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Hey everyone!
First off ive been tryimg to get on here when ever i get the chance however i am at band camp right now... Anywho i just need to rant. I really wish people would be more informed about diabetes. What bugs me the most is when i really need to use the restroom and nobody lets me. I rant about this because i was in sectionals with my section and i was 304 and had to use the restroom but the teacher wouldnt let me. This also happens alot at school.

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Hey everyone.
I just wanted to apologize for not being on here as much as a used to be and should be. 10th grade is a lot harder then middle school with more to study. I'm also in clubs and marching band. I'm going to try to start getting on here more in my free time.
...we should make a tudiabetes app...

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Tyler Perry is having a talent search. The prize is the top 10 people with the most votes will have the opportunity for their video to be seen by Tyler himself and one will be chosen to be in…


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HeartBroken </3

You told me that you loved me

You told me that you cared

You told me that i ment alot

What happend to that?

I loved you with all my heart

But you just walked away

Do you know what you put me through?

Did you just not love me as much as i love(ed) you?

Do you hate me or do you even care?

All the pain i'm in just because of you

You think you are all inesint

That you know me more then i know you

You hurt me, you used me i still…


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Bad News

So i just got bad news... My great aunt died this morning at 6:40. She had had open heart surgury and all went well but something happend with her bowles.( idk if i spelled that right ). She new she was going to have surgury but posin entered her blood stream and she slipped into a coma and died. R.I.P Aunt Becky

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dear haters............................................................................................

Many people think im a freak. I have been teased since i can remember. The thing all my haters should know are these....

1) All famouse people have haters so i must be famouse :)

2) Your coments have made me a stronger person

3) I'm not going to change who i am because you dont like me

4) And the last thing is im sorry for what ever you have been bullied about. Most bullies have been bullied too.

Call me names i really dont care. Try to change me it wont work. Hurt…


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R.I.P. Phone... I'll miss you :(

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa.... So this is a had to be there moment but i thought i should share... So I was at my friends house and we were sitting by her pool. Well her pool is broken and in the corner its filled with green dirty water but the rest of the pool is dry. Well we were sitting in the corner where the water is and i had my cell phone in my lap... Well i stood up and you can probably guess what happend next....... Yep if…


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Ok i hate middle school boys ( atleast some of them )

Ok so i know i complain alot on here but it helps get my anger out... Here is what happend. So this guy is always going around telling girls he has always loved them and only them but he tells girls at the same time. Well he played that little trick on me saying he was over those girls. I went along with it but i didnt belive it. Well thismorning he texted my fried saying he was deleting my number cause im just making up rumors about him and that he never said he loved me ( i have the proof…


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please read this

How can you hurt me like this.

Why do you try to tear me down and break my wish

you laugh and tease me, you call me names.

you think this is all just a game

see your wrong there this is no game

its a daily thing that isnt lame

you try to tear my down. but you cant. Its a game that all you haters dont get

Next time you want to call me names

think bout the pain im in

you think its nothing just a thing i do

but see that thing i do i have no…


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Now I Really Don't Know What Too Do...

My friends have been fighting with eachother and I don't know why but it has gotton out of hand. My friend who is like my sister is being bullied my my just friend. Well that just friend is no longer my friend. She started calling my friend who is like a sister a slut and b**** and i had had it with her being mean like that. I told her that if she was going to call my friend names she can call me them too because i was not going to let my friend be bullied. I told her that I didn't like what…


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So i sit next to the kid who used to tease me about my diabetes in science. today he came in and just like everyother day he said something mean to me. i asked him why he was always mean to me and he told me because he didnt want to be nice to me. so i did the better thing and just stoped talking. the durring class he started asking me a questio u related to science and i just igored him because i didnt want to deal with him. finally he wa like answer my question. i looked him strait in the…


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so i went back to the foot doctor and can now walk! ill be in a cast for 2 more weeks then i might be in a removable cast for another week or two after that

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my head hurts from crying

so obviosly i crying. this girl is makeing people turn against me. i dont know what to do

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finally over

so i finally had surgery and i am now in a big bulky cast. they apperently first cut the back of my leg open to lengthen something but then they cut open my ankel and scraped cartlige off and then put three screws in my foot. i will be in a cast for 8 weeks. 6 of those weeks i wont be able to put any pressure on it ( i kinda already did cuz i fell )then the 2 other weeks ill be walking on it. itt will take 4 months however for it to completly heal. right now i am in so much pain. too bad…


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SO MAD!!!!!!!!

here is what happend....

i was eating crackers at school one morning cuz i was 53. this girl who i thought was my friend said i havent eatin all day. i told her im low. she replied saying i havent even eatin breakfest. i again told her i was low. she then replied saying so you have to eat alllll those crackers? i told her yes and she said wow in a sarcastic voice and rolled her eyes at me. i then wrote on a peice of paper.... " you know i cant give u any food so why do u keep asking.…


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surgury finally have a date

So i found out when i am having surgury, Febuary 7. they will have to lengthen a ligament and fuse a bone together. i will be out of school for a week. i will have to be in a cast from my toe to my knee for 8 weeks. i wont be able to put any weight on it for 6 weeks then i will be in a boot thing for 2 weeks. it will be swollen for a good 4 months. any tips?

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Need Opinion

So this guy sits with me and my friends at lunch and almost everyday he makes a joke about my diabetes or my pump. I dont want to leave the table cause all my friends are there so Monday when I get back to school even if he doesnt say anything im going to say this... " Hey you need to be quiet and stop makeing stupid hurtful jokes about either me on the pump or about diabetes. Dont say you dont cuz people have heard you.You dont know what its like to be me so you just need to stop it. You…


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these are too funny

I thought these were too funny. I found them on yahoo nd so i thought i would show you guys…


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So i have know that my grandpa has some kinda cancer ( i dont know what its called ) for a while but not until today did i find out that he also has skin cancer and has had it for awhile. No one ever told me. I feel left out of things

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I wrote this for a writing assesment

On March 22, 2002 i became a type one diabetic. Diabetes is a disease in which your pancreas no longer produces insulin needed to break down food and turn it into energy.At first i didnt know what to do, i was scared. I would have to live with it for the rest of my life.

People with diabetes ofton wonder if they could have done something to prevent getting diabetes. We also wonder if there will ever be a time we no longer have to stick are selves with needles, or will they ever find… Continue

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