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At 5:46am on November 22, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. I had a good night. Feels like a 50 pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders. That was a big drop in the PSA. December assignments are out. Tom has to serve on Christmas Day. I will go with him. Nice and cool here and the sun is out. BG 102. How are things with you? You still have orders to fill? Imagine you will get real busy as we head into Christmas. How is Ed? Give him my best. Big car sales here butI do not know if anyone buying. I heard from Kristin. Another name I do not see Gerry? Taking up a special collection Sunday for the Phillipines. Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 2:23pm on November 20, 2013, Kathy said…

Oh Marie, I just LOVED The video. It was so cute. I watched the entire song on allthe channels. Thanks for thinking of me!!
I also checked out the recipe. Will have to try it. I made these weired bbq apple chips where you slice an apple and dip them in a curry type mixture. I think I let them bake too long because they were just awful. Plus, I am afraid of my mandolin. I swear I'll cut myself one day or another.
Also, thanks for the needle tip for the sewing machine. I was buying my needles at the dollar store, so I guess I won't be doing that again. I put the machine away for a bit because the dress was pretty tedious.
Getting a bit chilly here, with a chance of snow. I hate the early darkness. After being lasered 10 years ago I don't see so hot in the dark. In my own neighborhood It's fine, but new places intimidate me. I sure don't need to be stepping of a curb that I'm unaware of.
I think Jane, Esther and I are going to my hometown for Thanksgiving, to be with my aunt & uncle. They are both in rapidly declining health so I think this will be the last holiday season they're in their lake home. Both my sister and I are willing to bring large several components of the mean, but, no, they are stubborn and want to do it all on their own.
I saw your loaf on Reed's page - looked just gorgeous. You are going to make a name for yourself, sister!!

At 12:32pm on November 19, 2013, Gabriella said…

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

At 7:41am on November 19, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Marie I sent you a message did you get it? Reed

At 6:50am on November 18, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. It was supposed to rain all day BUT the sun is out and 75. I did not have a good night. Slept until 3 and that was that. Russ said he did not sleep at all. He went back to bed. Glad your little breads made such a big hit. Bg104. Laundry all caught up so just going to take it easy today. What are you baking? Any thanksgiving orders/ Give me best to Ed. Hope he has a good car week. Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 6:31am on November 16, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. I was threatebed to stay in bed until 8 no emptying the dishwasher, Tom did not run so wanted to sleep in.He us running that half Marathon tomorrow. But was good I gave him his lumberjack breakfast anyway. Banking shopping football makes my day. I am feeling pretty good these days now that the humidity gone. Have fun in Milford. My BG 102. Hope yours is better now. I wonder if anyone heard from Teena?

Have a good day. Give my best to Ed. HUGS,Reed

At 7:23am on November 15, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. Dark dreary damp and I am sure it will rain. Tom off to Gym then work. He is running a half Maraton Sunday. I cannot run to the door. We will have swordfish tonight if he can find it. The fish market does not have it too pricey for his customers. I have been feeling pretty good the last few days. BG 102. The house decorated for Thanksgiving. I had a huge Capamonte Ceramic turkey I found in a box. Forgot I had it,,,nice centerpiece. AC/HEAT all serviced good to go NO CHARGE. I forgot I had a service contract. Thenew ladies across the street;...Mother and Daughter asked if I needed anything at PUBLIX. In 10 years first time ever asked that. Cars are being advertised. Cars everywhere. How was your night? Readings? Glad you are getting good orders. Keeps you out of trouble. Give my best to Ed. HUGS,Reed

At 5:18pm on November 14, 2013, Beth-Anne said…

Hi Marie,
thank you for the warm welcome. I am enjoying the web page, blogs and forums. With this being a new dx for my son, it is a lot to take in.

At 2:32pm on November 14, 2013, catlover said…
Hi Marie-I had to share my terrific D news with my TuD friends on this D
Day. I got the results back from my recent lab tests and my A1c dropped from 7.5 to 6.3. I saw my PCP doc who took care of me while I was in the hospital. He was really impressed with the new number. I told him it wasn't too hard if you watched yourself. I have been very careful, watching what I eat really closely and it paid off. I will continue to watch. I hope you are feeling well. I see where you are "baking away." I hope Ed sells more cars before too long. If I lived closer I would send him some business. Hope you have a nice weekend. Cat
At 9:54am on November 14, 2013, Jim said…

