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At 3:34am on March 20, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. Odd night but I got some sleep. I seemed to wake every 2 hours but went right back. Tom had a lot of pricey stuff. They did not take it but they did go to his medicine cabinet. They did break a very pricey door to get it.Now he has to get a new one. I gained 2 pounds YEAH!! The speaker very good. She gave each of us a bbig rubber ball and things to use for stretching exercises then she led us in them. I was surprised everyone did then, BG104. Foot doctor at 2,Hope you had a good night.Readings good. Give my best to Ed. Take good care. HUGS,

At 3:43am on March 19, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning Marie, I did not do as well last night. I did not sleep at all. Long night. Tom called and someone had broken into his condo. Police called. They were looking for drugs found nonebut I told him to check everything. He has so much work to do evaluating his staff. He did not beed this. BG196, TOPS today. I asked Emily about banner saying Crusader does she put it on my oage, Hope so as UI am dumb.How was your night> Better I hope, Give my best to Ed. A BIG HUG. Reed

At 7:56am on March 18, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie, You will not believe this...a miracle..I went to bed at 11 and slept until 9:30. I guess I needed sleep.Chico is almost on the keyboard. I hope I can finish this. Eye doctor said my eyes showed no signs of Diabetes. My pressure was excellent, See me in 6 months. TOPS tomorrow. Guest speaker..SILVER SNEAKERS showing us seniors exercises we can do. How was your night? Readings? My BG104. I have only one more doctor my PCP and he doubt will say 6 months. How is the bread baking. You should see the houses on the beach about 6 of them almost in the water due t erosion. Give me best to Ed. Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 4:24am on March 17, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. What a morning I have never heard it rain so hard. I like staying in bed and hearing the rain on the roof. My night was so so.22 to 2 2 to 4 that was ut but I stayed i bed nice and cozy. Today I have the eye doctor at 1:30. I hope its up by then, BF108. Having a guest speaker at TOPS SILVER SNEAKERS walkinh and exercising.I hope your snow continues to melt. Florida won is the #1 seed in its section....MARCH MADNESS. In doing the birthdays,I saw Robyn. Wonder why she keft. Give my best ti Ed, Take good care, HUGS,Reed

At 7:22am on March 15, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie, I had a terrible night,Did not sleep at all. I have god nights so I guess I just have to accept then. The urologist was very pleased. My OSA did not go up. Gave me another Hormone shot and see him in 3 months. BG106. I hope you had a better night than I need and your Readings good. Tom has car serviced yesterday. Boy are they hounded him to buy a new car. Right now he us in Jacksonville running the River run. Take good care of yourself. I hope the snow melts fast, Give my best to Ed, Take good care, HUGS,Reed

At 3:41pm on March 14, 2014, mike said…

Thanks Marie !!

At 9:15am on March 14, 2014, Robert said…

Thanks for the welcome Marie, It's all new to me. Just wrapping my head around it all now. I'm sure i'll have lots of questions.

At 8:49am on March 14, 2014, Aussie said…

Thanks Maria B. unfortunately, I cant make it on that day, but thank you for the info. Hopefully, next time.

At 5:23am on March 14, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

GOOD MORNING,MARIE.I had a good night. Thank the Lord. BG106. Today I hate. Prostate Cancer checkup at 11. I hope my PSA goes to zero.Tom is going to shop as he is running the RIVER Run in Jacksonville tomorrow.We will not go to watch too early. The lady across street got a new AC/Heat system yesterday, Her house same year as mine so I a, holding my breathe. How was your night? Give my best to Ed. Take good care of yourself.Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 2:15pm on March 13, 2014, dgzee said…

Thanks Marie. Good to have you there today!

At 4:58am on March 13, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. Not a good night. Been up since 2. Did Welcomes and birthdays. Have to go to my dentist to see what he can do with my broken tooth. It is very dark in the morning. BG106. How was your night? When you cannot sleep do you stay in bed or get up? Hope Ed is OK give him my best. Featured members why not the awards winners. I do not know Mellita. Tom comes tonight. He is running the RIVER RUN Saturday in Jacksonville. Parking terrible so we are staying home.Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 7:38am on March 11, 2014, Kathy said…

I have no idea who the tiller man was----------and yes, that rascal Mark needs to update us on how he's doing.

At 4:05pm on March 10, 2014, Kathy said…
At 3:26pm on March 10, 2014, James122501 said…
Thanks Marie! I had a good birthday. Unfortunately, I did end up going high that night though. That's not too shocking though.
At 2:08pm on March 10, 2014, Kathy said…

Oh Marie, I am turning into my mother. And aunties. And grammies.
Yesterday I made lime jello! With Greek yogurt, cucumbers, onions and dill.

It is surprisingly delicious, refreshing, and low carb.
We spent years joking about the lime jello salad, and now, here I am, thinking I may have to get a jello mold........

At 5:08am on March 10, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. The pill failed me last night. Went to bed at 11 still awake4 at 2 slept until 3 and that was it. I made it to church but felt lousy the rest of the day. BG108. Tom is still here as he is taking Russ to the lung doctor for a breathing test. I did the B's and w's at 5.It is very dark and 56 degrees. I hope the sun shines where you are to melt the snow.. Give my best to Ed. Did he sell anything?I hope you have a good day. HUGS,Reed

At 10:16am on March 8, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Marie Tom is doing meatless Friday as I am. As I am over 70 I do not have to. Every bone in my body is aching even my thumbs. I think dampness from 2 days of rain and high tides. Sunny and 73. I could not do it now but I used to like snow. I could not shovel. I typed a list Tom did the shopping I sit in the car as watch the people. It came to $203. Red Bull Protein shakes epson salts that is for Tom the runner. Heis doing the River Run in Jacksonville. TOPS we have a state convention for all of Florida every state Ebglnd Germany have chapters too. The Florida State King the TOPS man who has lost the most in Florida...this year he if from my chaptter. Then he represents Florida at the TOPS International convention. Enjoy the rest of the day. HUGS,Reed

At 6:26am on March 8, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Hello Marie. Will it ever end? I went to foot doctor yesterday. He pinched my right toe..does that hurt? Yes. I had split the side of the toe more babdages. I made out my shopping list. I am not up to going in the store. I had a great night's sleep 11 to 8. BG104. Tom ran so I got him his lumberjack breakfast. He is staying over to go to Russ's lung appointment Monday. Friday I have my prostate cancer checkup. Give my best to Ed. How are you doing? Baking any bread? Take good care. HUGS,Reed

At 5:14am on March 7, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. I had a very good night feels so good not to be tossing and turning. BG104. The cancer doctor did a job on me.I hope what he sent to the Lab comes back benign. Dark dreary looks like rain.Tom is giving me a battle. Trying to feed him during Lent. I have the foot doctor at 2. 2 doctors next week. Did you have a good night> Readings? Are baking? My new dishwasher is great. Has a lot of new buttons. Give my best to Ed. Take good care. Is the snow all gone? Hugs. Pop.

At 5:44am on March 6, 2014, SEAGATOR said…

Good Morning,Marie. We were supposed to get a huge storm overnight NOTHING. I had a good night. Slept like a baby. BG106. How did you do? Your Readings. Tom is on his way here. Took the day off. He will go with Russ Monday to the lung doctor. Test at 7. Appointment at 10. I lost a pound and a ha;f at TOPS way under goal. Today at 12:20 I see the cancer doctor I suppose to check the elbow. It is very sore. Tom very much into Lent so I will need to change my menus. How is Ed. Give him my best. Still cold there? Take good care of yourself. HUGS,Reed



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