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At 3:04pm on January 7, 2014, Sulky said…
Hello Marie only just diagnosed I'm getting confused with what carbs are good what are bad. Levels ok before I eat.then I have my insulin and dinner and my levels are going right down doctors not sure if I'm type 1 or 2.could I be taking to much insulin .or is there not enough carbs in what I'm eating.doctors think I could still be producing some insulin which could be effecting my levels,getting confused.
At 8:48am on January 6, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. I finally had a good night. I went to bed at 11 and woke up at 8. Reading the morning paper I fell asleep. My the temperature that you,Pauly and Kathy have are unbelievable. It is 65 gere and RAINING. They say tonight 26 here. Sp Tom and Russ covered the plabts and bushes. I bought a small loaf of cranberry and walnut artisan bread $4.49. Have you orders? You need to think of something for Valentines Day. They all readt have them out in the stores.My BH 108;. How is Ed doing? Any sales? I hope you are doing OK. Time to chabhe featured members whoever is doing it. I accept friends but as soon as they find me age I never hear again. Their loss. Take good care. A BIG HUG,Reed

At 6:21am on January 6, 2014, Sulky said…
Seems ok at the moment.doctors treating mr for type 1.but might be type 2.its to early to thing I'm struggling with at the moment is trying to work out what good carbs are.what are bad ones.what are slow releasing ones.all so much to learn.
At 3:28pm on January 4, 2014, Kathy said…

Hey sis, you getting any bad weather? I am boing to have to bone up o my geography, but looks as if the entire NE coast is getting something.
Schools are officially closed in Minn on Monday, and now a grocery store chain announced it will close at 10 pm tomorrow. We will have coldest weather in 20 years, or so they say.
I am not used to staying inside and today was a real challenge. I baked these mini loaves of blackberry quick bread because the berries were $1 a box

The recipe used apple sauce instead of sugar, but is still very dense in calories and carbs. It said to bake until a toothpick comes out clean. Well, I had no toothpicks so used a chopstick.
I am going to cut and weigh the slices and freeze them so I'm not tempted to devour the entire batch.

At 6:21am on January 4, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. Know what I did? I took the sleeoing pill an hour before bed and it worked. I went right to sleep and woke up at 6:30.The rain has stopped and it is 45. I looked at Boston 2 and 24 inches of sbow. Tom ran the Marathon last week and did not feel like running this morning. I gave him his Lumberjack breakfast just the same. Theull undress the tree. I will do laundry and then grocery shopping. It was cold yesterday so Chico stayed in with us all day. I hope no more snow for you. Give my best to Ed. BG108. Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 8:50am on January 3, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Marie. Another bad night. I go to bed the same time take my sleeping pills but 2 and 3 I am stull awake. I am not worried about the elbow cancer as doing will be done 2.19. I do think of my friends who need better jobs. I have the foot doctor at 2 to trim nails. I cannot bend over to do it. Russ has started taking the decorations down. Tomorrow he and Tom will untrim the tree. It is sunny now.It was 36 this morning. You baking you started baking again. Did Ed sell any cars? Boy they sure are adverting here. Give him my best. HUGS,Reed

At 7:54am on January 3, 2014, catlover said…
Marie-Thanks for the info on the Aviva. I will check into it before I need to switch meters. I see you visited with your Mom. She certainly is feisty and seems to be feeling spry. I know, from my fil ( who lived to 105,)it is the feisty ones who live the longest. I am sure you got plenty of snow, we got about 6". It is currently 15. I plan to stay inside today. Now the weather people are talking about another storm next week. I think this winter will be very long, and cold. Stay warm. Cat
At 6:29pm on January 1, 2014, Kathy said…

Hi Marie. The apartment fire was about 4 miles from me, near the U of Mn campus. They think it was some type of explosion. 14 people were taken to the hospital and 3 are missing. Some had to jump from the upper floor. Thankfully it was just 3 floors high. The big problem was keeping the firefighters safe from frostbite and from falling on the ice - the water froze quite quickly, clogging the hoses, etc. What a way to start the new year. Oy.
Bitterly cold again today, but I think I'm getting used to it as I did go out for a bit. Wore a full set of thermal underwear and two pair of mittens. Thankfully the buses were running on schedule. And, it's nice and warm in my apartment.
Be well.

