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At 1:44am on March 28, 2014, rick (aka: #blankieboy) said…

Hi Gerri, I have not dropped by to say hello in some time and wanted to correct that. I hope you are doing well, and getting along well. Regardless I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and hope things are going very well.


At 12:15pm on June 17, 2013, Marie B said…

hi Gerri, Alan in the chat room thought you might have some ideas for ice cream, so I thought I'd ask. Hope you are going to have a good summer, hugs!

At 3:04pm on May 23, 2013, David (dns) said…
At 11:24am on May 23, 2013, jrtpup said…

Making a mocha frappucino. Every time I use the Monin dark chocolate syrup I think of you :) You'll be on my mind a lot this summer!

Hope all's well ;)

At 10:36pm on April 25, 2013, Terrie said…

Yes, I would do the same, as in painting over it if someone said that or similar unless I really liked it. Once a painting is done in my mind, I can’t change or add to it. Not to worry, I say it as I see it.

I carried one with me too. So does my Daughter sometimes(and a camera). My hobbies seem to come in phases. Once I have taken it all completely in, I drop it usually for something else after a while. As far as my drawings, I was detailed and that took time. Now it seems I do not have the patience and I can’t concentrate as well. Plus the RA pain in my hands doesn’t help any. Even my writing has become worse. Plus it felt natural and easy back then and it was fun doing it for my Kids.

I was thinking of doing a couple of collages. Painting does interest me. Phil bought me some paints, brushes and small canvasses a while back to start and see if I still enjoy it.

I'm considering woodworking projects too. We have the equipment in the basement but I don’t like the wood dust all over and possibly breathing it in. Maybe out on the deck this summer.

Thank you Gerri. That makes me feel better with the motivation and a solid plan. You're good! :)

At 10:59pm on April 24, 2013, Terrie said…

I’m glad that my Friend decided to feed Sierra, the lower carb food too. Her fur is even thicker and shinier. Hug happily accepted.

Ha! I’m sure that your furbugs are spoiled since I know how much you love animals and you devote your time to them. Wonderful!

Do you have any photos of your paintings? I’d love to see them. Painting is a wonderful therapy for sure. I tried painting but I’m not that good at it. I’d have to call them “abstract” to be kind. :D My oldest Brother was a good painter.

I was good at sketching during high school and when our Kids were growing up. I’d sketch/draw big shaded pictures for their birthdays, Hallowe’en, Christmas, etc. and put them in the bay window. I received many nice compliments.

Yes, I‘ll let you know when I find a new hobby. I’ve had many through the years that were enjoyable. As for now, I bought a stepping stone(not painted) of a bunny. So I’ll paint it the colour of our bunny and glaze it, then set it against the tree beside where her burial spot is in the backyard. I‘m sure she’ll like that.

We are in the southeastern side of Ontario, our Province. It was warmer and sunny on Monday and Tuesday here, halfway through Wednesday, it was cool and started raining. Done now. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and sunny again. Hope so! Now for the regional sports….:)

At 1:49am on April 23, 2013, Terrie said…

Hey Gerri: :)

Thanks for your kind comment. My Friend next door asked if we were getting another bunny. I said maybe but we're still mourning her being gone. Her doggie has Diabetes and I suggested a somewhat lower carb diet for her last fall since dog food is yuk and carbful usually. She did and her doggie is feeling better, taking less Insulin and is a bit more energetic with what her arthritis allows, of course.

How are your furry friends doing? As mentioned we sure can be thankful that they are such good therapy pals for us.

Have you been doing any new projects? I've been trying to decide what I can do as an enjoyable hobby or such. I'm sure you have more exciting things going on in your Life but it is nice to settle down and relax sometimes with a nice hobby or a good book, as you know. Hopefully you are having beautiful weather in your part of the US.

At 6:09pm on April 14, 2013, Terrie said…

Hi again!! I didn't want to say it on your thread but our
Bunny passed away on the first day of spring. We are still sad about it but we have videos of her to watch, so it sort of feels like she is still with us. She was a character! :) She was part bunny, part cat, part dog, part human. The Vet was shocked that she was almost 11 years old. He said dwarf rabbits normally live to age 6 max. Well, I guess no one can tell anyone else when they are going to die really. Just like Diabetics. :)

I hope that you and Hubby and your furry Friends are doing okay.

