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At 3:44pm on December 14, 2009, Kathy said…
But of course I got the Dylan Xmas album - had it preordered on Amazon. A lot of people are getting their undies in a bundle about it, and I don't know why. I think it is very sweet and endearing, and if he wants to do something of that nature, then let him!
At 3:00pm on December 14, 2009, Hannah Robbins said…
It would be great if you could point me in the right direction! I just started my pump, so I look forward to meeting fellow pumpers/podders! Thanks!
At 2:28pm on December 14, 2009, Doris D said…
Nope its been nore like a 2 week thing! The 1st time I thought that was when I went into labor with my 1st daughter! HA! But I guess it does decribe us to a tee!

I had use of 1 hand at a time so that helped but when it got so bad with both hands there for awhile I had a great daughter going for me! She changed out her site then mine! This was back before all she did lately! Now she's comming back to us and it was a long missed absents!
At 12:09pm on December 14, 2009, Anne said…
Thanks for the warm welcome, Marie, and the advice about the Neosporin...what I'm using is a generic form of it, but I've already stopped, the wounds are closed and I won't get any more graphic than that. I've never had an experience with a wond that wouldn't heal, even on my feet, but the swelling I mentioned previously has thrown a new, different kink into the game so I'll be seeing a podiatrist this week.

I have considered a pump - five injections a day, plus the finger sticks, sure gets old. BUT, no matter what forum I go to, I read about problems, malfunctions, and it keeps scaring me away from the whole thing - I know I can count on what I'm doing now. It's another dilemma, but I keep talking to the doc about it. BTW, I'd be right there in the seniors with you! :) We're still young, don't let anyone tell you differently!
At 11:48am on December 14, 2009, Doris D said…
I used to but well..I will try it again might help. Did the artical sit would help after the surgery?

It's like 60 degrees here today! Here's wishing you some of that good weather your way! So sorry to hear about your hand. Does it get worse with the cold weather?

I babysit again last night and my tummy wasn't the happiest this morning but what can you say when that's happening to you? The only thing I could think of was " I didn't know my body hated me this much" HA!! I mean I thought I feed it good ( no crap) washed it everyday etc! It just kinda gets me when I'm sick at my stomach. When it's comming out of both ends as my uncle said one time when he cought the flu!
At 11:05am on December 14, 2009, Doris D said…

I didn't mean to unload on you this morning just was feeling sorry for myself again......................Think I might better get over that huh? When I have a bad day (seems like they come in 3's here latley) I have to have someone to talk to. How is things going for you today?
At 3:20pm on December 13, 2009, Doris D said…
And I bet when you put it there you said I won't lose it now! HA!! Yep I missed out on that., but Manny e-mailed me back and he said that the cards had been copied and he would get them out in the next few weeks. I really hate that I missed it though. If (GOD willing) I'm here next September I won't though. Have fun at your Christmas party!!
At 3:13pm on December 13, 2009, Kathy said…
Hi Marie - how's it going?
I got the last of my cards written this afternoon, and have remembered to plug in my window lights for two nights in a row!
Lots of snow and cold this past week, and more headed this way. Be nice if we could get it all out of the way before Xmas trael starts.
I found out last week that I am being transferred back to our Minneapolis office for work. I started out there, 35 years ago, and then 13 years ago went over to start a branch in St. Paul. I was about to put up a big protest, but on that same day we found out that 4 people are losing the jobs. So, as usual, I have little to complain about.
Happy Holidays! I keep trying to come up with some good tunes for everybody, butr my mind is blank.
At 10:46am on December 13, 2009, Anne said…
Thanks for the welcome, Marie. I've had type 1 for 48 yrs and am at the point where I'll be seeing a podiatrist for the first time due to an assortment of reasons. I've got neuropathy, but the problem is my inability to reach my left foot - I had a stroke last year and insufficient physical therapy has left me with reduced funtion on my left side. I'm taking gabapentin for nerve pain which causes swelling...have increased the diruretic, but by 5 in the afternoon, it's agonizing to walk! The skin on the top of my foot has started oozing fluid and I have scratches on two of my toes of totally unknown origin. I'm trying to treat it by alternating an over the counter antibiotic cream and an enriched skin care cream aimed toward diabetics by Neoteric. So, bottom line is, I'll be seeing a podiatrist for the first time - and honestly, I've never felt like I needed one before, and none of my docs has ever recommended I see one...but now, things have changed!