At 7:13am on January 1, 2014, wendy said…
At 7:00am on January 1, 2014, Linda G said…


At 10:24am on December 31, 2013, catlover said…
Marie- I want to wish you and Ed a very Happy New Year also a healthy one. I am glad to say "good-bye" to 2013 and hope 2014 will be a healthier one for me.
I want to ask you if you like the AccuChek Aviva ? I found out this morning that Roche is discontinuing the test strip drums that I use for my AccuChek Compact Plus. They said that Roche wants people to switch to the Aviva. I do like AccuChek products, they are the only ones I have used since my Dx 15 years ago. I left a message for Rob Muller to ask him what the story is. The pharmacy was able to fill the
Rx today so I have some time to decide.
Have a great New Year. Susan
At 11:35am on December 28, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Marie. Tom did not run this morning. I did not get up until 8:45. He wanted his big breakfast. BG 110. We went to Hammock to shop. Did laundry. As he is running a Marathon in Jacksonville tomorrow, we have to go to Mass tonight at 5. It has been a drizzle here off and on all day. I do not like the night Mass. Tom is getting up at 4. We are not going. How was your night? Your Readings. I hope with Christmas bonuses people are buying cars. We had our Avalon serviced they always fine something front brake pads so bill was over $200. Give my best to Ed. HUGS,Reed

At 5:51am on December 27, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning, Marie, I had a rotten night. I just could not sleep. FinAlly dropped about 4 to 7. I had a nice time with my relatives. I got rid of all the candy. I gave it to thetwo kids, Talk talk and we then went to Aunt Kates.a nice restaurant on the water, It was too cool to eat outside. I had scallops. Tom is off to the Gym. We won over $100 on scratch tickets. I got new fry pans new wox and new sauce pans. BG110. I hope you had a good night. CONGRAT on your anniversart. Give my best to Ed. Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 2:28pm on December 26, 2013, Senator said…

Hi Marie. I'm just getting started, so thank you for the warm welcome!

At 6:43am on December 26, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

HAPPY BOXING DAY,Marie. Thanks,too,for your nice card. I hot new pots new wox new fry pans among other things. My dinner turned out well. Tom and Russ loved the pork. We are waiting for our relatives theill be here about 1. Windy 55 looks like rain. Someone suggested Aunt Kates on the Water but I think too cool for yjat. We will go where I tookManny..THE RED FROG. Did uou get home ok? My Weight Recorder at TOPS is on that cruise ship stock in the ice in Antartiva. Does Ed work today?Tom here until 1/3..great help. BG 108. Hope uou did not get too much snow, Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 7:50am on December 25, 2013, catlover said…
Marie-Merry Christmas to you and Ed. Thanks for the card and your kind thoughts. I hope 2014 is a better year for both of us. Take care. Cat
At 5:45am on December 25, 2013, Joanne said…

At 7:48am on December 24, 2013, wendy said…

Merry Christmas Marie :)

At 7:24am on December 24, 2013, Kathy said…

Hey sweet Marie. Yes, Alison and I go way back too. Her husband is from Minneapolis. Thanks for the heads-up.
12 freakin' below here and I have to pick up a prescription and go for my INR test. Now my sis emailed me and wants me to go to this upscale grocery store near me and get some kind of cocktail sauce I've never heard of.........My nephew is coming to get me so I don't have to stand in the cold at the bus stop.
Enjoy. Next year will be better.

At 6:19am on December 23, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. I had a good night. BG110. I had stuff I should not. Very warm days have tv on. Today it looks like rain. We are all done decorating and wrapping.. I do all my gifts online. Three good friends I send Christmas baskets. It is going to rain I think. Glad you had such a nice time at the Christmas party. Tom comes tomorrow and stays until after New Years. Christmas day. Church as Tom serves the host. Then we open gifts. Tom helped me yesterday and we did 2 big loads of laundry. Any orders to be filled? My best to Ed. I hope he sells 2 cars. Take good care and have a hood day. HUGS,Reed



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