At 12:59pm on December 6, 2012, Marga said…

Hi Gerri,

Thanks to all your hard work I'll be able to reconnect to this amazing community :) I hope you're well and I really appreciate all your help!

M :)

At 10:04am on December 6, 2012, Robyn said…

Thank You for the BD wishes....Hope you are doing well. Miss you and I am sorry I am not on much...alot going on. xoxoxo

At 11:40am on November 23, 2012, Terrie said…

LOL! "Mostly men". That's hilarious. Actually, the only Person that I saw pass out WAS a Man. Little Kids just scream and struggle. :D That's so Nice of you to keep the Phlebotomist happy. :)

In regards to the 9 vials, I took the requisitions from 3 Doctors to the lab that day instead of going 3 different times. Hopefully I get decent results. I know my A1c is going to be horrid this time since I've been on so many steroids this year and I sometimes don't feel like taking all the Insulin to match it. I guess I'm getting tired of it all. Just hope my kidneys are okay. I had read years ago that if a Diabetic had trouble with their eyes then they will have kidney problems also. Then recently on Tud, I read that if a Diabetic had eye problems then they probably wouldn't have kidney problems???

Oh, that is Nice that your Mom is spending Thanksgiving with you. It is so Wonderful to share with family at these occasions.
I'm proud of you for getting through the event with good bg's. Congrats! I'm sure that your meal was delightful and yummy. :)

At 7:05am on November 21, 2012, Terrie said…

Hmmm! I haven't heard of the Cuddle Ewe(cute name :) ) before. It sure does sound really comfy though and easy on the joints. Great that you's are getting good use out of it. I guess in hind sight, Tim is happy that you bought it. :)

The memory foam is comfortable. I don't feel the need to move all night. Phil loves it for his back. He realized while we were travelling and sleeping on different hotel beds how uncomfortable our previous mattress(which he picked out)was compared to the hotel beds. My fav was the water bed.

Thanks, I'm sorry too. :( This is my 6th biologic and my Rheumy and I are very disappointed that none of them have worked enough for me. He wanted me off of the Pred. This last one that is not working much for me is the Rituxan. I believe it is the last one for me.

Phil and I stopped off at the lab at 6:30 a.m. this morning for blood tests since I have 3 Dr. appointment soon. I had 9 vials and 2 urine taken and Phil had 6 vials. I told her I wished I could donate blood since I have a lot of it and good veins.

Have a Wonderful and Yummy(if you dare :) ) and Thankful Thanksgiving to you and yours Gerri. :)

At 2:11am on November 20, 2012, Terrie said…

Oh goodness....humans are so lucky to be swatted by Laura, so she figures. LOL!

Ohhh, okay. That makes me feel better. Or else you are just waaay too positive.:) Thanks for the good luck gesture. I am definitely going to try the acupuncture.

So true about the steroids. They cause more side effects and body damage than I care to think about. Just ridiculous.
My Rheumy was hoping that I could get off the steroids with this latest biologic I'm on but no such luck.

Phil bought one of those memory foam mattresses(against my better judgement). Sure, I sleep better(barely move) but now I'm in pain every day when I wake up instead of 4/7 days a week. I wonder if it is related. I used to rock and roll(which is exercise) all night because of the pain. But I could easily get out of bed 3 days a week in a lot less pain which was nice. Have you ever tried the memory foam?

Aw poor Gracie having both A and injured discs. That's good that she gets relief from the acupuncture. Animals have been a useful source of trial studies in the past(yes usually unfortunately), so if it works for her A, it may also work for mine. :) Ya, our Vet wouldn't do surgery on our Bunny's cyst/tumor either cuz she's so old, he figured that she wouldn't make it through the operation.

Wow, you definitely have a compassionate Vet there. Lucky Gracie! :D

At 11:55pm on November 17, 2012, Terrie said…

Brock could swallow Laura, seriously. Indeed, a gentleman.

