Hello everyone;

I was diagnosed to have diabetes type 1 since the age of 17, now im 19 so im proudly diabetic for 2 years.
My problem is concerning belly fat. I've always been skinny and no matter what i ate I still remained skinny. Right after my diabetes I started gaining weight slowly. From 52 kgs to 60 kgs made some difference in my body. Many people told me ur still thin. But what im noticing is that most of the fat is growing around my belly which bothers me a lot. I thought maybe I need to lose some weight and exercise more. I started developing this phobia from fatty and sugary food.

Right now Im around 58 kgs my height is 1'66 cms. SO HERE IS THE QUESTION:
Does insuline make u fat?
Is it the one responsible for my belly fat?
Does it increase the ability of gaining weight?

I dont have a huge fat belly but it does fold into rolls of small fat which scares me cuz i dont want to leave it and become actually fat! Never had belly fat before so how do i get rid of it without losing too much weight cuz i dont wana go bk to being very skinny. How to get well shaped flat belly and an overall healthy body?
What exercises should I do? And what the good cardio routines i can do?
If there's any specialists that can help me to control my diabetes and control my weight ill be glad to follow what they tell me step by step.

Thank youuuu :)

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Many people will say it doesnt and many say it does. For me I noticed a increase in fat especially in my stomach area particulraly on my left side where I shoot the longer acting insulin. Until about 4 months ago I was using Lantus on that side of my body. When I brought it up to my medical team, doctors, etc they said it was not the insulin just what I am eating. I gained about 50 pounds (I dont know how to convert that for you) in the matter of months and only went up one pants size but two shirt sizes. That is not common for me, at all. I have had a struggle with weight my whole life and I have never gained weight that quickly and clearly never to a certain section of my body. So I believe weight gain including water retention is a side effect for ME despite what other people may say.....I would say this, I dont think you have anything to stress about. I am sure if you stay active and watch what you eat you will be able to have a better control of your BG numbers. Remember your getting older and your body is also going to change on its own despite diabetes...

Insulin is a growth hormone and is known to promote fat storage, I injected into my belly for along time and have a marked increase in fatty tissue there, not much ha ;)

Long acting insulin is typically given in larger doses and will pool under the skin for longer than a small dose, further promoting fat storage. It could also beginnings of lipohypertrophy. If you are injecting large doses into your stomach stop doing it, and perhaps split these large injections into different sites.


I did something about it and lost 5 inches off my waist, unfortunately there is no easy way to do this, belly fat is always the last to go for some reason ;O)

I restricted my calorie intake to no more than 1500 calories a day, I drank 3 litres of a water a day, I ran hard four times a week and I did stomach crunches, 6 months later it had gone.

There is a wealth of information on the net. The PX90 stuff is good.

My advice is really look at your diet..


Look at joining a site like this, log everything you eat for one month, use it to work out your recommended daily calorie intake for your diet and don't go above it.

The best thing for dropping weight quickly are exercises like running, interval running is especially good. Cycling and spinning classes are also great.

If you have an iphone or a smart phone, there are many apps that will get you from the couch to 10k in a few weeks. Google is your friend!

All comes down to expending more calories than you consume and creating a deficit. Discipline and hard work also go along way.

Good luck, if you PM I can provide you with links to exercise downloads decent sites, I have have around 1,000 exercise and fitness related pdfs I can compress and email you should you want them.

Best Wishes,


My daughter and I have Myfitnesspal on our iPhones, I just started using it but she has lost 15 pounds, it's a great app and the food database is amazing.

Yup im using the my fitnesspal.com website but sometimes i get too frustrated wen i cant find some foods i eat registered on the website...But i noticed that i dont cross 1300 calories a day. sometimes even less. I just stopped exercising for about 3 months cuz of my exams and being busy in life and stuff...I really want you to send me some decent core and stregthning exercises plzzzzz.
I dont mind losing a little bit of weight but not too much cuz ill start lookin very skinny. i lose fat at my thighs arms quicker so it makes me look super skinny

Cool, how can i contact the Athletic Diabetics group?

http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/athleticdiabetics. You can "lurk" or join the group but if you join, you can post, ask questions, etc. There are some other groups (http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/diabeticswhorunmarathons and http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/cyclingdiabetics?

I have been injecting insulin for more than 30 years and never got fat from it. I don't know about all the science and the belly fat issue, but I don't belive it to be true that insulin makes us fat. I notice that once I hit middle age, my mid section gained some extra skin, but I keep it under control by doing core exercises and watching my diet. Even non diabetics get belly fat if they aren't burning extra calories. The first place to gain fat just happens to be the belly, then the back end, then the thighs.

People, whether diabetic or not, will gain fat if they eat more calories than they use. BUT it's genetically determined WHERE you store your fat. Some women complain about thunder thighs and big butts; others have round bellies and large upper arms. So there is no specific way to get rid of belly fat, but you CAN be careful of what you eat, and exercise. If you have a tendency to store fat in your belly, that's what will come off last -- you will lose weight in your thighs, butt and arms first.

But the other thing I wanted to tell you is that a little belly fat isn't a bad thing. If you look at art through the ages, women naturally have a little fat in their bellies. So I wonder if you're not being too hard on yourself. A young girl may not have any fat on her belly, but a mature woman usually does. It's just that it shouldn't be too big! :-)

I think the explanation is a lot simpler than you think--you're growing up, so your body is changing! When you're 17 you can take things like a flat stomach for granted. At 19 you are still becoming a woman. Your metabolism is changing. I am 26 now and my body is very different from when I was 17. Diet and exercise are great but you also need to work on having a healthy mind. This path of obsession over belly "fat" is not going to lead anywhere good, believe me. Try to focus on a healthy diet (especially your sodium intake to avoid bloating) and getting your numbers in control. If you are having a lot of lows and eating up to your insulin a lot then you will definitely gain weight on your problem area (and every woman has a spot they gain weight first, diabetic or non-diabetic!).

so having too many lows make u fat? AND having too many highs makes u fat as well?? HUH? I dont get it really...
I rarely get low blood sugar levels but i tent to have high ones more but i always fix that by takin an extra 3 or 4 units...is that bad??

Insulin doesn't make you fat, but typically when you have diabetes your eating more regularily and all of that. Another thing is has there been a change in your bloodsugars? When the sugars are high, you typically lose wieght easily(but also gain just as fast) quickley, but when your sugars are within range you tend to gain weight and then its harder to lose it. Insulin doesn't make you fat, but it does store fat.

Fat around the stomach can also be an affect from not getting enough sleep/ sleep deprived.

In my case and my favorite female's case the insulin adds tummy grease and nearly only there. Not sure what to do. Possibly a very low carb diet à la Dr. R. Bernstein to minimize the amount of insulin you need.




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