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Topic for the Ladies *sensitive, kind of not so pleasant topic*

I searched for this topic and found some helpful results but figured I ought to start a new topic as the one I found was rather old, and I thought you ladies may have some more up-to-date input. :)

My issue... I've had a more or less constant yeast infection since OCTOBER 2008. My bloodsugars had been out of control for a year or more... like constant 200's and 300's which would explain the yeast. But I've never heard of anything so long-lasting... and now I've got a good doctor and some self control and a wonderful pump and I am doing a lot better (its been about a month maybe?). But I was wondering if anyone had similar, chronic issues and how they dealt with it.

I'm taking probiotic acidophilus and doing periodic ointment treatments but nothing seems to help. There have been a couple lulls in symptoms, but nothing major. Bahhh this is so frustrating. I figure it will take some time to come under control, but I was hoping it would get a little better by now! Help me girls, I'm distressed!

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First of all, kudos to you for getting back on track. I know first hand how tough that is. It might be worth a discussion with your doctor to see if you could tolerate one dose of the oral medication that treats yeast. It is rough on some of the other organs out there so make sure you really understand the risks if you take more than one pill. Also, using a probiotic that has many different varieties can be more helpful to some people. Acidophilus is just one of the probiotics out there and sometimes paying more for the good stuff can be worth it. I found that staying away from acidic drinks like coffee and soda (even diet) can help get your body back in balance too. Lots of the treatment companies out there now have little towelettes that you can buy too. They're kinda pricey but when you're out and about and need a little relief, they can work wonders. Hope some of this helps!
Never thought to cut out coffee and soda, I'll b sure to do that. Thanks!
Hi Danni!

So sorry to hear about this. I have not experienced such constant yeast infections, but if my blood sugar is very high for a day or two, it's almost definite that I will have a yeast infection. I think that keeping your blood sugar under control will help a lot, though it may take a while :(

Congrats on the better control and keep it up!

Here is a link with some tips and information about recurrant yeast infections at the bottom.

Also here are a couple discussions about this in our community.
Discussion 1
Discussion 2

You've hit on a little known secret to lots of women. Yeast feeds on sugar and, therefore, when your numbers rise, you run the risk of bringing on a yeast infection. It can be treated a number of ways like stated previously.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI
I had yeast infections nonstop for almost a DECADE when my blood sugars were very high after meals but my fasting normal, so no one caught it.

The very best cure for drug resistant yeast (which is what you probably have) is boric acid powder. You can find it as some pharmacies or mail order it. Here's a discussion from About.com.

Here's what they're talking about: Boric Acid for Yeast

It is a poison but not when applied to skin, only when swallowed. My gynecologist told me about this.

I don't put it in capsules. What I do is use one of those plastic applicators that come with yeast medicine, and fill it about 3/4 inch deep with boric acid, then insert.

Do this every day for several weeks. It is the ONLY yeast treatment that ever worked for me and my doctor put me on all the prescription drugs. Once you get the yeast controlled, then the Fem-dophilus probiotic is helpful. But by itself it can't get rid of yeasts that have taken over.

The good news is that once I got my blood sugars controlled and wiped the yeast out with the boric acid, I have very rarely had it again.
I have taken some drugs for this and they didn't seem to work so drug resistance sounds likely...
I havn't heard of boric acid for yeast... I'll look into it. Thanks for the input. :)
The only way I can get a yeast infection to subside is to keep on top of my blood sugar...and I tell ya, If anything is a motivator to keep me on track, this particular problem is. I thought I was going to go insane before I realized what was causing them.
mmmm.... yeast, yummy! what a lot of people might not realize is that it's the elevated sugars in your urine that's creating an ideal "home" for this stuff to grow... getting your sugars under control is the best thing you can do for them, but if you're still not seeing much of a change in them yet, I would recommend drinking TONS of water to help dilute your urine a bit. Yogurt is a girl's best friend, and I also agree with Trisha on her suggestion to limit acidic drinks. Obviously wear nothing but 100% cotton panties and change them often (ew, I know... )

Good luck! I think all of us can definitely empathize, I know I have a constant prescription for Diflucan at my pharmacy if/when I need it - that's my favorite when I need to go the medicine route.
Yeah I've definitely dramatically improved my sugars, and this was a real motivator (among many other things as I'm sure you know), but nothing has changed much. If anything, its gotten a little worse. Water sounds good... I've been drinking more water/less soda anyways so I'll cut out most of the coffee and see what happens.

I tried Diflucan twice and it seemed to fail to fix anything... perhaps I'll see a doctor and give it another try.

Ugh! I hate and despise yeast infections.

Here's another recommendation for the boric acid treatment. A nurse practitioner recommended this to me in the early '90s and it works. I buy empty 00 capsules at a health food store and fill them with boric acid. I insert the capsules as a suppository before bed. You can do this every night or every other night and it will cure your yeast infection. I haven't had a yeast infection in over 10 years. (Wait, since I opened my big mouth, I'll probably get one next week . . .)
Thanks to everyone for your input! There are lots of good ideas here and I'm willing to try about anything as I think this has gone on long enough! Thanks again! -Danni




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