LOL! I was going to say something similar but a bit more graphic. Laura is very lucky to have such a good Friend in Brock. :) Gracie is still receiving acupuncture treatments? I thought she was finished. Are you finished with the treatments Gerri?

So this treatment may not work on me then. After I told Phil this info, he reminded me that I had the depo Medrol injection in July and it didn't work this time much. I also had a Cortisone shot in Sept. which also didn't work like before. :( The Prednisone that I take daily works 50%-60%. I cut down the dose since it was causing me some problems. I talk to quite a few People on arthritis sites who are also concerned that the steroids don't work good for them either. Oh well, all I can do is give it a try.

Awesome A1c you have there. :)

At 12:15am on November 17, 2012, Terrie said…

Thank's Gerri! :) He was in shock that I was giving him a trophy. He deserves it. He has supported me with both my Diabetes all these years plus my long time RA. I had taken photos with him holding the trophy but I wanted a bigger
pic of it for here. He had eaten half of the lifesavers by then. :)

HaHa cats! (Shaking head and smiling). We both know Brock is a gentleman but could bounce her across the room and sit on her if he wanted to.

Well, if it even half works, it would be nice. I've lost hope in drugs. I'm on lots but indeed the steroids are what works the best but are the worst for us long term, of course. Is that so about the acupuncture and steroids?? Interesting! I hadn't heard that. But then I haven't heard lots of things. :) Thanks so much Gerri. I'll let you know.

Oh and Phil didn't know animals could get acupuncture(me neither), so he got a good chuckle picturing that and is glad that it worked for Gracie and you. :)

At 11:46pm on November 15, 2012, Terrie said…

Yes, I thought they were yours. That's hilarious about Laura. She probably teases Brock too. :D Our Son's cat Alfie is a monkey also. He sits on the railing and swats People as they walk by. The nerve! :D

That's great that acupuncture worked for you and Gracie too. (I wish I had known that for our doggie). I had been thinking about acupuncture for me, for a few years but my Rheumy just shook his head when I mentioned it.

I also wondered how I would find the right Acupunturist in this city. I looked on the net. :) He is young but has had good recomendations and no black marks on the Canadian Chiropractors Association. Oh he is also a Chiropractor, is a Certified A.R.T and something else. He works on a team with Naturopaths, Drs. who do Ultra sound, Laser and Massage Therapies, Shockwave, etc. I hope for the Best or at least some less pain. He'll need a lot of needles. :)

Thank you Gerri for telling me about you and Gracies successful treatments. That's Wonderful to hear. I don't hear it very much since not many use it that I speak to, I guess.

Oh Gerri, I don't know if you remember that I mentioned that I was going to get my Hubby a trophy? If you want to see it, it is on Richard's page. He wanted to see it.

At 12:58am on November 14, 2012, Terrie said…

Ha! For sure. I can't believe a piggy and a dog can be so affectionate. 80 lbs?? Egads! That ought to be interesting later. Now I can't wait to see that photo. :D

That's a sweet pic of Brock and Laura also. Are they yours or another that you have adopted out. Good to hear that you are still working at the animal shelter. I know it is fullfilling and so worthwhile.

I've thrown myself into the Acupuncurist's den. :/ Not sure if that was a wise thing to do since I'm a skeptic but we'll see. Have you or anyone you know had good results from one? All day and night I smell like wintergreen lifesavers. I used to love that smell. :)

Well, it's my bedtime again. Talk to you soon Gerri. Hopefully you are doing well also.

At 9:34pm on October 25, 2012, blinberg said…
I think it's a tiny baby polar bear!
At 5:18am on October 4, 2012, Brunetta said…

Hi Gerri!! How are you? Is the weathet crisp and sunny in your "neck of the woods"? Hope you are just fine. Miss seeing you on Tudiabetes.
Take care
God bless

At 1:46pm on September 13, 2012, Josephine A Ni Dhomhnaill said…

Good to see you again, glad your fine intelligence hasn't left us. No doubt I'll be starving again at your recipes Gerri. Hope you are keeping well. xxx



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