BTW, my avatar is actually a piece of art by George Carruth and is called "Ivy"; I'm an avid garder and have several of his pieces hanging on the walls outside...loved it so much I decided to use it on my ning network affiliations. Thanks for noticing!
At 8:58am on December 13, 2009, priscilla anderson said…
Hi Marie
Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes, I found the site from Kristen's article in Diabetes Forecast. By the way, your quilting work is lovely!!!
At 7:14am on December 13, 2009, Robyn said…
Hello....yes, I used to kinda laugh at my Mom using an electric blanket, well, now it is my new best friend. I am using just a twin one to cover myself, and it was my Mom's. I have not seen the prices on them. I will keep my eyes out for you when I go shopping and see what they run for a king at various stores.
My cat Persia loves the blanket too, she stretches out and puts her paws into the air and makes pie and just looks at me as to say, "I am in heaven"!!
Have a good day and take care. take care xo
At 1:51pm on December 12, 2009, tmana said…
Sadly, no weight loss. Was down a few late-summer/early-fall from cycling, but not enough to make it permanent through winter party season and too-cold-and-windy-to-want-to-get-out-on-the-bicycle. The photo is from late January -- our Friends of Faire group's annual Burns Dinner.
At 12:30pm on December 12, 2009, Doris D said…
Your so right about the walking and bad moods.Always seems to help lighten mine. I guess you'll have to use what you got til Monday though! Maybe they will find it.
At 11:56am on December 12, 2009, Doris D said…
My granddaughter's might just get a barbie for Christmas seeing I get to keep all the presents we get them over here! I GET A BARBIE!!!! or 2 !!!! My grandmother (the sewer (?) in the family) always made my Barbies clothes. She even bought patterns back then to do it!! A few years back a friend here bought me a Barbie for Christmas! She said she seen it thought of me automatically! Show's you my Barbie fedish huh?

Sorry about that infusion set! You might do what I've done about the BG machine.I thought more than once I lost my favorite just to have it turn up in someplace I didn't remember leaving it only to remember doing it after I found it!! Good Luck!!
At 10:44am on December 12, 2009, Doris D said…
Oh, oh Barbie dolls for only % bucks??? Did you get mone??? I LOVE Barbies! Sorry a bit of the kid in me! HA!! I think your right. We can speak freely to each other but I didn't want you to take me the wrong way here. Like I said ANY TYPE of storoid does it to me. Different ppl different outcomes, huh? Thank you for those nice words!!
At 9:14am on December 12, 2009, Doris D said…
Marie, What's up? I got to ask a question here and please don't take it wrong but here goes........Has your Dr said anything abut striod cream bringing up your BS? Just wondering b/c any steroid I take will usually send my bs through the roof.
At 7:58pm on December 11, 2009, Joe Dennis said…
Hi Marie , I just put Sandy in for Tudiabetes Life Coach. I was hoping you will do the same since she did so much for all of us.
At 9:31am on December 11, 2009, VFR-kar said…
Hi Marie B., no thats no code - thats the initials on my motorbike. Picture will come soon.
At 9:08am on December 11, 2009, Doris D said…
Marie I'm sorry I was kinda shout awhile ago but grandkids and breakfast you know? I was a member of the welcoming commity back when but I wanted to leave when I had no accrss to the computer so I did. Iwas waiting for Many to get the time to let me get back there ( I didn't want to appear snotty ) I'm just glad to be able to do it again. You had 14 degrees? Down here it was 17 degrees and that's just plain COLD when your used to the low being around 30! HA!
At 8:36am on December 11, 2009, FatCatAnna said…
Hey Marie - that eczema on your hand sounds right nasty. My husband has a problem with ONE hand, that flares up from time to time. They've never been able to figure out what causes it, they've opened up his hand to find out what is lodged in there, but it's never really solved anything. It's not as bad as it was 10 years ago, but still has it's days. One thing, when we go away to a warm, moist climate (e.g. when we go to the Caribbean for a few weeks) - all his probs clear up! I wish I like hot/humid weather, because we'd live there then (he likes that weather, I like the northern weather - total opposites - give me a warm wooley knit sweater anyday ). Take care (psst - we're almost twins in our diagnosis dates - I was diagnosed in September 1968 - isn't that wild!).



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