HUGS,Reed

At 6:38am on March 20, 2012, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. Much better morning. We both slept great. Russ's BP was 121/73. My BG 102. Russ on his way to Beltone to see aout the hearing aid it could be plugged. Too,all the medicine they pumped into him in the hospital might have affected his hearing. I have the dentist this afternoon. The PT very good...the nurse useless. We need a homemaker. How are you ding? Did you have a good night? BG's up and down? I hope you are feeling good. My very best to Ed. Did you walk? How did your bread come out? Have you started your garden yet? Take good care of yourself. You know I care. HUGS, POPS

At 9:51am on March 19, 2012, Kathy said…

Hey Sweet Marie. I'm going to buy a mew ped in a few minute. I simply cannot be without it. I have a spreadsheet of my daily steps.
I never set the stride length, but did discover that I put in a ton more steps to do mile on the treadmill than to do a mile on the street. I think because I'm walking faster.
Anyway, what you're supposed to do is mark a starting place and walk ten steps and mark a finish place. Measure the total distance and divide it by 10 and that's your stride.
At the store at my clinic you can buy one for $60 that comes with software and a cable to load result into a computer. Then you can print graph and chart etc. That is too much for me, and too expensive.
I have decided to not sew the curtains. I already have decorative rods, so an going to get some long bright scarves at our global market and drape them, bohemian style. I'll take a pic when they're done.
But I am also going to Joanne's today to get a disappearing pencil. I make tshirts with Bob Dylan graphics and sometimes they come out crooked so I've got to put in some gridlines. I just remembered that I didn't revere the one I printed last night and if I'd used it the letters would have been backwards. Duh......Beter get a new ink cartridge too.

At 7:28pm on March 18, 2012, BennyL said…

Thanks Marie. I guess when I signed up I thought the whole page was OmniPod users and discovered it's not. I'm fine communicating with other pumpers but the majority of my posts will likely be questions for OmniPod users.

At 4:33pm on March 18, 2012, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Marie. It was a gorgeous day here. Sat put to get some sun. Russ's blood pressure is right on without BP medicines. I wonder if they will let him stay off it? Gorgeous day here. We all sat on the deck to get some sun. Russ has pt and nurse tomorrow, I have the dentist Tues.Then Wed I am re-installed as Leader of Tops. Russ has his cell phone so screwed up he cannot hear anyone...I hear them not know what is going Much fun here at SEAGATE.
What kind of a day did you and Ed have? Were your Teadings good? I hope so. I bet it was nice around the Lake. I think Winter is over. Have a good night. My best to Ed. HUFS.Reed

At 10:47am on March 18, 2012, Brunetta said…

Marie- B, Daddy is out of ICU and we are taking one day at a time....He is weak one day and interacts and smiles the next..Thanks for your concern.. Keep us in prayer. God Bless you , sis!!!

At 6:03am on March 18, 2012, gopu said…

thanks guys

At 2:24pm on March 17, 2012, micabob said…

thanks Marie,
I used to work in sussex county, just diagnosed a week ago and still on the emotional roller-cosater and not really good at computers so I hope you get this :)


At 12:39pm on March 17, 2012, Doris D said…

I'm not the surest on the different types of tomatoes either. I know that my family always liked the beef ones I really don't know any more about what they are called or anything like that. It's just what my family has (and friends of the family) grown for years.

I hope their vacation went better than mine. On the 1st day b/f we left out I got up with a 411 bs. So I bolus and stuff right???? The rest of the day it kept falling low. Got to my b-i-l's I kept checking it. (never got above 50) and was trying my best to be discreat about it, eating this & that to get it higher. Soooo we're all settig around in the livingroom and here the last time I checked my bs it was 46 so I started drinkingsome "real" coke to bring it up (still being quiet about the falling bs's) my b-i-l's girlfriend looks at me & ask "are u ok???" U look white and cold. (sign of going low for me. My husband starts acting like God. Dothis , do that. (Ugh I've done it all day SHUT UP!!) She's freaking out & so is my b-i-l along with my hubby. Gosh was so glad to get it up FINALLY & go to sleep!!!

At 7:06am on March 17, 2012, SEAGATOR said…

HAPPY ST, PATRICK'S DAY,Marie and ed. Did yuu have a good night. Idid. BG 102. Russ much better doing his exercises. Blood pressure back to normal. A nurse is supposed to come today. I wonder if she remembers it is Saturday. Tonight we are driving to Ormond Beach for dinner at STONEWOOD. Tom is kind of nervous he has to do the Readings tomorrow at Mass at the Cathedral. He will do ok. I am glad you did some fabric shopping. Do you ever do clothes? I cannot even sew a button I am all thumbs. Have a good day. Walk around the lake. Give Ed my best. Going grocery shopping. HUGS,POPS

At 6:43pm on March 16, 2012, mztiny said…

Not yet. More tests next week. At least I feel good about this endo office. The P.A. spent 2 hours with me, as I have both thyroid and diabetic issues, and she was very supportive. Will see the doc next week for first time. Kind of a strange way of doing things, but I'm not going to question. Thanks for asking!

At 8:48am on March 16, 2012, Doris D said…

See I usually give K a REAL HARD time about his gambeling and I felt soooooo bad when the tequlia started talking and there I was gambeling like crazy. WE couldn't afford it either oh well lesson learned! LOL! He told me that if he had done that I would have thrown his clothes out and told him to go live somewhere else. Well True I would have. But it was me this time sooo my clothes was going to stay in the house!!! LOL!

Have fun today! I'll probably start the CT welcomes back up sometime today.

At 6:22am on March 16, 2012, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. Florence Nightingale on duty making syure Russ does what he is supposted to. His BP 132.78 so that is going up. Much better than 89/36. Tom made a chart of morning pills noon pills night pills. Next 2 events the growth I think that is done with a laser scope. Then on 3/22 he sees about the blocked artery. My BG 108. I hope things are better with you paddle aroud the lake singing Moonlight Bay. How did your bread come out? Fish tonight. I gave Tom a list of a few things to pick up on his way over. Does Ed qualify for that extended unemployment benefit? I got my taxes have to pay $500 more even though I pay estimated taxes. Have a good day and hope your readings stay good. BIKE WEEK here what a racket. My best to Ed. Hugs,Reed

At 1:46pm on March 15, 2012, Doris D said…

Oh yeah forgot to tell u on the day we left out I got up with a 411 bs. Adjusted it right , gave the bolus and all right??? An hour later I was down to 33 and that lasted (the lows) for 2 days while we were gone. SHEZ!!!!!

At 1:37pm on March 15, 2012, Doris D said…

It soooo sucked!!! OK we ride in the car for almost 8 or 9 hours SOLID!! (gort to the point I DIDN'T like my husband after we wsent 1/2 way through AKS. FINALLY got there right??? For the next 3 days was more or less STUCK in my b-i-l's house (b/c nether my husband or I knew ANYTHING about where we we at . OMG Did I forget to say that we went to Tunica last night and I walked into the casino and won right off the bat 200 and then put it all and 200 more into the slots and came back broke??????? Yep leave it to me to do something stupid like that (+ the alachol I drank (tequluia) disdn't help my judgement ONE BIT!!! LOL! Fun though!!!!!!



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