Thanks Marie, I am glad to be on board. Jim

At 5:52am on November 14, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. I went to bed early and up at 6. I had a good night. The house was cold so I put on the heat. AC man comes today. I thought it was Tuesday past bit it is today between 13 and 2,Great stuff at TOPS. They are cheap nothing went for more than $2. Idonated $5 as I need no more stuff. I lost 2 pounds. BG106. Hope yours is good. Imagine you are baking. Chico was at the door at 7:30. Tom comes tonight. He is going to run a half Marathon Sunday so we will have to go to 5PM Mass. Cars are Us. How is Ed? Give him my best. Take good care of yourself. HUGS,Reed

At 3:37pm on November 13, 2013, Amit said…

I will keep you updated. lets hope for the best.

At 5:15am on November 13, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning, Marie. I had a good night. BG102. I hope you did too. For some strange reason I was thinking cars. Wind blowing a gale and 54 degrees. TOPS today. White Elephant sale we use the money to help those who go to the State Convention. I feel pretty good for a change. Any more orders? Give my best to Ed. You have a good day. CARS I mean HUGS, Reed

At 3:10pm on November 12, 2013, Amit said…

Hey Marie, thanks for the information. I visited my doctor and he showed c-peptide test results and another tests results. Both results were normal, he told me that my body is producing insulin normally and it is also being used normally. So he has told me to drop my insulin dosage gradually to zero in next 15 days. So he thinks I was wrongly diagnosed of type 1. He told me keep BG below 126 in morning and 180 in evening time ( I have not crossed 120 in last 2 months). Please give your opinion.

At 9:04am on November 12, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Marie. Busy mornng. We were at the blood lab at7"30. I had to have blood drawn for 2 doctors. They were working on #26. I was #39. When I left every chair was taken and people standing. One test to see if Hormone shot working. I pray to God it is. DonnaH having surgery today. My Bg104. I really feel good today for a change. They say we are going to be very cold tonight. My heat/ac man comes at 2 to set me up for the Winter. I hope he finds nothing wrong. Just paid real estate taxes. BG104. Did you have a good night? I hope so and good Readings. TOPS tomorrow...White Elephant sale money goes to Convention. Cars are on my mind great sales here. Give my best to Ed. Hope Teena is ok. Give my best to Ed. Take good care. A nig HUG. Reed

At 4:47pm on November 11, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Marie. Keeping up with the W's but that is all. Tom has us working. Clipping branches .I bag. Weeded I bag. Did a4 loads of laundry getting ready for Winter putting summer stuff away. I just heard Thursday we will see a 30 degree drop in temperature Thursday. Glad you got your big bread order finished. Terrible havoc in the Phillipines. Has anyone heard from Tenna. They had a relic of Pope John Paul in the Cathedral today. There was not a seat in the house. I knew it would be mobbed so I did not go but Tom did. He had to stand. Today has been good. BG104. I am still upset they are giving the cancer 2 more weeks..If it had to be removed why the wait. I am bewildered by it all. I have been thinking of cars. Take good care of yourself. What is your next order? A BIG HUG. Reed

At 1:17pm on November 11, 2013, Trudy said…

Hi Marie, complicated question! Thanks for asking... My shoulder is getting better in that I have a much larger range of motion than at the beginning, when I needed a sling 24/7, but my arm/shoulder are so weak. I see my ortho surgeon this week; he'll probably arrange for me to have physical therapy. I am encouraged by the progress I've made, so that I now think I'll be back to normal in a few weeks of working at it. In the meantime, I'm forced to be way too inactive!

At 2:22pm on November 9, 2013, Iyaz said…

Hi Marie, and thank you very much. Just clicked on the link now and I'm now going to do the test.

At 7:13am on November 9, 2013, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning, Marie. Glad car car car helped. May it continue. Not myself of late. Very antsy. Doing birthdays a little after 3. I did ho back at 4 and slept until 8:30. I still get not get it out of my heasd if all the cancer not gotten why am I waiting 3 months???To let it grow? I am not the doctor so what do I know? Glorious weather. Tom ran 16 miles. He is getting ready for a race Nov. 17th. I will go to Church tomorrow as he is serving. I am not going out for Thanksgiving..I will do my own. Nh 108. Hope your night was good and your Readings. Imagine you are baking like crazy. Givemy best to Ed. Take good care. HUGS, POPS

At 11:58pm on November 8, 2013, Andrea said…

By the way I don't know your name and didn't see it anywhere on your post to me. Andrea



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